April 20th, 2014

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56 Responses to “possible”

  1. I think it’s possible that I loved you

    By Mayara on 04.20.2014

  2. is it possible that my life could be falling apart? i don’t know who i am. i don’t know what to do. it’s like i only exist outside of my own mind.

    By hannah on 04.20.2014

  3. Whoever said that anything is possible was either lying or way too optimistic. Yes, certain technological advances deemed not feasible have been discovered and implemented, and scientific knowledge that we never dreamed of collecting are now in archives all over the world.

    But from a personal standpoint, you cannot obtain everything. And for me, it was impossible for me to fall in love. At least, to fall in love with the right person without getting screwed over.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.20.2014

  4. I didn’t think it was possible. I mean, the time was already passed, and I was trying to catch up. I worked hard, and fought harder. Despite the dire circumstance, i wasn’t going to go out without producing something. And I made it. I made it possible.

    By blahblahchoi URL on 04.20.2014

  5. Travel, and giving up all earthly possessions, just for a summer, just for long enough to feel happy again, because I like to be happy. Travel, enough to fill journals and open the cages of city living and the eyes of a student too long in a class room and not long enough in the world. Travel makes it all possible. Travel.

    By Ruby Scalera on 04.20.2014

  6. i hate this so much compared to how much i hate this you love it its not possible for nyone to hate this as much as i do i cant see because of this i feel like im underwater you dont understand i am a failure because i lie too much it not possible for me to tell the truth

    By greasy on 04.20.2014

  7. everything is possible. The opposite of that doesn’t exist,it just needs to be proven that everything is possible,and that’s revealing more and more just like time passes.

    By Mario on 04.20.2014

  8. anything is possible when first one steps into the present moment. Stars seem to align and the day holds rivers running smooth — or even the choppy ones hold waves with views. That’s the kind of day that i woke to on February twenty-first.

    By judyb on 04.20.2014

  9. Everything is possible with God, able, allowing you to do things being Independant, interesting,

    By Lee on 04.20.2014

  10. It is possible in a few different circumstances that I may have been, in only certain moments, a vampire.
    Now that sounds cliche and perhaps that is my young teenaged brain talking. But I had been reading online, for hours and hours, searching up about people who have “other” experiences hat I had found fascinating! So fascinating that I thought, perhaps my experiences with a lust for red and obsession with gore, that I,
    was some kind of vampire.

    By Liz on 04.20.2014

  11. She wasn’t sure.
    It seemed like a long shot,
    being there for someone for the long term
    joining goals and hopes and dreams
    building a future
    more that a day into the future.

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 04.20.2014

  12. i can’t do it, she mumbles, ducking her head down to stare at the clenched fists in her lap.

    lucy blinks; once, twice, three times, and shakes her head. taeyeon, she says slowly, can’t isn’t really an option for us right now. the boiling lizard… we need to defeat it.

    taeyeon looks up, normally placid and timid eyes brimming with fear and wetness. lucy, i really can’t. i’m not strong like you.

    By heartful on 04.20.2014

  13. When we’re kids we believe we can do or be anything we want. The world is our playground. But as we grow we lose some of that innocence. That sense of infinite possibility. I wish I had that back. I really do.

    By Heather B on 04.20.2014

  14. everything in life is possible, it is the matter of just trying and trying to accomplish what you want. People think that nothing is possible, but when you commit yourself to it, anything is possible.

    By yessenia on 04.20.2014

  15. the birds fly endlessly
    as the sky opens up
    there are no lines, no
    dotted marks strewn across.
    the free falling bodies
    are not bound by any
    thread : white, nor red

    By Summer on 04.20.2014

  16. “It’s possible.” My sister used to watch the Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” from the VHS tape on a weekly basis.

    Sometimes the notion of possibility unsettles me. As much as there’s the possibility of success and sunny days, possibility is a line moving in opposite directions for an endless stretch…

    By alex savas m. on 04.20.2014

  17. the possibilities you wear
    on your sleeves, but never give
    the wings to fly;

    in the sparrow-calls
    of midnight, I fell in love.

    By Pandatry on 04.20.2014

  18. He was tired. So, so tired. Nothing seemed possible anymore. Nothing even seemed worth doing anymore. He was too tired. He just wanted to sleep and wake up one hundred years from now, once all of his possibilities finally disappeared.

    By Lauren on 04.20.2014

  19. It’s possible that you’ll forgive me, but sometimes I wish you wouldn’t. I know I don’t deserve it. I also know it’s possible that I can get through this..this whatever it is I’m going through. I want you to be here for that, but I want you to stop hurting…tell me how to help you stop hurting?

    By mep on 04.20.2014

  20. “Is it possible that Joffre could be behind this?” Caelore asked. Dorae shook her head.
    “No. Joffre is many things but not even he is this well connected. Not in the undercity, at least,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.20.2014

  21. the words that press against my skin
    falling over, falling in
    running inside my mind
    it’s possible you’re unkind
    the kiss the love the sighs you know
    the wordless touches the afterglow
    in a cage
    trapped inside a maze
    your eyes are a cage
    catch caught cough
    lost and found always not
    know how.

