April 2nd, 2014

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67 Responses to “overt”

  1. if you but showed yourself,
    even in the glimmer of apathy
    you cast the world behind,

    as if doing so would dazzle
    retinas more than identical minds
    crammed within fearful mouths and
    moths… suns too heavy a temptation.

    (Take one look, and “broken” becomes
    collective knowledge… why hide it behind
    paper wings and hearts?)

    By Pandatry on 04.02.2014

  2. Everything is out in the open…everything is so conspicuous..
    There are no hidden meanings. I can see clearly through all of the bullshit. Everyone thinks that I don’t see what’s going on, fuck you. I’m not a an ignorant lump of carbon like most humans.

    By bbb on 04.02.2014

  3. Overt is an unfamiliar word to me. I looked it up and it meant open and observable, not hidden. I am not overt.

    By Crystal on 04.02.2014

  4. There was once an over I have no idea what it is but it had just come to mind I was put into deep though so I imagined myself fighting some warriors to get to know what overt is. I still lie hear unsure what it is. As I am progressing with age I ask myself what is this I convert to budhism. I am and old man now and now here is the end.

    By Roberto Jaimes URL on 04.02.2014

  5. People all around, chatter fills the air like how fireworks fill the sky. With all these people and with all this noise, no one will notice. I stare intently at him, and he reciprocates but in a more gentle and poised manner. So inviting. He starts to walk towards me and all of a sudden I’m petrified, I avert my gaze, the floor is comforting. I look up and he’s standing in front, and I realize that I’m the only one he sees. His face inches closer to mine and he leans in. A kiss?


    Chatter stops, heads turn.


    Slander. Harmful words expunge from the mouths of others. A mother covers her innocent child’s eyes.

    Hold. Even longer.

    People are livid. They think of ways to cause us harm, making judgmental accusations about us.


    Forced back into reality. Our eyes still lock with each others as we come apart. The chatter resumes and heads turn away. Normalcy is reestablished, and for now our fantasy on hold.

    By stimjim on 04.02.2014

  6. Overt, is covert. There it is, ladies and gentlemen.

    By Lydia Kate on 04.02.2014

  7. There you go again, Ev. Using these words that no one knows.
    What? Overt is a normal word!
    Tom, have you ever heard anyone say overt before?
    Yeah, like over, or under, what’s the big deal?
    See, that’s proof right there.

    By Will Brush on 04.03.2014

  8. My brother’s overt hostility that day was frightening. I thought we were having a pleasant time, but suddenly he was angry and mean and threatening to call the police. It could have been that he thought I’d insulted his wife. His wife is a bitch. But I hadn’t said that. All I’d done was to ask him, nicely enough, if he could keep her from visiting our mother. Suddenly, his rage was boiling over and he wasn’t trying to hide anything.

    By RebeccaZuvedru on 04.03.2014

  9. In that place, where the stench of alcohol mingled with the bitter smell of spilt blood, she watched as the crowd descended into a melle of mangled limbs and swinging fists. She had lived through civil war in Beirut but she had never witnessed such overt violence as this. Habiba slid behind the nearest door and fumbled for her phone as smashed glasses ripped at flesh and grown men tore chunks off ears and arms with their own teeth.

    By bb333 on 04.03.2014

  10. One world is enough for all of us.

    One word for today is overt. It’s like over with an extra tee.

    I’d rather be a pervert than overt.

    What is overt anyway? It’s obvious, n’est-ce pas?

    It’s how do you say? I don’t know.

    This has been a paid advert by me.

    By michaelbuzz on 04.03.2014

  11. what te heklms is this shirjdjfjfjfjfjfj fjfjfjfjfjfjf fjfjfjfjfjfjf jfjfjfjfjfj

    By bof URL on 04.03.2014

  12. The boss and his secretary were having an affair. Although they didn’t want it to be common knowledge their overt behaviour made it impossible not to be noticed.

    By Alexandra on 04.03.2014

  13. just the idea makes me think of the past in accordance with the future and the circular motion of of a chain reaction its a twisty thing and circular all the same and yet it always comes back again the same yet different with new experiences yet some how all the same. to live is to experience the very meaning.

    By wolf on 04.03.2014

  14. If it is to be real,
    What will come tomorrow?
    Oh the horror
    Im continuing my walk,
    Through the wall
    My destination lies
    With the ease of a grin
    I could retard
    I could retreat
    But what’s it worth then? A penny?
    It kills, reading between the lines
    Glaring back at the words in our minds
    The ones sporting strange looks from across the street, yes
    Conversing with people we love
    Nitpicking every inconsistency,
    Engulfing ourselves
    A distasteful image to behold
    The same shit happens
    The cycle repeats
    Just like dawn and dusk
    It compels us
    It completes

    By J on 04.03.2014

  15. How does the Indian constitution protects the right of children, women, minorities and weaker section.

    By Praveen on 04.03.2014

  16. everyday the people that you meet,do not apply to this word. People are the opposite. I am not an overt person, I strive not to be until trust has been established.

    By Crystal Bowers on 04.03.2014

  17. i asked,
    “what is the meaning of this?”
    he pointed.
    Stern in his disposition.
    it’s black and white.
    No ifs,
    No ands,
    No butts.
    as it is clear.
    What more could you ask.
    I said nothing.

    By NuSol URL on 04.03.2014

  18. Sometimes, things aren’t so obvious. There is art is subtlety. Women respond to subtlety more overtly than men, especially in romance. Men are more direct. But men are better at subtlety.

    By Dave Schools URL on 04.03.2014

  19. I wasn’t overtly sure what I was doing, but I had promised him I’d do it, so here I was about to jump off the building, so safety net this time.

    By kirsty on 04.03.2014

  20. I overt my attention away from the beautiful sunset to turn to my boyfriend. “it’s wonderful isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded. He smiled down at me with his handsome face and planted a kiss on my lips.

    By bobbyjoelikesapples URL on 04.03.2014

  21. It was right there on his face, laid out easy and simple like cards on a table. But this wasn’t easy or simple, and he’s better than me at cards.

    By Kylie on 04.03.2014

  22. It had been years since he had experienced such overt flirting. He racked his brain, still trying to look dignified as he did so. Ah yes. The last time this had happened, he had been some silly schoolboy who very openly wore his heart upon his sleeve, declaring love when he didn’t even know what it felt like.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.03.2014

  23. c-
    one letter

    By katiekieran URL on 04.03.2014

  24. Overt. Never heard of that word before. Makes me think of Overtime, overture. Being French, it also makes me think of Ouvert, missing the u of course. I am now curious to look it up and use it in my daily vocabulary.

    By Janick on 04.03.2014

  25. Over shmovert
    who cares
    not I said the dog
    etc. etc.
    I’m not feeling too creative this morning

    By Hank on 04.03.2014

  26. I’ll bury you in ink, because all stories have a close
    line pages on your spine, fill veins with blood made of prose.
    no bookmark, dog-eared corner can deny, forsake, suspend
    I’ll turn you into writing, to remind myself: the end.

    By Carly URL on 04.03.2014

  27. His mind is so open to information, knowledge an ideas. he is the epitome of overt. he boldly speaks his mind and truly does not care what people think about it. overt is charming with some people. completely open and completely free. it’s an enviable quality.

    By lisa on 04.03.2014