April 7th, 2014

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78 Responses to “prayer”

  1. I kneeled at the altar, heart bursting. I stuggled to get the whispered words past my lips, as tears dripped down my face. Joey had died. For the US Amry at Omaha Beach. Oh Dear God how could I live without him! My little brother dead. I put my hands over my face as I sobbed, my heart silently praying to God, if He even could hear me. So many women were doing the same, and I looked around at all of them

    By Esther on 04.07.2014

  2. Kneeling for hours on a pew, listening to others mumble away at their own fervent prayers. The cathedral is large, but it cannot hold everyone’s thoughts, and humble mumblings of the heart. I try my best to focus on mine, but the wonderment of

    By Ari on 04.07.2014

  3. Something that I used to do until it became routinary. What do we get out of this, really? I wonder how people visualize the conversations in their head as they express their deepest thoughts and desires to a said higher being.

    By Aira Lheiz Aquino URL on 04.07.2014

  4. Sometimes it works. I don’t know. I don’t believe there is anyone up in the sky granting wishes. There is no wizard of oz. But the act of praying may be the answer to the question as to whether it works. I’ve prayed but it seems a lot more like meditation than what I consider prayer.

    By susan URL on 04.07.2014

  5. Layers of Prayers
    For the meaning in inconsequential
    it’s the notion we mean
    Singing what we mean
    Leaning to be seen

    By S.T. Rauner on 04.07.2014

  6. Mass accumulation of positive thoughts have got to have some effect, right? If, in fact, this reality is a conglomeration of the reality everyone has agreed to see, doesn’t it seem fitting that a correctly placed hope, a prayer sent off into the wind, might find its place in a new reality?

    By Beth A on 04.07.2014

  7. her mother started crying, her hands clasped in mine. she knows I’m not religious but I’d try if she asked.

    By M. Babington on 04.07.2014

  8. It is not necessary to believe in a got to believe in prayer. A prayer is a wish, a desire, expressed to someone other than oneself, that one believes cannot be fulfilled by one’s own efforts alone, and thus needs the intervention of another. If that other be a god, or a spirit, then the prayer is actually a kind of trick, to fool oneself into believing that the wish can be fulfilled by some power
    beyond one’s self, when in actuality it is the self, newly confident and inspired by this trick, that actually realises the wish.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.07.2014

  9. you told me, that day
    when the sky cracked like an egg
    on the hot black sky
    that I’d be in your prayers.

    how do I tell you
    that I’d much rather be
    between those clasped hands
    or on those fluttering lips?

    how do I tell you
    that I’d much rather be
    knelt between your quivering pale
    sunday school thighs?

    how do I tell you
    that I’d much rather be
    in love with you
    than pledged to Him.

    By pulchritude on 04.07.2014

  10. By the fourth day, the prayer still remained unanswered and the river ran red with blood.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.08.2014

  11. Her mother had forced her to go. Serena grimaced at the sight of his fat, ugly head and shuddered with rage as he offered a prayer for all of God’s children. “If they are good and pure”, he professed “Jesus will show them the way and see that no harm will come to them.”

    The hypocrisy was brutal. Yesterday, as she emptied the dustbins for Mrs McCauley behind the classroom she had seen the Reverend with his pants down behind the church, doing unspeakable things to Harry Mason. Harry was crying, she saw him. She was pretty sure Reverend Fredrick was doing Harry harm and she wondered what God would make of that.

    By bb333 on 04.08.2014

  12. It seems so pointless. Like an internal sound track of what you want and can’t have. When I feel the need or yearning to plead to that bearded man in the sky I stop, and I think. I wonder what he would really do, or if even can. I promise that I won’t ever, or I will from now on ad no matter the out come I always go back in that promise. I wonder if that weird watcher has some kind of answering system, or if they all get collected in a jar like fireflys. Does he hear them all or just tell himself he will get to ten tomorrow. Does he put off our needs and small insecurity to our own doings and our own controls. Does he care, or is he just an impartial observer who laughed at out small worries. He made everything so why can’t we just solve out little problems. Are we insignificant or actually special to “his” heart. Does he watch us with a deep desire for us to be happy and love each other or is there a small feeling of loathing for how we treat each other and the world he made for is, so he let’s is deal with our on shit for his own dark kind of vengeance. I try not to pray. It seems selfish and a waste of time.

    By Toast URL on 04.08.2014

  13. as he kneeled down by the window, he placed his hands together. he was not one to prayer, but tonight he felt differently. He was not sure whether it was the events of today that had made him think so, or whether it was the events this week that had led up to tonight.
    He prayed.
    He wanted something different, something better. To get away, to be free.
    A simple life, maybe even a fun one. He was not one for fun, or at least his upbringing had not been much of a fun one.
    School, Work, Chores. Joy

    By alexius robinson on 04.08.2014

  14. I was brought up to say my prayers every night before I went to sleep. Even now I still say my prayers at night and I find it comforting to say a prayer in times of need.

    By Alexandra on 04.08.2014

  15. O dear Lord
    how I wish mosquitoes were away
    how I wish their needles won’t prick my skin
    won’t look for blood
    won’t sniff for me
    How I wish them their deaths
    their extinction,
    which would be followed by imbalance
    the tipping of the scales,
    deaths upon deaths
    toward an Earth so alien.
    O Lord, how I want their throats slit
    but maybe if I learn how to swat
    then the nature would continue its beauty
    as the world spins and spins
    until no more.

