May 6th, 2015

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57 Responses to “empathy”

  1. ” You are barking up the wrong tree here, Philip. This man has no empathy!” She spat bitterly at the nonchalance of the man in front of her.

    By Loveleen on 05.07.2015

  2. There is nothing like empathy. EVERYONE thinks they have it, lol those that have it least are insistent they are the most

    By Glynster on 05.07.2015

  3. omg I will need to speed up SERIOUSLY!!

    By Glynster on 05.07.2015

  4. The rain was bittersweet.

    She knew that she was a nuisance to everyone she met, because the rain followed her like a loyal companion. It always blotted out the sun, casting gloom onto towns as she passed through.

    It was a hazard to her guildmates as they went on jobs, though the only person she didn’t want to slip was Gajeel-kun and he knew her well enough to avoid any major damage.

    It cast away any other friendships she hoped to have. Really, who would want to be friends with the girl that brought sadness and dark days?

    But sometimes, she felt like it was the only thing that truly understood her. It didn’t run away, and it felt for her. If she cried, the sky cried harder. If she laughed, mist rose up and tickled her cheek. If she was mad, thunder shook the ground.

    It understood her.

    By A Paper Flower on 05.07.2015

  5. I feel it for some, but does anyone feel it for me. That link and that feeling? Does anyone look at me and think, I empathize with her? Or am

    By inezz on 05.07.2015

  6. I dont know this

    By rulk URL on 05.07.2015

  7. Juan had empathy powers with small children. so he was the perfect babysitter and everyone asks juan to babysit for them.

    By Bob Marley on 05.07.2015

  8. I think is something like empty, but i don´t know, maybe

    By Cássio on 05.07.2015

  9. Feeling sorry for somebody who is sad, mad, etc. letting someone know that everything is okay. Feeling sorry. When your mom tells you to have empathy or be grateful that you have what you have. When someone has died and you feel sorry for them.

    By Madison URL on 05.07.2015

  10. you are empathetic to the point where you cannot forgive yourself
    because you are too busy thinking about what everybody else is thinking
    instead of giving yourself time to forgive
    any sins you may have committed against yourself
    and i wish that your empathy
    applied to you
    and not just me and him

    but i know that’s not possible
    because in the end
    only you can forgive you
    and you can’t do it out of obligation to me
    or to him
    because then it’s the same thing all over again

    By NH on 05.07.2015

  11. Sometimes, I feel empathy for him.
    Just looking at him makes you feel like that.
    He looks lonely, with his heterochromatic eyes and that “I’m absolute” air around him.
    Though, I didn’t really care at first. Maybe I didn’t even notice. But now, I can’t think of leaving his side, nor him leaving mine. That’s just something that won’t happen.

    By Heterochromatic-eyes on 05.07.2015

  12. It was hard to feel empathy for him. He created this mess, leaving his own wide path of destruction. But I had made mistakes too, and as I stood their listening to him beg for my forgiveness, I knew I would give in.

    By ellbee on 05.07.2015

  13. When I think about empathy, I think about you
    and all that we’ve been through
    It’s so hard to say goodbye

    By Heterochromatic-eyes on 05.07.2015

  14. At the moment I am lacking empathy for those around me. I am hurting emotionally, and do not wish to feel for anyone else; I just want to be miserable on my own. Things will be better in the morning, but it just upsets me that the people I work with seem to think so little of me, and/or take me for granted. Wish there was a way to make this feeling go away.

    By Karen URL on 05.07.2015

  15. The metal machine in the corner was the only source of noise in the white washed room. The patient lay in her bed, eyes closed, face peaceful, body still with the exception of the mechanical rising of her chest. A smaller girl sat at her side, hands buried in her auburn hair. The knowledge that her sister was just as still on the inside as she was outwardly became too much for her to bear, and a teardrop fell, making the slightest ‘plop’ as it hit the tile.

    By Hope on 05.07.2015

  16. Nobody can express my emotions more clearly than my favorite TV actor. Sometimes words escape me, and my own self awareness keeps me from a pure display of feeling. I suppose I’m empathetic without any modes of expression of my own.

    By asavas on 05.07.2015

  17. It was hard to have empathy for someone like him. I’m sure he meant well, but he always came off as very gruff and rude. I constantly found it a struggle to relate to him.

    By Blunz on 05.07.2015