February 21st, 2016

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55 Responses to “prove”

  1. I had to prove that I was a good baseball player to get on a good baseball team. So in tryouts I did as best as I could.

    By Caden on 02.22.2016

  2. I tried to run and win the race,
    The levels of love prove to be too haste
    I tried to walk into the abyss
    But the life in me couldn’t resist.

    I tried to run and win the race,
    But for the life
    of me
    The man couldn’t cope.

    I lost the race, I didn’t show
    I couldn’t even make it
    I was too slow

    But at the end, does it matter
    Look, its a ladder.
    I tried to run and win the race,
    But the proof wasn’t there.
    I failed.

    By JHO on 02.22.2016

  3. I have proof that God is real. I will prove to you his existence by using things from the bible and all around us.

    By Em on 02.22.2016

  4. People live their lives trying to prove everything, their actions, feelings, words, everything and anything they are part of. When really, what need is their to prove anything? Can’t people be just because? Without feeling the need to prove themselves.

    By isa on 02.22.2016

  5. Do it for yourself, not for others.

    By Maria on 02.22.2016

  6. Our entire life is meant to prove ourselves. To prove our worth, we chase after money, love, friendship. We place such value on these things that sometimes, I forget who we’re proving ourselves to.

    By issa on 02.22.2016

  7. If you prove yourself we’ll let you into the club. First you have to answer all my questions correctly, then you have to run a mile.

    By Katy on 02.22.2016

  8. does the road runner prove the highway of his speed?
    does the road paint itself with white lines?
    in certitude, blackberry cloves sprout when they
    direly, need be,
    possess the power of the possum and you will create an aura of affection, of relentless synergy!

    By Milad URL on 02.22.2016

  9. It was years in the making and when it finally arrived it smacked him in the face. This glob of pudding. A result he hadn’t been expecting at all really. Even more the surprise was that it was peanut butter flavored. “Suspicious,” thought, “highly supcious.”

    An unseen assailant behind the brush, but stationed in front of a mirror giggled, “I want eagles in my day dreams and diamonds in my eyes…”

    By Quicksilver Screen on 02.22.2016

  10. To prove to herself that she was enough, she picked up the blade and threw it away. She began to panic, as everything she once had control of vanished in seconds, without even kissing her wrists goodbye.

    By Kellian McKenna on 02.22.2016

  11. There’s nothing I’ve ever felt that I need to prove. I am as I am, take it or leave it. Of course, I would appreciate your approval but I can live without it.

    By dan URL on 02.22.2016

  12. I have nothing to prove here. Curled up in my arms, completely relaxed, breathing even, he trusts me completely.

    By . on 02.22.2016

  13. Really I have to prove myself to them? THEM? Over and over again, the same bullshit. The same nonsense. Getting established my ass. This is a life long battle and we are all fighting against each other. Survival is a nasty thing but it is nastier at the Job Centre.

    By Katherine R. on 02.22.2016

  14. I want to prove a big party tonight. Maybe wiil be in my house but i do not know yet. If you wanna go, please tell until tomorrow night, because I have to buy the drinks and food

    By tfeldmann on 02.22.2016

  15. It was hard to prove that the blood on my hands weren’t mine. But I swore I didn’t do it. I got sent to jail anyway. Guess that’s what happens when your friend tells you to hold the murder weapon.

    By K on 02.22.2016