May 31st, 2015

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46 Responses to “mighty”

  1. Absolute strength. I believe when someone is mighty it means they have both strength and confidence in their own strength. It might even be possible with enough confidence you can be mighty. Everyone has the potential to be mighty but it’s whether or not they can achieve this. Not an easy feat for everyone. But we can struggle and try, with all our might.

    By Jeremy on 06.01.2015

  2. His thoughts are so much higher than ours and His ways are greater than ours. He is utter perfection where we are just beings made of mistakes and misjudgments. His love is endless and pure, but our hate tries, without fail, to match this. He died on the Cross for sins, knowing we may never love Him back, because He loves us so much. How can such a mighty king love us so?

    By ShortTay on 06.01.2015

  3. Mighty Him.
    Mighty Her.
    Mighty Us.

    Unrivaled strength. Unbreakable bond. Love.

    A feeling so mighty.

    By Jeremy on 06.01.2015

  4. She has a mighty need for excellence within herself. A mighty need to impress those she admires, the ones who’ve made an impact. A mighty need to feel recognized and saved from her isolation and lack of self-worth.

    By writing novice on 06.01.2015

  5. an almighty storm
    that I don’t know how to weather
    is raging inside me

    a cocktail of hormones and delight and anxiety

    and butterflies are beautiful so why do we name the lightning in my stomach after them?

    I’m never going to be as mighty as the rain
    (though these tears are coming to close to rivalling it)
    so I wish the thunder would just stop

    that my mind, the sky, would clear

    and that the storm would pass

    By Pearl on 06.01.2015

  6. He was mighty and powerful, mighty powerful but slowly over time his might and his power waned and he became incompetent and powerless and then useless.

    By Steve O URL on 06.01.2015