May 13th, 2015

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45 Responses to “scared”

  1. we only get scared cause of the devil because he lives on the planet earth because God gave it to the devil.

    By aeryal neurohr on 05.14.2015

  2. I was scared of how my exam score might turn out. Either I passed — which would be pretty nice, I guess — or I failed, and this whole year would have been a waste.

    By Blunz URL on 05.14.2015

  3. He was really scared because he saw the most terrifying thing he has ever seen. At that moment, he knew he can’t go back. His life got destroyed. After a lot of pain and crying, he tried ignoring everything, beggining to be anxious. He went to the kitchen and made himself some tea.

    By Lucian on 05.14.2015

  4. How approprate. My final is coming up and Im scared what to do for my final essay. I dont want to fail my class. But I don;’t know what to do. I feel lost. Im scared of what not to do.

    By Jason on 05.14.2015

  5. Ely was walking through the mysterious forest, and he was scared. Very, scared. He had no idea where he was, but he knew how he had got here. It was a funny tale… But that was for another time, for now, Ely was focusing on the strange noises constantly coming from the forest surrounding him.

    By Quentin on 05.14.2015