October 10th, 2014

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40 Responses to “gesture”

  1. His hands gestured with sharp turns and movements trying to explain what was going on in his life and the outrages that he had experienced at the hands of the doctors in Italy. He didn’t seem to notice that I wasn’t listening. Instead, my eyes kept reverting to the man behind him. My eyes followed that man’s movement and immediately I could tell that he’d be an excellent dancer, maybe something sensual and classic, and never anything slow.

    His dark skin would look so beautiful against the red costume in our piece, and I immediately wished that I could forget that idiot whom had nothing better but step on my goddamned shoes all day. He wasn’t even that great at it. His daddy had money and he was supposedly good looking. That was it.

    Pushing my now ex-partner out of the way, I strutted towards my future one and grabbed his hand for a shake, receiving a confused look from his beautiful black eyes.

    “May I ask you to a dance?” I said, cocking my head at him and smiled charmingly.

    At first it was bewilderment but then embarrassment that crossed his eyes.

    “I..I can’t dance.”

    By Flesh on 10.10.2014

  2. she moved her had slightly in the air. it was almost imperceptible but it was there as it to say come this way. he never new how to react to gestures like these. was it real? or had he imagined it.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.10.2014

  3. I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring you some soup while ill. You threw it all over my brand new coat! Let’s see if that will happen again. I think not. Good luck with your cold, Sandy.

    By Rose on 10.10.2014

  4. It was such a nice gesture of the young lady that payed for the elderly couples bill at the restaurant. A nice gesture to be do a good deed! A gesture is doing something nice or thoughtful for someone!

    By Georgann Hurley on 10.10.2014

  5. She was gesturing at the board, explaining to the almost thirty students the math problem. None of them got it. With a sigh, she was just starting it over again when the door flew opened. Her students jumped, and for the first time that day shut up. She just turned. She had been expecting this.

    By Gratia on 10.10.2014

  6. He gestured at me.

    By tyler on 10.10.2014

  7. “Well, that was a rather obscene gesture, wasn’t it?” asked my manager as the customer hobbled away with his bag of bread.

    “What do you mean?”

    She rolled her eyes. “He held two fingers up when he said he wanted to use two coupons. But he faced them in a way that implies…you know…”

    I sighed. “That you think way too hard about the people who come into this store?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.10.2014

  8. It was one of the kindest gestures I could have imagined. As I looked into his eyes, I saw more than I had before. A warmth and caring that had escaped my notice. I was surprised and humbled and suddenly unsure of our standing as colleagues just blossoming into friends.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.10.2014

  9. She was receding, going out like the tide in summer, the sort that leaves the sand half-wet and dark, and I waved at her, as if to catch her eye. She will turn, I was thinking. She will turn and see me and her pale eyes will catch the light and maybe she will smile. She will say, I almost didn’t see you standing there, and I will tell her:
    I almost didn’t see me, too.
    She was receding, going out like the tide in summer, the sort that leaves me like the drying sand.

    By Sol on 10.10.2014

  10. Один давній оратор для розвитку здібностей говорив до моря, набравши до рота каміння. Іноді мені здається, до для кращого розуміння природи руху тіла, ми весь час ходимо в одязі.

    By mykolan on 10.10.2014

  11. it was swift
    yet awkward in terms of
    how joints fit in sockets
    and holes are objects.
    i think there was a meaning hidden there —
    not tucked in a tree or folded in a pocket,
    but growing deep, where the soil smell
    is all there is and we are all bare

    By Kairn on 10.10.2014

  12. When you are moving to music and you are trying to act like a bird, or when you are giving a speech in a play and are trying to make something more dramatic, or you are telling some one about some amazing thing you saw and you make a gesture to show what it was like.

    By Hope Strubs on 10.10.2014

  13. iT’S ALL about how you use your hands. A gesture can be physical, but ah, it can also be something ephemeral. Sometimes you can gesture “hello” or “come here” with your hands, and its’a universal language. Sometimes you make a gesture of politeness or inclusion and it is perceived and appreciated.For instance, extending an invitation to someone’s mother or aunt to an event, just to be polite, because the aunt or the mother was in town for a visit.

