September 20th, 2014

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50 Responses to “merciful”

  1. God is merciful. He gives mercy to those who don’t deserve it.

    By Krystle R. on 09.20.2014

  2. i forgive you, out of revenge. my mercy is malice. i forget in order to remember. i want you to be healed so that the pain becomes eternal.

    By dominguez URL on 09.20.2014

  3. We stood there, me completely still, him trembling against my gaze. I mentally scoffed, what a coward. I’m not a merciful being, and will slice without a second thought, as i was trained to do. But he makes me want to rethink that.

    By meagan URL on 09.20.2014

  4. Merciful. I’ve never felt that I understood the meaning of the word until I saw the glint off the knife in that alley. I was on the other side of the coin now and I was praying for him to be merciful. Coward. That’s what I thought in my head. But I moved forward anyway.

    By Jim on 09.20.2014

  5. Oh, how our God is merciful. He is worthy of all praise. I, Caleb, am willing to admit that and wanting to shout it from the highest mountain tops. I want everyone to know what he has done for me. He has forgiven the unforgivable. I deserve to die for driving drunk and killing that girl…but because of Him, I am saved.

    By Rachel on 09.20.2014

  6. Perspective.

    By Intuition on 09.20.2014

  7. First thought goes directly to god. Like ‘he/she’ has a choice whether to be merciful or not. I do hope not, because he would clearly therefore be a merciless being. Merciful suggests to me the idea that someone could be merciless. I don’t like the word, either of them, merciful or merciless – one human with power over another..

    By Holly on 09.20.2014

  8. God is mercirful!!
    We should be merciful.

    By jonathas on 09.20.2014

  9. you’ve got me begging
    be merciful to me and
    we’ll both be happy

    By tones8 on 09.20.2014

  10. It wasn’t kindness, or justice, really.

    The queen’s lips touched my forehead, and by her mercy I was doomed.

    By Aiffe Amarante on 09.20.2014

  11. Merciful God, deliver me from this pit I have been thrown into. And by pit, I truly and literally mean an actual pit. Seriously, some dickhats decided to push me into this thing, and there’s no way I can climb out without assistance. Not to mention my phone’s dead, and obviously, there isn’t an outlet to plug my charger in. I’m pretty sure I sprained an ankle in the fall, and at this point, I turn to you, o’ great pitying Deity. Help me out, will you?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.20.2014

  12. never relax
    or apologize
    or forgive

    mercy is a myth
    coined by fools like you and I
    meant to dupe us into believing there is such a thing as sorry

    sorry loses meaning when you mistake pain for freedom.

    By montse on 09.20.2014

  13. Oh let the night be merciful to me. Tired doesn’t begin to do the way my bones and tissues feel right now. Doesn’t even begin. I wish I could walk down to the lake and soak away, wash away, the weariness in my deepest crevices that bubbles up from my darkest parts.

    By Lena on 09.20.2014

  14. I wish he had merciful eyes, just then. I fonly for that, I would have been okay. But no. The universe is rarely so kind. So I fell into the pool of stardust wishing for only one thing before the end of my existence: mercy.

    By Annie on 09.20.2014

  15. please have mercy i begged, on my knees in front of the duke of England, i had no idea what to do i wasn’t supposed to be here, i was supposed to be in France right now performing for the queen but instead i was about to die at the hands of a murderer…

    By Emma URL on 09.20.2014

  16. What was wrong with me?

    He was a witness. He had no compunctions about telling the police who the killer was. I had no blackmail on him. But I did not get him out of the way. My hands shook, and I surprised myself – I made an irrational choice. He would live.

    It did not line up with my morality, and I was just as discomfited by it as I would have been were I a vegan practising cannibalism.

    By a terrible poet on 09.20.2014

  17. There was little truth to the phrase merciful death. Not for him. Never for him. Each death near him, he was aware of. Each cease of breath, each last beat of a heart. He’d feel their life as it would slip right from their bodies

    By Jesse B on 09.20.2014

  18. He looked down on the crowd below, maddened by fear and fever. Only the few had been chosen to survive, and they were caged here in their high rise prisons. How long would this go on? he wondered. Which of them would die out first? – The sickened or the sane?
    He actually found himself wondering if a quick end would not be more merciful for both of them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.20.2014

  19. Sinnie scowled behind her helmet, thankful that none of the civilians could see her indecision. They weren’t entirely civilians, was the thing. They were trainees in an enemy camp. But new ones, still relatively harmless. Still young with plenty of life left to live, if it hadn’t been taken away by this endless war.

    “Don’t hesitate, private Dashan,” A voice crackled in on Sinnie’s earpiece, her commanding officer about twenty paces away. “You can’t let them tell their friends how merciful we are. They’ll see us as weak. Come on, you know this.”

    Sinnie shook her head in silent denial, gesturing with the nose of her gun to usher their captives into a nearby stockroom. “Mercy is not the same as weakness,” She muttered, mostly to keep her own resolve than to go against her orders. “Besides, they’re more useful to us alive than dead. We can bargain with them or even train them for ourselves.” The new prisoners of war seemed just as frightened as they had been staring down the barrel of death, but at least for now nobody was in danger.

    The CO grunted his reluctant approval, knowing the new recruits wouldn’t keep their virtuosity much longer.

    By floppybelly URL on 09.20.2014

  20. Keep me alive, you NEED me, PLEASE! I swear to you I can be useful, I can help you, I’ll do anything you ask of me just please, please don’t do this! You can’t just throw me away like this!

