October 22nd, 2015

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54 Responses to “past”

  1. My past. The things I have done. The places I’ve seen, the people I’ve known. All of it combines to make me who I am today. My past is the recipe for the concoction you now witness in front of you. I love my past.

    By Kbiz on 10.23.2015

  2. she walked past him. he glanced back at her. she didn’t think anything more of it. he did the opposite. he thought about her all day; the way she walked, the way her dress swayed, the smell of her perfume. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and he never stopped thinking about her.

    By Maya on 10.23.2015

  3. She gazed lifeless past his shoulders and he felt robbed of impetus to wake her up to her senses. Time warranted them of their agreement stirred by their petty notions. They were so young back then. Sunk by deep regret, he wished it should’ve remained that way.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.23.2015

  4. The cows got out in the past week they got out because someone did not lock the gate correctly.
    In the past week a new movie came out in the theaters.
    We are not in the past we are in the present we are living right now.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.23.2015

  5. As she drove past the old farmhouse she thought she recognized the yard from her memories, and of a time she did not know.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.23.2015

  6. The past called out to me and mentioned his name.

    At night, I could feel sweat on my skin as I toss around in bed, trying to get rid of the past that would cling close to my mind. The details of the traumatizing experience that happened a few years earlier are still vivid in my mind, and no matter how much new memories I create in order to forget everything, the past will never let go of its clutch on my fragile little self. It had wrapped its skin against mine, slowly molding and blending into one with me, its existence choking my neck as it tries to take over my own life. The past is going after my mind, its goal to dominate and nestle inside the crooks and alleys of my brain; I am trying my best to protect my life.

    By Randompeepur on 10.23.2015

  7. the past is painful, it haunts us with its memory and its heartbreak. heartbreak comes easily when you hold your heart or give to people you trust and they throw it on the ground like you mean nothing. i am nothing.

    By Aidan Wheeler on 10.23.2015

  8. :(

    By Aidan Wheeler on 10.23.2015

  9. my past is prity good my futer i realy dont know but i hope i get to go to kern river valle agen a loved swiming in the river even thou i got chaft realy badly and my mom fell ther 3 monthes ago but uther wys it was fun realy fun now for the qwot of the day ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..nachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goosbumbs move jack black jack sparo johny dep and all that my faverit actours ever so waaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppp every body the forkast for today is partly cloudy with a chanc of meat balls hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah lol iabbtfom laphaoutloud in a big bath tub full of money so good day me peeps twmaiwmangaaintflolbtw………sagaslm till we meat agen if we meat agen now go away allredy its not that funy laph uot loud by the way……….shut up and go away stop lahping maniacly well th th th thats all for now folks gooooooood by to yaaalll!!!!

    By Caleb gayton URL on 10.23.2015

  10. sory i went mad just right ther pleas fogiv me i promis i wiil try to not do that agen !

    By Caleb gayton URL on 10.23.2015

  11. The past haunts me sometimes and then I realize that I shouldn’t be living in it. The good memories bring tears because I am well aware that people are not the same as they once were. Even if I tried to tap into it, they are not. Nor am I. I am not my past, I am not my future. I am what I am in this moment.

    By smalldeathangel on 10.23.2015

  12. The past is a concept that freaks me out. Although I really haven’t done anything horrible, I feel shame about my past and I don’t know why. I also feel the need to comparatively justify my past. I feel like I like who I am but don’t like

    By Patti on 10.23.2015

  13. My past is a very dark one. Just kidding – my past is fine, I suppose. Is yours? I don’t know what else to write. I don’t know what 2 write. LOLLL!

    By Amber on 10.23.2015

  14. The past has a lot of important things that had happened, like Christopher Columbus sailing and finding America.

    By Nicole Martinez on 10.23.2015