May 14th, 2015

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38 Responses to “melted”

  1. I melted onto the leather seat of the ’69 Ford Mustang. The sun was sweltering hot, the kind of day where you could fry an egg on the pavement.

    By Pinx URL on 05.14.2015

  2. One look from him and I just melted! I love my life! I love my life!

    By Tracey URL on 05.14.2015

  3. if it melted and lost all its shape, i thought we would lose everything. i thought that if we held each other too close, the heat would be too much. i thought we were icarus and the sun, and even now i feel the wax dripping down my arms, and i mean that.

    By Annie P URL on 05.14.2015

  4. We lit ourselves up like candles. We drew ourselves up to the flame. But the light in the air was broken, and darkness is hard to tame. We held ourselves close to the shadows, as our bodies melted away. We glowed in the whisper of nighttime. We dissolved into sunbeams and clay.

    By Archanza URL on 05.14.2015

  5. I tried to eat my candy bar, but it melted in my pocket. So I had to change my jeans or else everyone would’ve thought I missed the bathroom. So now I was wearing bright neon green shorts to class, with no way to nourish myself through physics class. So far, this day was shaping up to be anything but a perfect circle. I preferred to call it a deformed circle – all lumps, and still no real end in sight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.14.2015

  6. When I’m around you, I melt. Slowly to the ground my soul falls because you are the light of my life. You are my everything. You give me so much peace when I’m around you, it’s like I’m free falling into a pit of life. You make better. You make amazing. You make me proud of myself.

    By bowski URL on 05.14.2015

  7. The ice cream drooped over despite the girl’s efforts to keep the spiral upright; hot rays of the summer sun just didn’t allow it.

    By Rosemary URL on 05.14.2015

  8. His heart melted when he heard the words, “it’s over”. Everything he had put into the relationship went up in flames in a matter of seconds. All that remained was his melted heart still beating…. because he had loved…. he was broken….. but he was still alive….

    By hieroglyphic URL on 05.14.2015

  9. John was very angry with Liz for not returning her calls. He was feeling very humiliated. But next day when Liz came, he just melted away even though Liz did not offered a single word of apology. All his anger, disappointment and feeling of humiliation was gone. Love kills your ego.

    By yas URL on 05.14.2015

  10. It melted faster than it froze. We waited weeks for the snow-melt to fill the local streams and rivers, patiently prepping our kayaks and whitewater gear. Then, it was all over.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 05.14.2015

  11. I melted when I saw you for the first tme. Your eyes were so bright, and your full of tears; why? Because your ice cream had melted. Poor little lamb! I love you still. Let me melt you in turn. I’m for you and you’re for me.

    By Anne on 05.14.2015

  12. the ice cream melted onto the floor
    drip drip drip
    the boy was too busy
    staring in shock
    to notice the strawberry swirls at his feet

    By katie URL on 05.14.2015

  13. Snow. What a beautiful time of year, Winter. I love that first snow. Not like the slushy mess, but the first crisp clean snow. Walking through the woods and seeing the branches of trees, weighed down by the mass of white powder. It leave’s me in awe; staring at Gods wonder.

    By Tony on 05.14.2015

  14. I melted away when the look in your loving gaze turned to a hateful glare.

    By Bunni URL on 05.14.2015

  15. So we’ve melted together like too pieces of boiled chocolate. It was the perfect weather change. The sun was on our side once again. A swim in the ocean seemed like the perfect way to end the day.

    By Stef on 05.14.2015

  16. My heart melted when I saw that sweet puppy. My dad was looking at some of the older dogs, and they were pretty cute, but this one had my attention right away. I could not even walk away from the front of his kennel. I looked him in the eyes and I knew that he would be ours.

    By Acela URL on 05.14.2015

  17. Her eyes calmed, their color returning as her thoughts slowly settled. he could see the rage ebbing away in her, gathering away like clouds to prepare for a storm tomorrow. He sighed happily, glad to at least have a moments’ peace. Surely it would happen again, but next time he would make certain it was not the last cookie.

    By heather URL on 05.14.2015

  18. It had rained last night, but today the clouds just seemed to melt away . It was a cooker. The little kid’s ice-cream just fell, PLOP!, onto the ground. I thought that every child’s ice cream would fall, PLOP!, onto the pavement today. Poor them. :(

    By DolphinDreams URL on 05.14.2015

  19. Conjunction; function.

    That’s an SAT kind of verbal acuity test right there. FYI.

    By Intuition URL on 05.15.2015

  20. “Mooooooom, you left the ice cream outside of the ice box again!”