    By Mikaela URL on 09.20.2014

  21. “Don’t be so cruel, Charles,” she whispered, putting a careful hand on his shoulder. He shook her off with a force greater than he intended to. Margaret sunk back, her feelings hurt.
    “I wasn’t sent here to be merciful,” he growled. His anger grew by the second, the mere sight of the boy bringing back memories of the past he had yet to work through.
    Mercy was for the weak, the unwounded. Mercy was for the people that had not felt betrayal or pain. Mercy was for those that still believed that humanity had that sliver of hope, and he, for one, was not buying that any longer.

    By Ashley Polasek on 09.20.2014

  22. he was merciful, even though he knew jack didn’t deserve it. they were best mates in their childhood though, so he gave him mercy and let him go free.

    By margo on 09.20.2014

  23. “Please,” Luhan muttered, tears grouping in the corners of eyes until they spilled over. “Please, Minseok-”

    “Please what?” Minseok retorted, arms crossed over his chest. “What do you want, Han? You want mercy? Forgiveness? What makes you think you deserve either of those things?”

    “I was just trying-” Luhan began, trailing off when Minseok’s expression darkened further. “I didn’t mean for things to get so out of hand.”

    By Emily on 09.20.2014

  24. If I wasn’t some sort of demon, I might have been merciful– I wasn’t a god, I was a monster and was proud of it. I didn’t have to listen to anyone- anyone, and that meant mum and dad too. What did they even know? They’d always kept themselves locked up in the hive as if that would help anything or anybody.

    By Iggy on 09.20.2014

  25. Sometimes you find that the people who are supposed to be merciful really aren’t. Parent, clergy, friends – none of them seem to give the understanding and support that they should. But the one person who is merciful, who looks past your errors, will always be there for you.

    By Sandra URL on 09.20.2014

  26. Some cops are merciful while others are not so graceful with their duties.

    By kaitlin on 09.20.2014

  27. O great merciful cathedral,
    dark in my mind, but gray in being–
    My voice sounds so different.
    An echo in practice.

    Why may not I hear,
    what others do? Curse, fortune?
    Was I alone chosen to hear
    the gospel of myself?

    By ggravendust on 09.20.2014

  28. I always hated the term. Merciful. It never ever seemed to portray any mercy. Their merciful fate? you know what that means? It means it was not what they were looking for. It means they had to settle.

    By Chelsee Brunson on 09.20.2014

  29. i was merciul, you were not. i loved you, you did not. i guess i never quite understood why you didnt love you, never saw things from your point o view. its so hard to see things as others see them, maybe thats why you dont see you as i see you.

    By victoria on 09.20.2014

  30. Please keep going. Give yourself more credit than you think you ought. If anyone deserves mercy, it’s you.

    By Kitto on 09.20.2014

  31. Those who are merciful are not necessarily greater than those who aren’t.

    To present mercy is to show compassion for an individual, but I feel like most times it is out of pity, and it is not entirely selfless.

    This is a relentless exercise, but one could argue that it is merciful because it is allowing me to get my mind going which will only benefit me later.

    By Zachary Lopossa on 09.20.2014

  32. The god was by no means merciful, but he had survived with only one missing limb and he could ask for no more. The deity was supposed to be watching his every move and even if he knew about this, it still made him slightly uncomfortable to be watched. He was supposed to retrieve the golden helmet, which in his mind, was completely stupid. Metal was a very flexible metal and it would definitely not protect anyone wearing it. But when the god heard his argument, he had just rolled his beautiful black eyes and ripped off the his arm.

    By Flesh on 09.20.2014

  33. Please be merciful father. You don’t know how much it hurts when you whip me, when you tell me I am worthless, when you blame me for your own failures. Please, I am only six years old. The baby is crying. Mother is in the closet. Why is this happening? Why don’t you love me? Please stop.

    By nothing on 09.20.2014

  34. Running through the empty field; all Peter could think about was how he had been set free from what he now believed to be his wort nightmare. The only problem was that he could not remember what exactly that was.

    By Josh Potgieter on 09.21.2014

  35. Reaching down, she slipped long fingers into matted tresses and yanked until she could gaze into clouded blue eyes. “Aren’t I merciful, my pet?” she crooned, her words a venom coated caress.
    “Y-” her voice broke, hoarse from screaming, and so she tried again, “Yes, mistress,” she croaked.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.21.2014

  36. i swear it’ll be the last time, please believe, i don’t intend to cause any more harm you have to put faith in me or else i will lose my religion, so help me, i beg you to allow it for one more moment before i can begin to repent

    By berenique on 09.21.2014

  37. are we still just the products of our circumstances? or can we be something more? kneel on our knees and plead at the sky to be softer on our skins, for the rocky hail to become water on our parched lips, feeding our bones, rocking us gently to sleep on our rooftops?

    By sunnysuraj on 09.21.2014

  38. The world has shown me mercy, but I have never shown myself any. When I charge into this game of conversational-chess, I always place myself at a disadvantage.

    Never have I given myself the upperhand.

    By Iceman on 09.21.2014

  39. I don’t really know how to use this word because I haven’t come across this word very often. I wouldn’t say anyone around me is particularly merciful. It’s a foreign word to me.

    By Diana on 09.21.2014

  40. there’s no way out, no way to reverse what was done to them. what i did. i have to say i did, i have to.
    no way out, no way to turn back time. i did wrong, now so will they. it’s the expected cycle of things – isn’t it?
    i’m sitting on the floor. can’t stand up. no energy. i think there’s blood flowing from my shoulder. oh.
    that can’t be right.

    By Sky on 09.21.2014