December 5th, 2015

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39 Responses to “normal”

  1. this time let’s us think that life is normal…. although
    life is hard; and time is so fast; our knowledge is just with technologies… so why we see that’s normal but in reality we see it’s not normal hhh @___@

    By maiss on 12.05.2015

  2. Normal. That’s all everything ever was. The day was normal. The food was normal. The clothes were normal. Everything. If I had known it would be this boring, I wouldn’t have left home.

    By Nikki on 12.05.2015

  3. Be Normal, hastily scrawled across a yellowing sticky note. It was stuck on the underside of the decrepit book. A decrepit book that she still loved. Just like she still loved the man who put hastily scrawled, yellowing sticky notes, on her decrepit books.

    By Lily URL on 12.05.2015

  4. wHAT IS AVERAGE…those perceived to be like most. However normal is different things to different people. Different areas of the world make it very clear. Normal..??

    By MyrnaRaile on 12.05.2015

  5. everything has changed. i miss normal, but i’m embracing today. it’s all i can do.

    By elly.paige URL on 12.05.2015

  6. I kissed her in the harsh way that he had hated and I knew what I was doing was wrong but it felt right and that couldn’t be noraml . to want to make him jelios and still want to make her moan. It fusterated me

    By kaeli URL on 12.05.2015

  7. I thisted for a moment just a moment I could break from the aching mold that had conformed me in his pressence it was fearful and invigorating. His hand they knew things, the things that I wanted to know that his lips would tell me

    By kaeli URL on 12.05.2015

  8. The woman in the butterfly scarf shifts impatiently from foot to foot as the checkout girl punches buttons and meets her gaze long enough to inquire about her well being. “How are you doing today, Ma’am?” “Oh better than normal,” she says placing a stack of tuna six cans high on the conveyor belt. I watch she scurries out with the bag boy, scanning the cart one last time, placing one hand gently on the 18-count extra large egg carton that rests just on top and to the side of everything else. I wish silently for her that her “normal” days would hold just a little more joy, a little more wonder, so that the better than normal ones would be the rule and not just the exception.

    By Angel Gage URL on 12.05.2015

  9. like ice and like sunday morning and like hating some one that I once loved, non of it was out of the picture out of mind or thought I had degraded these disgraces to a normal way of things.

    By kaeli stephens URL on 12.05.2015

  10. nothing is, every thing is. its beating on curiosity it’s pushing hard on the boundries it’s pulsating its mean and yet it’s like soft hot intamacy

    By kaeli stephens URL on 12.05.2015

  11. Blond curled locks and ripped blouse she stared in the mirror. “Good enough” “okay” “tempting” she screamed in her mind that she was not these things she was more so much more but sarah walked by, “you like being normal?”

    By kaeli stephens URL on 12.05.2015

  12. Can’t we just go back to the way things were, and everything returns to normal?

    No. We can’t. Because we weren’t normal in the first place.

    We had dreams that didn’t fit right in boxes, hopes that had to be tied down by strings and ropes or else they would drift away. We sang songs where the words trailed off into non-sequiturs, and the prayers we made weren’t to any gods, but to ourselves.

    We can’t go back to the way things were because if we tried, it’d be forced and hackneyed. This is who we are now.

    We ARE normal.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.05.2015

  13. What’s normal for me is not normal for you. I find milk and cereal normal for breakfast and you…you prefer eggs, toast, and a cup of coffee. I go quietly about my day thinking and writing and you…you prefer to watch TV and talk with your siblings.

    By Anonymous on 12.05.2015

  14. Builds up
    wave-like –
    silent grit &

    the taste just
    kisses my lips,
    while others, I
    purse & pucker
    at the hit
    of it

    We go from
    normal to
    of seas
    in a breath &

    the undertow
    strips me down
    to my bones
    brittle & tired
    of holding on

    to such anger.

    By dinamspice URL on 12.05.2015

  15. It’s a normal thing now, the crack of lightening between my fingertips. It jumps quickly and comfortably, burning the piece of paper I hold in my hand. I will not pay a fine.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.05.2015

  16. i always thought that i was normal. it wasn’t until the day at the party that i wasn’t. that there was something terribly wrong with me that would ensure that i could never ever be normal. i was never normal. i was always their machine.

    By Maddie on 12.05.2015

  17. white, opaque, filled with marbles, and packing peanuts. not me.

    By cat on 12.05.2015

  18. i think its great to be normal but sometimes it is unusual these days. It seems it is hard to find people who are simply just normal. I also use this word quite often to describe a person.

    By tera on 12.05.2015

  19. callate guey. no manches

    By lydia on 12.05.2015

  20. c’est trop normal. ce que je veux, c’est une vie bizarre, et très amusante.

    By lilporkchawp URL on 12.05.2015

  21. What is normal? Who wants to be normal? Normal was made to keep us from going places others are not comfortable with. Don’t be normal.

    By Caroline on 12.05.2015

  22. This one’s easy. It’s peculiar that a word with which I have so much trouble should

    By Ruth Minkov on 12.05.2015

  23. some that is not extra ordinary or too different from other things. another word for normal can also be common or something that’s fine.