    Susan’s plaintive cry brought her brother and father out of the bedroom. It broke their hearts to see her still acting like her deceased mother was still in the house.

    By betaveros URL on 05.15.2015

  21. The ancient computer they originally gave him didn’t last very long. An awfully old thing, something from like 2005, was Rylan’s best guess. It was really too old, its fan was louder than the speakers and it was always too hot. It almost burned Rylan’s skin once, when he’d fallen asleep with it on.

    By korpuskat URL on 05.15.2015

  22. He reached for her as she practically melted into his arms. She was sobbing so hard and she couldn’t catch her breath. “I’m sorry” she managed to force out. He rubbed her back. “Aniah it’s fine” he said.

    By TheMysteryOfLight on 05.15.2015

  23. Julie melted, her eyes fell from their sockets and dropped into her dripping drooping hands. Her fingers fell off and her still somehow seeing globes rolled down and away catching dust and hair on their way. Juile became a puddle and, sadly stayed that way.

    By Kyle Keller URL on 05.15.2015

  24. under the sun, the cold ice melted, forming a puddle of warm water.
    under the sun, her cold heart melted too, from a heart of ice, becoming a warm human heart.
    under the sun, she smiled widely.
    the ice queen had melted.

    By suje0ngz on 05.15.2015

  25. ice cream, dribbling down her chin and onto her t-shirt. Chocolate ice cream too – her favourite but not very t shirt friendly. Her smile turned to tears. That’s how the relationship had gone too, sweet at first …

    By fairyhedgehog URL on 05.15.2015

  26. He melted so quickly to that gorgeous smile. there was no time to think, just to feel and he felt good. He beamed back at her and then he knew this beauty would be in his life for a very long time to come. He was satisfied with his choice. He knew deep down unequivocally this was the right choice.

    By Peter Lance Segall URL on 05.15.2015

  27. It was when the snow melted that the world seemed okay again. With the snow, anxiety and fear and hatred melted away with it. The world seems nicer when the snow melts, because everything bad always seems to fade along with it.

    By Scarlett on 05.15.2015

  28. the ice has melted because it is very hot today. Too much heat today.

    By aeryal neurohr on 05.15.2015

  29. ice cream
    hot heat sun warmth
    summer time
    wasted time
    worn out

    By avery on 05.15.2015

  30. The hot Arizona sun melted my cherry chapstick all over my leather truck seats.

    By Jean URL on 05.15.2015

  31. The ice melted and I was free. I am a whale who was stuck in the Arctic for years and years. My family had left me and swum south.

    By Mrsem on 05.15.2015

  32. My mind melted – I could feel it as I stared at the computer screen for hours on end…what was going to happen to me? I wondered. Was there a freezer I could stick myself in to halt the process?

    By Charlie on 05.15.2015

  33. It was hot, i metlted like an ice cream. This desert make me angry, i dont want to die here, i’ll survive.

    By driva on 05.15.2015

  34. Felipe stared at the blob on the pavement. The popsicle was vanishing into the tarmac and leaving him helpless except to watch the steam escape with its flavour. Tammy covered her mouth to prevent her uncontrolled giggles escaping vindictively as he mourned the loss of his reprieve from the heat. “That’s not funny, Tam.”

    By Cathy URL on 05.15.2015

  35. Through the crack in the door I saw my neighbor’s bedroom. My intrusive glance took in a mundane intimacy of it all: two pairs of legs poking out from a heavy quilt, lovers melting together beneath the sheets that shield them from an afternoon sun.

    By asavas URL on 05.15.2015

  36. Jason looked back over his shoulder, hoping his mom was still in the store. He sighed in relief as he caught a glimpse of her talking to little old Mrs. Townsend in the rear view mirror. He locked the doors and bent over to snatch up the newly discovered snickers bar. Unopened and peeking out of the floorboard mat, it looked like buried treasure. The heat in the car had made it gooey, but Jason decided it was still perfectly edible.

    By Soft URL on 05.15.2015

  37. She melted under the pressure. With no time left, she had become a puppet to her mothers lies and her fathers greed that she began to lose sight of who she was. Was she Joanna Davis, daughter of multi-millionare Jared Davis of the Jewels Network Services? she wiped the tears off from her eyes, and straightened her dress before looking over to see something shining at the corner of her eyes. Joanna turned around and saw what looked like to be a golden elephant glistening in a small case.

    By trystan on 05.15.2015

  38. I melted under his gaze. I loved him.

    By MidnightAngel2003 URL on 05.15.2015