October 23rd, 2015

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33 Responses to “bricks”

  1. Bricks blocked the path to us knowing each other. If you had a cosmic hammer, you could break through. An image of me on the other side may not be in your mind.

    By Ella Emma Em on 10.23.2015

  2. They flew up under his feet as he walked. That was unsettling, and he didn’t entirely trust them, but moving forward was better than standing around here. Alone. Doing nothing. So he moved on, onward and upward, trying not to think about what it would be like to fall.

    By Courka URL on 10.23.2015

  3. Her hands picked up one of the red bricks laying on the ground. A tear fell down her face, on to the piece of wall. A piece of her house, once standing here. It was gone now, all of it was gone. The girl fell to her knees. She had just lost everything.

    By Nikkie F. URL on 10.23.2015

  4. bricks are strong, they make houses. they have nice colors, sturdy, build tall structures. brick and mortar, establishments, soil of our community. stone is prettier but brick is almost as good. I always wanted to live in a solid brick house. it seems like it won’t blow away. bricks can be red, brown, dark orange and are symetrical. not sure what year bricks were invented or how they are made. one of my ancestors was a brick layer. if I were going to build a fireplace or outdoor oven, I would build it on my own with bricks and/or stone. it would last for a very long time. I have had a brick fireplace before and it feels solid and protective.

    By anna on 10.23.2015

  5. All that was left of city hall was a lonely stack of bricks, left behind by one demolition group or another. The men had come in swarms, yellow-helmeted and orange-jacketed, like drone bees from a hive, ready to raze the building. The dust literally cleared about six hours after demolition had started, and I had watched the whole thing from my bedroom window, sipping a strong cup of coffee.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.23.2015

  6. Lego man Emmet was a hero. He was THE SPECIAL. But he didn’t feel special. His mother never told him that because he didn’t have a mother. All the other LEGOs did. It wasn’t fair….he never understood how exactly he came to be. He built stuff (that was his job. But he never understood who built HIM.

    By Gabrielle on 10.23.2015

  7. A person puts up a facade, strong and silent, a brick wall, keeping the world out. When they start to long for daylight and a connection to the world, they hit the wall, taking it apart one brick at a time.

    By Shr on 10.23.2015

  8. The bricks tumbling down one by one like an earthquake in the middle of July… I knew the elderly man across the street that used to sell plums to be able to cover his lotion for his feet without melting to the ground.

    By seawuito URL on 10.23.2015

  9. “No.”
    Her voice, trembling under the enormity of that word, small and powerful as dynamite, hit me like a collapsing wall of bricks.

    By lauren on 10.23.2015

  10. So many red blocks, all stuck together in a seamlessly coherent fashion. No, there is no order.

    By Verona on 10.23.2015

  11. laying one at a time. but dropped one. onto a pet dog. shit. was it breathing? no, it had howled once and then it was still, lying down. i ran around picked it up and shook it. resusciation? no, i didn’t want to do that to a dog. i put it in my van and drove away. i drove for 40 mins wanting to be safe and not be caught. i wrapped it in two garbage bags and placed it in someone’s bin.

    By Ellaandlara URL on 10.23.2015

  12. The house exploded as the dynamite went off, creating a shower of bricks thudding everywhere.

    By Tim on 10.23.2015

  13. Bricks. They usually make up a house. I love the style of brick houses but they aren’t very practical in California. When I went to Boston there were many brick houses and buildings. They were beautiful.

    By jorden carroll URL on 10.23.2015

  14. Shitting bricks..ok this is my first post so pardon me for being so lame. Bricks used to build houses? Our future?
    Don’t hit someone with a brick. Wonder how heavy brick would be…can it replace my dumbell?

    By SHEwhomustnotbenamed URL on 10.23.2015

  15. they caged me in. each one was a person, idea, emotion, stigma that gathered around me and soon stood tall and menacing against my petite and frail form. The dark, deep, red hue was shrouded with a thin, fine layer of dust that did little to lessen the effect of the bright shade of vivid blood. the light seeped through the narrow cracks between each one, but it was still much too black for me to see anything. The walls started to close in on me

    By Shelly URL on 10.23.2015

  16. What’s the name of the song? Another brick in the wall?
    Are we all bricks in the wall? I don’t know…

    By Bluered on 10.24.2015

  17. 1bricks=Being Really Into Conceptual Knowable Space

    By Garz on 10.24.2015

  18. Bricks are so shy. They literally use to stick in their place the whole time. its almost obnoxious if you think about it. Bricks. What are bricks? Who defines them? Bricks are part of nature just as we are part of nature.