    By aaron augustine URL on 12.06.2015

  24. hi guys

    By aaron augustine URL on 12.06.2015

  25. Normal? Is your life always normal? Isn’t that boring? No new adventures, no experiences, no craziness! I would definitely not want that kind of “normal” life

    By Anirudh Murali on 12.06.2015

  26. I only wish what normal is like but I am sure I am not it. As a matter of fact, I think that there really is not such thing as normal becuase where would be be if normal existed. I enjoy me in all my beautiful splendor.

    By trkstr67 URL on 12.06.2015

  27. It’s was as normal as homemade apple pie, depending on how you treated said item. Which assumes the fabric of space and time are not warped, by perversions or inversions, and the general definition for logical use, in this case consumption or throwing it away, was observed by all who chanced upon it.

    That would be an example of normal.

    Perfect as a Target commercial or stream lined like an Apple product.

    But this America, where the definitions range, even if the strange is banal or at worst horrific and sometimes the definitions of banal and horrific to have a way of meeting when history reveals the faces of evil. Still at least their not chopping off all the heads of animals some teenage boy has defiled before hanging him, because you know what’s normal for the Old Testment, right?

    It’s a trip. This new normal. Every moment where the laws of physics don’t implode or reverse themselves. Each moment that your still alive to still appreciate these facts that is.

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.06.2015

  28. fellow mortals
    how normal differs from each one of each
    the degree to which we are accustomed to consider something as normal
    something familiar
    something which we feel secure knowing about

    By Raphaelle on 12.06.2015

  29. Normalcy is in the windowsill,
    two cats and a novella later,
    chai stains in the wood and
    a blanket with a wolf pack
    howling to a yellow moon.
    Normalcy is one load of laundry,
    one reflection in every window
    after dusk, and one month between
    each existential crises,
    because life is slipping away faster
    and death seems to be approaching
    slower, not even worth a greeting –
    until he’s in the room hulking
    as a reminder from someone’s casket.

    Perhaps ‘normalcy’ is simply
    the distraction between each
    lifetime and the scales
    which weigh its value.

    By Pandatry URL on 12.06.2015

  30. normal is what they all want you to be. if you set yourself apart, then what is good? what is true? for them everything must fall into one line, must fall under one name, else all is lost. they don’t want to wonder what sets them apart, for there is nothing. they abide by the laws of others, and they hate nothing more than to see a free man. they are slaves to normal, and they wish you shared their master.

    By St Vitus URL on 12.06.2015

  31. She was just an ordinary girl with a normal life and a stereotypical suburban family.

    While I was a sore thumb, sticking out in places I shouldn’t be noticed in.

    By Randompeepur URL on 12.06.2015

  32. “She’s never going to be normal, Katie.” He watched her eyes flash with pain.
    “Don’t say that, Jason. Don’t. Do not talk about my daughter like that.”
    “Oh, your daughter. I see.”
    “Stop it.”
    “No, no, I just want to make sure I understand, because she’s YOUR daughter. Not OUR daughter.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.06.2015

  33. Coincidence enough, a screening of the SOCIAL NORM was very normal. Filmmaking with straight forward techniques. Does it want to excel?

    By daniel URL on 12.06.2015

  34. Ha. Normal. As if. “Normal” is a myth. How can you go around saying everyone is unique and special in their own way and still call people “normal”? It’s fucking ridiculous.

    By SkittlesTheUnicorn on 12.06.2015

  35. Like laying down for a catnap in a shaft of sunlight, a slit in the blinds of west facing window, the ordinary imbued the scene with peace and order. Dust motes existed like they had for a millennia before and possibly as they would continue to do for the rest of eternity. It seemed a normal routine for a lazy Sunday. But what’s to come of all the dreams? Did he idly sit by and wonder if he ever appeared in any of them, he didn’t dare risk the hope that somewhere in the subconscious was a stubborn streak that wouldn’t let him go. So he went back to scribbling in his notebook about the laws of nature and the logical reasons behind a system of classification. Applied knowledge: simple, straightforward, unlike the dreams he often pondered.

    By Intuition URL on 12.06.2015

  36. Normality is something undervalued. being the average joe, being ‘normal’, being unextraordinary, isn’t a crime. One need not strive to be abnormal to stand out and be successful. Normal is also a type of Pokemon. Like Clefairy? No wait.

    By Vanessa Ng on 12.06.2015

  37. This is quite normal. Being normal is really subjective. What can we define as normal? Is it really normal just because we think about what others will say when we do something? Or do we only do something that we justify as normal even though it may not be agreed upon? What is normal?

    By Joshua on 12.06.2015

  38. MY face was covered in pimples and scars. MY arms were hairy. MY voice was raspy as if I had a neverending cough. Why ME?
    All i’ve ever wanted is to be NORMAL – normal like the girls who had long wavy coffee colored hair, not like me with ebony hair blacker than a midnight winter sky, normal like the girls with slender legs sculpted with years of ballet so appealing next to my chunky “too muscular” thighs, normal like the girls with dainty curved eyebrows so thin in comparison to mine, so thick and caterpillar-like.

    By kaola URL on 12.06.2015

  39. am i normal? no. that is the short answer to it, there is no way for any of to be normal. Has anyone ever defined the word normal? no. It is a completely arbitrary idea with positive connotations meaning any one outside of the so called norm is shunned from our completely abnormal society.

    By Saranya URL on 12.06.2015