December 6th, 2015

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57 Responses to “channel”

  1. I watch television all the time. I watch it constantly and there are many channels on my guide. The show I choose to watch the most is Breaking Bad. I love Breaking Bad.

    By Blake on 12.07.2015

  2. the boat went up the channel to unload all its junk
    the couple sat kissing and changing the t.v. channel

    By i am crazy URL on 12.07.2015

  3. I watch TV, there are many channels, usually that’s what i watch, there is a perfume names CHANEL, umm TV hockey games are on channel 1400 and 400

    By Lucas on 12.07.2015

  4. He changed the channel, at once unhappy with what was on.
    “Why can’t you just make a choice?” She whined.
    He wished he could change the channel on his relationship. Yet, he didn’t say anything. He knew if he did change the channel, he would at once be unhappy with what was on.

    By Lily on 12.07.2015

  5. the channel slitting from the top of my arm
    runs a wild water of blood which rushes to my hand;
    a blooming sun, no, its a moon,
    no a sun,
    whichever gleam the sky chooses to set down upon me
    conforms my day to what it should be.
    I walk forward with my Ray-ban pupil-protectors on!

    By Milad URL on 12.07.2015

  6. i was channel surfing when i found an awesome channel and wanted to join it and i had just won a million bucks and wasted it all

    By D.A.T guy on 12.07.2015

  7. Channeling your energy into a positive cause can be an immersively rewarding experience. For people who aspire to make others laugh and to spread positive vibes, they can create a Youtube channel. Jackie Chan

    By Vanessa on 12.07.2015

  8. I’m the type of person that would channel surf, I like to find racing, cooking, talk shows, whatever you can find im there watching it. Maybe a little back rub, and and ice cold beer would hit the spot, maybe some nachos, with a little guacamole. And a blanket with the fire on… Maybe the beer would be too cold… I might have to stick with a hot chocolate.

    By Devon on 12.07.2015

  9. I LOVE to watch Family Channel. It is the best channel ever. It has so many of my favorite shows!
    Some of my favorite shows on Family Channel are ”Austin and Ally,” ”The Next Step,” ”K.C Undercover,” ”Jessie” and ”I didn’t Do It.” They are so so funny and some of the guy actors are kind of hot ;) But they make me LOL! They are so hilarious, smart and stupid ! :P They are really super goofy, well some of them anyways! When I watch those shows I like to have some munchies to munch on while I watch. I like to munch on chips, crackers, candy, fishy crackers and popcorn!

    By Faith on 12.07.2015

  10. “Could you change the channel please? I don’t want to know how old monkeys are when they start to go hunting.” Luke said, talking to Michael who wasn’t even paying attention to what was on the television screen.

    By LeA Jean on 12.07.2015

  11. Channels. There are many variations of this word. It could mean a body of water, a TV program, to gain energy from something and many other meanings. I’m now trying to channel my creativity to produce a piece on this interesting channel of communication.

    By Joshua on 12.07.2015


    By Vanessa on 12.07.2015

  13. The stream channels all the water down to the pool at the base of the mountain.

    Changing the channels, constantly flickering between different glowing faces. Each face different but with the same halo of colored lights.

    By Jack Attack on 12.07.2015

  14. mental radio waves
    transmitting lengths of
    what words will convey
    all i’m trying to say?
    too many nights
    alone with faded dreams
    leave me lost

    By katiekieran URL on 12.07.2015

  15. I can channel my inner good fairy by helping my friends, being kind to them and helping them find the magic in their lives. It’s not hard to bring something mystical and inspirational to others by just finding this in your own life and sharing it whenever you can. Channeling one’s inner self is such a gift – one we’d also like to receive.

    By Debbie on 12.07.2015

  16. When we hurt and when all emotions arise, words are the only representation through which we can channel pain. But yet like water reflection, we can see it, but cannot grasp it. The channeling of what we feel, an attempt to represent, through the tangible system we call language, is merely but a facade. An implicit failure that illustrates humankind’s inability to ever truly channel emotions and thought into comprehensive representations. Because ultimately, that’s what everything in this world is, representations of something we are never able to truly completely perceive or apprehend. We can only channel, nothing more.

    By Gan Sujia on 12.07.2015

  17. A nostalgic part of me misses Liquid Television as a thing you actually had to tune into, but do I hate on-demand media? Not all, and how can ya when it’s so handy, so instantly gratifying. In line with the joy of new wave, I also don’t miss having to navigate an endless sea of commercial ventures either.

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.07.2015