February 22nd, 2016

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47 Responses to “encounter”

  1. The last encounter is always more memorable than the first.

    By Hello URL on 02.23.2016

  2. I encountered troubles in my life. With God’s help, I overcame those troubles. You can do anything with God and Jesus.

    By QueenBee URL on 02.23.2016

  3. You’ve encountered a wild Pokemon!

    By CS URL on 02.23.2016

  4. I once encountered a mime trapped in a box. It was a cardboard box. And it wasn’t a mime. It was a homeless man named Dave.

    By Nikana URL on 02.23.2016

  5. I did not know what fear was until our final encounter.
    You were the blaze that send my little wooden shelter flying high across the land, leaving me shivering in that cold frightening dark.
    You were the howling in the woods at night that could be heard even from the warmest fire in my home.
    You were the lion gnaring and snarling, slowly pacing around me, it’s powerful lethal energy just barely held back by blizzard curiosity.
    But I knew I you wouldn’t hurt me, as long as I promised to come back to you.
    So the day I said goodbye, anxiety crept in through my doorstep and vowed to never leave me from that day on

    By BlueRay on 02.23.2016

  6. There was a saying, that if a girl went down to the old willow tree wearing only a white nightgown, she would encounter the love of her life within the next week. According to legend, many-a- young girl could meet her soulmate this way. According to Sarah, however, the only thing one might encounter down by the old willow after midnight wearing only a shift, was the town parish, who had an eye for girls at least a decade younger than he.

    By embr URL on 02.23.2016

  7. A WILD COWMOM APPEARED! What do you do?

    > punch it
    > hug it
    > barbecue it
    > lick it

    if I were you I’d go for the last one

    really I taste like bacon


    don’t tell the pigs

    By cowmom URL on 02.23.2016