May 19th, 2015

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62 Responses to “interest”

  1. “I didn’t think you had an interest in winemaking,” I said to Vincent as we sat together near the vineyard.

    “I don’t,” Vincent scoffed. “My dad thinks I should be. He’s way into wine and fermentation these days. He wants to go back to school to learn how to do it.”

    “So why’s he dragging you into this?”

    “You know the whole ‘like father, like son’ mentality?”

    “Good lord,” I mumbled, taking another sip of mediocre Cabernet.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.19.2015

  2. Interest! the give back for monies invested. the engagement between two in dialog. being engaged in life- having a life! holding one’s attention. fascination. interaction.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.19.2015

  3. These days I find myself having more interest in the simple things. Getting away from the monotony of regularity and pursuing everything outside of ‘normal’. Those things occupy my focus a lot more and I can’t help but be completed invested. I now walk with the cohesive mentality of detachment and interest. Life is good. =]

    By JDeezyKU URL on 05.19.2015

  4. We had similar interests.
    That’s why I found myself falling for her.

    By Tanner URL on 05.19.2015

  5. Many people have lost interest in life. They are absent of hobbies, adventure and passion. I have a list of deal breaker for relationships. One of them is must have a hobby or interest outside of work and friends. It is the number one reason I abscond from relationships.

    By Joanie on 05.19.2015

  6. I am interested in a lot of things, but the biggest interest I have is in being kind. It is an interest, an obsession, and a goal. I hope that I manage to be kind to the people around me, just like I would have them do to me.

    By Maryn URL on 05.19.2015

  7. He realized his interest in her when he finished her 200,000 word novel. It was written with precision and passion, from her heart. It reflected her soul, her thoughts, and her life in general. When he flipped the last page, he knew that he loved her.

    By Maryn URL on 05.19.2015

  8. Interest, she thought, this word sounds green. Like forest, somehow. In-te-rest, fo-rest. Maybe, in its essence, it is – green, growing, like a plant, stretching us into new stems, exploding us in fresh wrinkly leaves. So that we could be bigger. Free. Like trees, she thought. Like trees. Not straight-jacketed into a body that only grows heavier, more painful, less flexible, but always having the delight of a newborn shoot, tentatively reaching into a new pocket of sky, feeling the new wind, hearing new stories from passing birds.

    By tirlich on 05.19.2015

  9. My interests vary greatly. For one, I love Ed Sheeran. I also love Victoria’s Secret. Bioshock is another, and that one surprises most people. You can never know someone’s interests just by looking at them – some things may surprise you.

    By Acela URL on 05.19.2015

  10. like the ccapital immeasured focal points of inane hopes of acquisition. It could be in a bank or swirling about a lover’s irises, but interestingly enough, it eludes me. I still find life to be as bleak as i always did.

    By bren on 05.19.2015

  11. Piqued, whatever that means. Pricking up one’s ears like a dog. Darting eyes, latching on. Wary, selfish beasts asserting their focus.

    By Archanza URL on 05.19.2015

  12. interest,
    into rest…
    out of rest more like.

    By themisadventuresofsluggirl on 05.19.2015

  13. “So what’s your pleasure sir?” the man inquired, his suit moving rather unnaturally as he leaned in. “ANYTHING you want…we can get it for you. Just ask.” He offered an uncomfortable smile as he locked eyes with his favorite–and wealthy–patron. “And if you’re interested in something a bit special, well…our girls are here to please.”

    “You know Michael, the Zuppa Toscana sounds really good. And please give my compliments to chef Marianne and the rest of her students. I didn’t have a chance to say so last time, but their bruschetta was absolutely amazing.”

    “Certainly sir. I’ll have some bread out to you shortly.” the man replied before heading toward the back. Mr. Jones was always such a pleasure to wait on.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 05.19.2015

  14. my eyes flicker over — and away when he looks at me too. why does he keep glancing over here? am i that obvious? head down, lips pursed, subtly flirting. oh who am I kidding? he must be interested in her. the gorgeous one, the one who could take everything and I’d thank her.

    By Julia on 05.19.2015

  15. Interest….I’ve lost myself..what are my interests?

    By Tuesday URL on 05.19.2015

  16. I am interested in the deaths
    Of small creatures
    A mouse curled up on the concrete floor
    Of my garage
    Snared in a mistake
    The fatal flaw of greed
    Reaching innocently towards the want
    The cheese
    Just out of reach
    So close

    By Kumquat URL on 05.19.2015

  17. Many things interested her and he couldn’t understand it. They were all simple, boring things like gardens and..well, actually that was it.. It was all that he could notice anyways.. Though he knew what DIDN’T interest her. Money, gossip, makeup, alcohol- all the fun things in life, he’d never seen her even look at. Why?

