August 19th, 2015

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56 Responses to “relieved”

  1. I’m not sure relieved is ever the right word for what I felt when Grandma died. I wanted to scream, cry, hold her and never let go. I felt anxious, excited, scared as hell, and the word relieved even crept into my mind. Because the brief knowledge of her illness wreaked havoc on her, and somehow I knew I had to be happy for her when it was over. The best I could hope to do was be relieved.

    By mutecalliope on 08.20.2015

  2. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry,” He looked genuinely apologetic. “I didn’t see you there.”
    He help me to my feet and sent me on my way. He didn’t notice that his watch was missing.

    By Kiluwe Mbuyu on 08.20.2015

  3. what a relief.. sighing etc, kristin linklater, and all the relief the sigh, the universal expression of love, pain, anguish, happyness etc etc. will i feel relief when i move? is that a possibility, will I feel relief when I start producing what I want? what I dream!!!

    By David on 08.20.2015

  4. I was relieved when I saw that the customer was not going to complain about the mislabeled milk bottle. The fact that the bottle had been yellow instead of white was an issue with the negotiations but I decided not to labour the point as it would not have resolved the conflict.

    By Trystan Davies URL on 08.20.2015

  5. Despite all that she’s been through, she felt relieved that there’s still someone who is willing to love her unconditionally. No matter how broken she was. no matter how many times she’s been shattered and glued back together again. Even though the crevice of her past is still present in her heart. Even though there’s this lingering fear that he could be just “another one” yet again.

    By nom de luc URL on 08.20.2015

  6. my back doesn’t hurt today im so relieved and i go a massage what a relief.

    By careed on 08.20.2015

  7. A feeling I wait for, though I’m not so stressed that the feeling would be… so welcomed. Still, it is a good feeling, so why not welcome it? Just because it does not–will not–provide with such intensity, does not mean I should not be thankful.

    By Diana Ramírez on 08.20.2015

  8. Quite coffee house, slow music, good tea. I’m relived to not be anywhere with loud voices, stong opinion and endless meetings. Days off are good, refreshing and relaxing. This is the feeling of relife

    By Jessy on 08.20.2015

  9. Lack of stress. Release of or worry. Allowing things to be out of control and accepting it.

    By Bre on 08.20.2015

  10. though it hurts, it needed to happen this way.
    it let me know the way i’ve been living is not okay.
    will i figure it out? sure.
    how long will it take?
    maybe it will be in the big city. it has that allure.

    By molly on 08.20.2015

  11. when i say the right thing
    or anything
    when i wake up on time
    or even at all
    when i go
    when you call
    when i know

    you’re still out there

    By katiekieran URL on 08.20.2015

  12. I am so relieved that you are relieved. To be relieved is have have a big weight off of your shoulders and be calm and free. And be happy and no longer worry- it is a great feeling of joy and contentment. You are relieved.

    By C Brunsdon on 08.20.2015

  13. All it takes is a deep breath
    and a little sunshine
    coming straight at you.

    That’s all you could
    ever need. Beauty
    surrounds you
    while dreams bathe
    you in all their

    Just one moment,
    a little light, and some
    hope – it’s the perfect
    recipe for relief.

    By Madison on 08.20.2015

  14. I was relieved to see you after so long, but I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual.
    I thought you were dead; you wanted me to be.

    By Ariel Rose on 08.20.2015

  15. I was relieved when one of my friends got anuscramp. I always thought I had some weird, uncureable desease. No I know people just often get a stabbing, ripping pain in their anus now and then.

    By Purplefurple on 08.20.2015

  16. I could not beileve that I had to argue with my sister about the way that she was making me feel. We hadn’t been really getting along lately and I didn’t know what I did to cause her to treat me so awfully. One thing I did know though was that i was finally so relieve when she called me and wanted to talk about what happened.

    By Amanda Lindsey on 08.20.2015