    By teddygit on 04.08.2014

  16. Is the best thing ever. It connects us to God. It’s talking to Him without seeing Him physically.

    By Carla May URL on 04.08.2014

  17. You aren’t a particularly religious person, but you want to pray to whatever deity is or isn’t out there to help you. It isn’t like they’d bother to help someone like you anyway.

    How exactly did you get yourself into this predicament, anyway? It must be your luck, you think.

    Yes, it can only be your luck. Good luck, bad luck.
    For every good thing, a bad thing must happen to balance it out.

    Super High School Level Good (Bad) Luck. What a wonderful life you lead.

    By Anonymouse on 04.08.2014

  18. Prayer is private. I don’t go to church. I don’t pray to be seen praying and thus prove myself to be better than others. I pray becuase He is a part of me and talking to him makes me feel better and be wiser and act kinder. Prayer is medicine.

    By twowritehands on 04.08.2014

  19. You are a prayer but you don’t know what you’re doing. What is a pray? Pray for who? Pray for what? What are you?

    By le on 04.08.2014

  20. let us kneel down before the lord, the lord of our mistakes and yearnings and blindness. let us sing hosannas to the creator of this and all great lands, and the lilies of the valley and the bounding fawn…

    By Lee on 04.08.2014

  21. you said nothing.
    you did nothing.
    you expected
    and that was more than enough.
    and now you’re left,
    and alone
    and afraid
    and humbled
    with the only thing left to do
    is to ask for grace.

    By NuSol URL on 04.08.2014

  22. She sat at the end of her bed, on her knees in standard prayer pose. She squeezed her eyes tight and clasped her hands together desperately.
    “Please,” she begged, though the room was otherwise empty, “please, bring them back safely.”

    By Toni Wiltshire URL on 04.08.2014

  23. She clasped her hands together. Gerard was dying. The doctors had given up. Nancy had given up. Even Mr. Everhart had given up. But she refused to. Gerard would get better. He had to. But now the only thing that she had going for her was her prayers.

    He would get better.

    By Lauren on 04.08.2014

  24. She was looking at the marble edifice. With so much doubt, she questions herself. What lead her into believing into all of this? What is religion and who really gets to choose it?

    By Aira Lheiz Aquino URL on 04.08.2014

  25. come back come back come back come back
    are you happy?
    with your little diamonds and your pretty house in soCal or was it new york i haven’t talked to you since maybe june or was it july of the last year before you met
    and i hate your house and your picket fence and the place where you work
    come back and stay here

    By jr on 04.08.2014

  26. He doesn’t pray out of religion or sentiment. He prays because he’s run out of options. Because there’s nothing else for him, or for her. And so, he prays. Because he doesn’t deserve this. And neither does she. They deserve the world.

    By I_have_no_words on 04.08.2014

  27. i’m not sure how i feel about prayer. i do believe in the power of prayer, but maybe you need to be more devout for prayers to be heard. maybe there’s a list of seniority for who gets heard. and the more regularly you pray, the more seniority you get

    By lisa on 04.08.2014

  28. i’m not sure how i feel about prayer. i do believe in the power of prayer, but maybe you need to be more devout for prayers to be heard. maybe there’s a list of seniority for who gets heard. and the more regularly you pray, the more seniority you get.

    By lisa on 04.08.2014

  29. Running was a prayer. Much like the physical and spiritual endurance only prayers could heal in a sweat lodge and in life, his legs carried him farther than his heart could alone and he chanted and sang over red sand, the blood of giants cut from his ancestor twin brothers. He prayed for his family first, those at home cooking dinner, doing homework, working on the yard outside. Then his friends, those who carried him from battles, from desperate feelings of hate and anger, from parties, and carried him out of love. Many times they didn’t know they were carrying him. He ran for love. Love for his people, love for his friends and family, love for those whose hearts aren’t strong enough.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 04.08.2014

  30. In life we move as little deaths and solemnly whisper prayers that in death me we recover life

    By creepestbloom URL on 04.08.2014

  31. A young man was sitting on a stool in a bar. he’s hands folded in prayer.
    In front of him. A drink. Scotch. He hasn’t touched it yet.
    Finally he finishes his prayer, chugs his glass, and leaves the bar.

    By Margreta on 04.08.2014

  32. Ох. Этот момент, когда ты понимаешь, что тебе нечего написать.

    By Anya Korazon on 04.08.2014

  33. He doesn’t pray out of religion or sentiment. He prays because he’s run out of options. Because there’s nothing else for him, or for her. And so, he prays. Because he doesn’t deserve this. And neither does she. They deserve the world.

    By I_have_no_words on 04.08.2014

  34. A way to connect to God. A way for asking things you desire from God.

    By kk on 04.08.2014

  35. give me long nights
    I ache for candles melted low
    a finger of incense
    the sound of something strange
    as you kiss, lean
    into me

    give me our dark garden
    fecund, spiraling
    your breath across mine
    finding each other
    ever anew

    By david URL on 04.08.2014

  36. He didn’t believe in prayer much anymore. He used to believe in things like that; prayers, angels, miracles. He soon found out it was only a matter of time before that all went away. He pitied himself for ever believing in things like that, and it was all because of her.

    By Katrina on 04.08.2014

  37. I have evolved to a level of daily prayer; faith comforts.

    By melodyroop URL on 04.08.2014

  38. Meu Deus (ou Deusa, ou o que diabos esteja me ouvindo agora), permita que o futuro não chegue tão rápido quanto ele caminha. Ou que, se ele chegue rapidamente, pelo menos use salto alto e deixe-me saber que está próximo da minha porta.

    By Bárbara URL on 04.08.2014