    By Nicole M. on 05.19.2015

  18. the interest accumulates slowly but surely, all one has to do is have the patience and fortitude to allow it. then in the end one will see the worth.

    By Chris URL on 05.19.2015

  19. interest accumulates. one must have the foresight to know and the patience to allow it.the reward will be beneficial and, well, rewarding I suppose. and maybe even interesting.

    By Chris URL on 05.19.2015

  20. She squinted, watching the shape of his mouth (bend, compress, one side twisting into a higher smile than the other) as he spoke so intently that she lost track of what he was saying.

    “Mm yeah,” she said, forcing herself to refocus. “Hot air balloons.”

    “Yeah, like stars–”

    And she was gone again, lost in the space between the two almost impossible to notice freckles on his cheek.

    By Yona URL on 05.19.2015

  21. The Jade Rabbit leaned towards me, interest glimmering in the moons of her eyes, “So what do you see, dear?”

    I studied the seven cherry blossom trees on the starry-backed, black card. “A book in a tree, it belonged to a girl I used to know ages ago. Her name was Poppy. Last name Sage. I thought it was witty to name her so, now I wonder. I do have my doubts about Poppy’s perennial endurance to withstand all. In this book, she pursued a connecting truth. I’d like to think she found it in the hopes and fears of the primitives that botherd to record their stories. But anymore when I think of her, I see dust just like tomes she researched – covered in it. They’re all shadows and dust. Talking apparitions.”

    At this unexpected admission, as I was equally unprepared for the memory of Poppy to surface too, the Jade Rabbit looked geniunely puzzled. “Are you sure this is all you see on the card?”

    “Oh, quite. The book has the voice of a lion, the scales of a dragon, and the wisdom of both the fox and salmon. It’s all there in the cycles of the tree. Although, I did consider naming her Hazel, once. Alas Hazel lacks for a sly last name. So Poppy Sage she is and forever shall be.”

    By Intuition URL on 05.19.2015

  22. It calls from deep within. It draws you out. Lures you. Makes you feel alive. The chance to explore a new experience

    By WrittenOut URL on 05.19.2015

  23. her interests are numerous and varied
    she likes to talk about them proudly, like she’s better than other people
    but still most nights
    she sits in her room
    not knowing what to do

    By katie URL on 05.19.2015

  24. I stopped being able to tell whether you were interested or you were just entertaining me out of obligation and a sense of pity. You never needed to take the time for me in the first place, and I can’t remember why you did at all. I with I could feel like I was worth your time, worth YOU, but I can’t help but think you’re better off without me, and that you feel the same way.

    By Ashi URL on 05.19.2015

  25. one word is family and a team for a company , no1 in world , all thing in one word , you can make when you one

    By ashok on 05.20.2015

  26. she shared the same interests as him. everything was amazing. he is amazing. the summer is amazing. the life they share is amazing. she misses him. alot. especially at school. because there is no one to be weird with. no one to share her thoughts with. it’s all just plain and dry. it’ll be over soon though. but she keeps missing him. just today as well. and then he’ll come home.

    By Molly URL on 05.20.2015

  27. I have a big interest in chickens. Any one else? They’re friendly, cute and pay for them selves. (They lay eggs, if you sell them you get money back which covers the cost of their food).

    By DolphinDreams URL on 05.20.2015

  28. Interesting…what is? Catch my e

    By brightstart URL on 05.20.2015

  29. What’s your interest?
    Is it off the beaten path?
    Then come inside, Friend.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 05.20.2015

  30. you need interest to like something. If you dont have

    By stacia URL on 05.20.2015

  31. I have been interested in that movie called fast and the furious 7 it is an action movie it looks really good. It

    By caleb on 05.20.2015

  32. Is a hobby that people enjoy doing like sports crafts or what ever you enjoy.

    By Kylie on 05.20.2015

  33. Interest is when the bank gives you money for putting your money in the bank.

    By Hayli on 05.20.2015

  34. want to learn about whatever what you are interested in like if it looks cool or weird.

    By gabe horlacher on 05.20.2015

  35. what you are inspired in, something you always do and you love it

    By jordan URL on 05.20.2015

  36. are you interest about buying a puppy if yeah then call this number in the bottom only $59.99 thank you and call now.

    By maria URL on 05.20.2015

  37. Interest is when someone is into something and when they really like something.When your interested in something you like it or it amazes you,you like to see it and it keeps you intertwined.

    By nikie URL on 05.20.2015

  38. My interest is football I like to play football because I can have fun playing a game I like to play.

    By austin on 05.20.2015

  39. something that you are interested in. you am interested in the movie Cry-Baby.

    By freedom on 05.20.2015

  40. The thrill was gone, had been for months. He listened to her usual soapbox speech about the ills of the world as he began to plot how to leave her.

    By Soft URL on 05.20.2015