    By Elaine on 10.10.2014

  14. With a turn of the hand, she gestured toward the supply closet to their left, then mouthed the words, “It’s in there.”
    Abigail took a deep breath, checked the adjacent hallways, and then stepped lightly toward the small room.
    Only she could disarm the bomb that resided inside.

    By Kumquat on 10.10.2014

  15. It was sweet, what she did. Not much, just a simple gesture, yet it made my heart flutter. The way it was oh so gentle and graceful. Her smile was what I fell in love with

    By Sana on 10.10.2014

  16. His hands rapidly change.
    I nod and wait….
    His gestures don’t make sense….
    Like living.

    By MaybeIWillBeSomeoneOneDay on 10.10.2014

  17. Reciprocating someone’s good deed is a good gesture. It doesn’t need to be of the same value. A small thank you or recognition of such gesture will be good enough.

    By jocelyn on 10.10.2014

  18. It was lovely –
    the thought –
    greeted with diamond kisses like
    velvet thief lips, pursed,
    under golden shimmer lights.
    we were left in an embrace;
    I took you there,
    and I had shown you the play
    as it were rehearsed.

    By Marissa on 10.10.2014

  19. There can be the creepiest of gestures. A gesture suggesting innocent friendliness, but is actually a sort of perverted version of a general greeting. It is quite gross, really. There should be some kind of detector or alarm that would go off if the energies of such people were released into the air and further excited by the touch that they made. And you see, these people have a certain Look.

    By Anaru on 10.10.2014

  20. He gestured to me and I ignored it. I didn’t think it was necessary, that simple hand gesture of wanting to hold hands. Why didn’t I? It just wasn’t the right moment. There would be other moments. But every moment is a special moment, and soon there won’t be any left. He’ll be gone, and I’ll be here, wondering, and missing that small hand gesture that I always took for granted.

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 10.10.2014

  21. a kind gesture can mean the world to someone in need of it. the world is so damn broken and we truly do need more kindness. It could be the difference between life and death for a person such as me. A person so unwilling to live.

    By April on 10.10.2014

  22. A gesture is nice. I dont get much but it would be nice to get more of them. They are adorable mostly when they are grand. It is cute to think of a guy doing a grand gesture for you, even if its not going to happend, but I like to think it will. Someday a guy will show appreciation for me. Like most people do for others.

    By Gabriela URL on 10.10.2014

  23. “Okay, and what should the gesture for ‘no’ be?” I grinned at her, the two of us curled awkwardly in a corner. It was not out of sight, precisely, but the walls were in shadow enough to blend in with our skin and the dirt dusting our clothes. Whenever someone walked by, we would freeze, casual muttering turning to whispers, our lips barely moving.

    We should have been more noticeable than we were, but people saw what they expected to. And so, we were not caught, and I was not whipped for spending time with her.

    It was good I had managed to find this spot. I had not seen her since I had first been caught kissing another girl.

    “Pout,” she suggested.

    “Pout,” I said, “and blink twice for confirmation. Could just be a depressing thought.”


    The bell rang, and I stood up as if I had never noticed her. ‘3:30 pm’, I gestured, pointing with two fingers (it was binary) of my right hand, thumb extended (that was the half an hour), ‘behind the willow tree?’

    ‘Tommorrow?’ she asked, rotating her hand clockwise.

    ‘Day after,’ I did the same with both.

    ‘Alright,’ she dipped her head, blinking twice.

    ‘I love you’, I flipped my hair.

    Time to head to class.

    By a terrible poet on 10.10.2014

  24. As she spoke her hands wove through the air in tandem, each gesture as poignant and stirring as the words themselves. No matter her age, it was clear she was made for this; being in the public eye, standing before the tides and holding the back, directing their attentions elsewhere. It was manipulative, yes, and cunning too but she was so very, very good at it that I couldn’t help but be impressed.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.10.2014

  25. Gestures can mean any variety of things, be they positive, negative, or otherwise. A gesture can mean someone’s death if you’re pointing them out of a lineup. It could mean a raise or a promotion in the workplace. It can mean, ‘kill them,’ ‘stop that,’ ‘enough,’ ‘keep going,’ ‘good job.’ Anything.

