October 9th, 2014

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55 Responses to “pity”

  1. It was worse than he thought. They were all smiling. No teeth though. Their smiles were joyless, and obligatory. The closed-lipped kind offered to homeless kids and dying patients. His stomach rolled when he realized he was grateful they cared that much.

    By Soft URL on 10.10.2014

  2. sad pity cheese disapointment bully teacher students kids

    By Andres murillo URL on 10.10.2014

  3. I pity the fool that tries to clubber lane. Call me BA biceps ‘cuz I crush a whole gang.
    -Mr.T 2014

    By NIck B on 10.10.2014

  4. i don’t know what pity is

    By ol on 10.10.2014


    By NIck B on 10.10.2014

  6. “Pity Da Fool” – Mr T

    Pity is a sign of feeling bad for someone else. From ignorance to stupidity.

    By Anonymous URL on 10.10.2014

  7. Pimpin ain’t easy!

    By NIck B on 10.10.2014

  8. I pity a lot of people. Sometimes i feel like i shouldn’t pity them, especially when they ask me not to, but that just makes me pity them more. I even pity myself sometimes, but, doesn’t everyone?

    By Sean on 10.10.2014

  9. its such a pity when you lose a game or just lose something at all i get mad when i lose in b ball but its just a pity…

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.10.2014

  10. Don’t feel bad for the person I’ve become. Feel bad for the person that I once was and had to shed for the sake of those around me; for the sake of love and for the sake of my future. Cherish the person who I have become, because this will be who I am, for the rest of my days.

    By am.skye on 10.10.2014

  11. pity

    By NB on 10.10.2014

  12. It smells weak and thoughtless. You can never truly know what is happening in their mind and there is never any reason for you to form emotions out of it. Especially if those emotions are at the dispense of that other person. It isn’t your place, isn’t your right.

    By Drea on 10.10.2014

  13. They were full of pity and she hated it. She could sense it coming off them, and she was trying to distance herself as far away as she

    By Grace URL on 10.10.2014

  14. I looked at him. A shell of his former self. Tattoos faded and muscles weakened. No more glory. All I feel is pity for this man I once loved.

    By Jenn URL on 10.10.2014

  15. Hola

    By Roberto on 10.10.2014