    By matt m on 04.20.2014

  22. I looked out over the edge of the skyscraper. Of all the places to test it, of all the dumb situations to make this leap, this was not the best choice.
    Then again I don’t make THEM very often, good choices I mean.
    I feel the wind whipping my hair, the cool breeze calms me.
    As I take my leap I feel the air around me rushing past my tight closed eyes.
    And then…
    It slows… it stops… No more rushing… I open my eyes to the strangest sight and welcome in a beautiful notion.
    Anything is possible…

    By CyllinLord on 04.20.2014

  23. Anything in this crazy world is possible. Its all possible with God on your side, and you can do everything. I don’t believe that anything is impossible in this world. The possibilites are endless!

    By Lexie Moore on 04.20.2014

  24. I’m not a very good person at thinking things are possible. I normally think of all the ways they are impossible. The world kinda makes us believe things aren’t possible because everything on the media can be so negative. And it can be hard to stay positive in a negative world.

    By Katie URL on 04.20.2014

  25. “You’re lying. It’s not…it isn’t possible.” Mallory’s voice trembled even as she spoke, looking up, brown eyes meeting brown. “Please…say it isn’t true.”

    “It’s true, Mal, and you know it.” Alex’s voice was soft now, the anger from their shouting match having subsided as he reached out to touch her hand. They sat in silence for a few moments, his thumb lightly brushing her knuckles. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

    Her arms went around him them, face buried in his neck, tears wetting the skin. He squeezed her gently, whispering soothing words into her ear, silently hoping she’d never have to endure this again.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.20.2014

  26. He stared at the screen for a few seconds, studying Carolan’s proposal. “It’s possible,” he drawled, but you’re gonna need a busload of good luck!” He reached into his pocket for his cellphone, and within minutes the plan was under way.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.20.2014

  27. It’s not possible. It’s just not. It can’t be my dad. He died five years ago!

    I was walking down the street, just minding my own business, when a ragged man on the sidewalk asked me for spare change. It happens a dozen times a day, sometimes more, but the voice sounded familiar. I looked down and saw familiar eyes looking up at my from a dirty face. It could be … could it?

    By Kimberly on 04.20.2014

  28. “Mark, that’s impossible. The police simply can’t think that you killed the Professor!” Morgan tugged gently on the sleeve of his coat, forcing him to meet her gaze. “You’re innocent. I know it. And if I have to spend every second, every minute, proving it then so be it.”

    He half smiled. “Thanks but no thanks, doll. I couldn’t ask you to stick your neck out for me.”

    Her green eyes glistened with tears, with love, reserved only for him. “I’d do it whether you asked me to or not.”

    By Blue Iris on 04.20.2014

  29. is it possible that we have forgotten everything
    that in loving you i have shrugged off my own skin
    my own scars and bruises, and
    you have stepped out of your old clothes
    is it possible that we have written our tomorrows today
    and my possible is now possible with you

    By caitlinmonster URL on 04.20.2014

  30. Is it all possible? Because, sometimes…it really feels like it isn’t. And better yet, it doesn’t feel like not all is pssoble. It feels like fucking nothing is possible. Like the daily getting up each day and the routine walking around to different locations. But possible, is one of the most gorgeous words in the world because it offers some semblance of hope.

    By Anastacia Valdespino on 04.20.2014

  31. I think at the moment people are expecting me to combat my adversity and make me feel as though I have to be inside my life because Colin couldn’t be inside his and that anything is possible and that this is a good wakeup call for me. In a way it is but at the same time.

    By hooliajulia on 04.20.2014

  32. you can do it.
    lift that weight
    follow that path
    you can do it.

    you tell me what i’m possible of
    and that’s not right.
    sometimes i can’t do it.
    but that doesn’t mean i’m not the best i can be.
    i will find myself one day
    and look back at you.

    By Kairn on 04.20.2014

  33. “That isn’t possible.” His voice was sharp, cold, drowning out the sound of her sobs. “I put a bullet between his eyes myself.”
    The crying became louder.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.20.2014

  34. “It’s not possible,” she stuttered, staring at him with big eyes, “you’re not supposed to be here! You’re not supposed to love me!”

    By Emily Beth URL on 04.21.2014

  35. Anything was possible in alternate timelines.

    It was possible there was a timeline where you weren’t an Angel.

    It was possible there was a timeline where you hadn’t died.

    It was possible there was a timeline where you hadn’t been mistaken.

    It was possible there was a timeline where you and the Third Child were happy together.

    (Except all those timelines didn’t involve this particular version of you, Tabris.)

    By Anonymouse on 04.21.2014

  36. I’d like to think that everything is possible. Unfortunately that is not thee case but there is no harm in trying to do anything you possibly can.

    By Alexandra on 04.21.2014

  37. It’s always possible to smile at things even if you cant see anything good about it. What you could do is see it as a lesson, possible to be learned about.

    By Nicole URL on 04.21.2014

  38. Is it possible to visit all sites available on the world wide web?

    By cgbalu URL on 04.21.2014

  39. Anything is possible this is a line we have heard many a times in our lives. What is really possible is only those things we can directly control. Then there is the impossible which is a far more ambiguous title.

    By Darlin on 04.21.2014

  40. It’s possible that I am a mistake. It’s possible that I always make everything worse. It’s possible you’re lying to everyone about me.
    It’s also possible… that I don’t care about anyone’s opinions anymore or what you think of me.

    By spookie on 04.21.2014