    By AJ on 10.10.2014

  26. a small gesture can have a large effect on everyone around you. A jester sounds the same but totally is not. gesture…jester. a jester gestures chester to fester stuff.

    By karri on 10.10.2014

  27. i haven’t got a whole lot of strength left in the place where it comes from. i know that the things i do won’t seem grand or magnificent, and sometimes you’ll go days without noticing i’ve done anything at all. the truth is some days i am tired, and a small wave of the hand will be all i can muster. a gentle breath from my lips that says, yes, i am still going, tired as i may be.

    By sunnysuraj on 10.10.2014

  28. The time for playful gesture is over. I must stand proud, confident and bold. There’s no questioning it. For if I don’t, I will remain where I have always been.

    I will be stuck nowhere with no one. And that’s not a place I’d like to idle longer in.

    By Iceman on 10.11.2014

  29. The young woman simply gestures a hand over towards the paint lingering on the bottom of his pants before inquiring in an giggling tone of its existence. He cannot tell her about the secret portrait behind her, it will be his secret treasure until it is officially finished. Though for now, he will keep her distracted.

    By Toni on 10.11.2014

  30. gesture

    By pooja on 10.11.2014

  31. gesture is a position…it means what is position of somebody.
    if anybody stand in a gud way means his gesture is gud but if not means its not a g

    By pooja on 10.11.2014

  32. As a gesture of reconciliation after his earlier outburst, he paid for their drinks. Ohara agreed to take the case. “What I’ll need,” he explained as they walked toward the station, “is as much information on the three of them as you can get. Your son is too young to have much of a record other than medical history, if any, but your daughter is old enough to have an online presence, so I want to know what her likes and interests were, we may be able to trace her through them. Nicknames, pet names, favourite characters or boy bands, anything. And your wife’s full family and work history, as much as you can get.” “Understood,” his client responded, “how long will it take to find her, do you think?” Ohara stopped walking, and turned to him. “You should plan on this taking years,” he said, “because it probably will.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.11.2014

  33. He walked all around the circumference of the room,
    Pausing to paw at a couple of his favourites,
    Lost in the stillness
    That wax can provide.
    They were forever stuck in time,
    Trapped in place,
    Still breathing faintly,
    As his design sunk its way into their lungs.

    By Siege URL on 10.11.2014

  34. He made a gesture of pure delight squirming in the stroller as the monkey climbed the bars of the cage to show the baby his smile.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.11.2014

  35. His hand moved to my face, brushing away a lock of hair.

    It was a loving, intimate gesture and I had to look away from his face.

    I couldn’t do this. Not now.

    By lorin on 10.11.2014

  36. One gesture of kindness.

    That was all she wanted. All she needed in order to continue life.

    But a gesture never came, so life was cut short.

    By Kaitlyn on 10.11.2014

  37. A certain bad gesture to a judge in court
    gets you jailed for contempt

    But a bad court jester,before the king,
    gets beheaded for bordom

    By Hans Pfeiler on 10.11.2014

  38. A certain bad gesture to a judge in court
    Gets you jailed for contempt

    But a bad court jester, before the king,
    Gets beheaded for boredom

    By Hans Pfeiler on 10.11.2014

  39. Sorry is an empty gesture. Maybe instead you should try sending 31 postcards, crocheting something, giving away all your clothes, getting your eyes checked, legally changing your name… write a novel titled my name. Maybe those things would appease me. Maybe not. It would be funny to watch you try. I’d prefer that to the kneeling and sobbing.

    By Kit on 10.11.2014

  40. Many things happen at once. She turns, her hair falls over her shoulder, shadows shift and her sweat drips. I try to capture it all with a stick of charcoal.

    By G on 10.11.2014