    By Finn Rendigs on 10.24.2015

  19. there was a wall, and it wasn’t tall at all.
    I was tempted to look beyond it.
    I needed to see what was behind.

    I didn’t

    By S on 10.24.2015

  20. no one can see my blood on the brinks
    from where you pushed me down
    on the sidewalk in front of your complex.

    maybe you’ll shove me down harder this time
    and my teeth with stand out
    leaving a trail of breadcrumbs
    for me to follow later.

    By Naomi Tomlin on 10.24.2015

  21. Cervene cihly s porovitymi dirkami jako spatne zbarveny cedar lezi na parcele a cekaji na svuj ukol. Jen lezi a cekaji.

    By Ziidgaa on 10.24.2015

  22. Bricks fill my vision. Will it be possible to scale this wall? I slot my fingers into crumbling mortar at chin-level, scrabble with my feet. No good. Perhaps if I take a running leap?

    By Sara on 10.24.2015

  23. It was a foggy night and you couldn’t tell unless you had eyes. Brick a smart young boy wondered how people without eyes came along. didn’t they run into walls, and how did they know how to talk to pople. They will never know what they look like.

    By John Hurt on 10.24.2015

  24. The liquor store had a brick facade, I tried to count them all while I was waiting for mum. That was our Friday routine; she’d pick me up from school, hand me a bag of dill pickle chips, and then we’d scoot down to the Lou’s Liquor on 8th (Lou’s had the best deals on Friday’s), and I’d wait for her in the car, counting bricks.

    By BeccaJean URL on 10.24.2015

  25. She walked along, careful her heels didn’t slip into the cracks between the bricks. She was very conscious of her teetering. There wasn’t a way to look graceful walking on old roads in new shoes. Brushing her hair back, she looked up towards the end of the stretch of road. God. So far away.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.24.2015

  26. Bricks make homes, they also make borders. They are thrown and can hurt. They give jobs to many in my country. There is always fire in which the bricks are tempered. They are born out of fire.

    By appleby on 10.24.2015

  27. near the bhatta at bhatta chowk a lone woman in a red dress tried to catch a lift in the midle of the night. hours flew by but noone stopped for her. a car stopped some 10 yeard behind her. she glaced back. the cars head light beamed twice. she moved toward it and stopped next to the driving door.

    By Ghazi Sikander Mirza on 10.24.2015

  28. BHatta is the place where bricks are ovened in Pakistan.

    By Ghazi Sikander Mirza on 10.24.2015

  29. bricks of a house i may never see
    if i continue on like this who knows what may become of me
    family, children, weddings
    it’s all a concept
    or a mission if i choose to except it
    shall ii wait
    or shall i go and discover the bricks of this new perception

    By cxndice URL on 10.24.2015

  30. The closed store is set to reopen and set to life a bright awray of colorful people all showing signs of how to help the healing bricks down by the pond. The people that are showcasing their own and the people showing supporting the issues revolving the importance of bricks. Bricks are thinkers, doers, and overdoers, and they show cased their thoughts and emotions on the precident day to be reopen. The healing bricks down by the pond show their own people that buildings are important, but people who dare to venture into the closed store after hours, are shown clips and slideshows of the Rocks, paper, and scissors, used to create the store. The store only sells to vibrant divison symbols looking to show up to the pond while using the bricks as boats, the scissors as a fishing pole, and the paper as the bait to catch more bricks to use on the closed store’s refurbishments. The closed store waits for more operturnities for the store to turn into a beautiful skyscraper.

    By Max Tajdini URL on 10.24.2015

  31. There are houses built with brikcs, but also people named after them, in my language that is. Bricks are made in all kinds of colours and sizes. They are in different sorts, there’s actually a whole industry of them. But more I can’t say.

    By Sam URL on 10.24.2015

  32. heavily set into place
    one at a time
    red where my knuckles hit

    By Eva on 10.24.2015

  33. There was a pile of them right there in front of him. He stared down at them solemnly. The town was trashed by the new tourists. It wasn’t uncommon to find piles of rubble around in random places on the streets in their neighborhood now. He wondered if he should be worried that he was becoming too complacent towards their new alien overlords. Morty decided to shrug the thought off and continued on his way towards school.

    By Crizzy URL on 10.24.2015