May 19th, 2015

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62 Responses to “interest”

  1. well I’ve been playing a lot of the binding of isaac rebirth lately i finally got the golden god achievement i still have to go to the cathedral as maggie

    By caleb on 05.20.2015

  2. i am interested in softball and dance! I like hanging out with my friends and traveling to different places. My name is sophia and I am 12 years old! my favorite holiday is christmas and halloween!

    By Sophia on 05.20.2015

  3. Three little beans liked to eat cheese. They loved cheese so much that they made cheese go away. They died of starvation. Everyone cheered!!!!!! “Hooray! The beans are dead!” The beans no longer lived and became extinct. The townsfolk made more cheese and they ate it with no fear of the beans. The end.

    By Brett on 05.20.2015

  4. i have an interest in hunting and guns.I think that hunting is fun any gets you outdoors.And makes a tasty snack.

    By Ethan Owens URL on 05.20.2015

  5. It is very boring.

    By Ethan Owens URL on 05.20.2015

  6. Pickles are good. They come in many different flavors, like dill, sweet, etc.
    Pickles are one of my many favorite foods/snacks
    They go good on sandwiches and really anything else.
    If you ever get a chance to eat a pickle, I strongly suggest it

    By Kaitlynn on 05.20.2015

  7. she had no interest in finding out anything more. she knew enough. she wanted to take what she knew and burn it. she wanted it unrecognizable. ashes in the wind–scattered about the world to have a piece of what she knew without knowing it.

    By Safon URL on 05.20.2015

  8. My interest was warmed as i observed the situation more closely. I saw that it warranted more attention on my part. As i looked into the gaping maw of the beast my interest turned to fear when i realized there was no turning back. I was about to be swallowed whole by the most fearsome creature i had ever seen.

    By kc URL on 05.20.2015

  9. interest this, interest that, into rest, let it rest, sit with it, let it fill your interest. See it, taste it, touch it, look at it, receive it receive it receive it, let it rest, receive it, sit with it, take it in, focus, breathe

    By Benjie URL on 05.20.2015

  10. He watched his little brother from afar (always from afar), onyx eyes wide in interest. The interaction between him and his female friend had fascinated the dark mage ever since he had found out the younger one was still alive.

    The blonde girl seemed to ignite a passion in his eyes that Zeref hadn’t seen since their childhood. She brought life to his smile, and solidified his cheerfulness.

    Something, the dark mage admitted, that he hadn’t been able to do. He’d brought his brother back to life, but he is now only truly alive around her.

    By A Paper Flower URL on 05.20.2015

  11. Terry had rarely shown any interest in his father’s work, considering it to be an overrated hobby. They had struggled to make ends meet for years, and his father had barely shown any interest in his son’s childhood, being totally engrossed in his experiments. That changed, one day, when Terry noticed his father’s name in a textbook he was reading, next to a photograph of that big machine that had occupied their garage for so many years. Some very brisk research lead him to understand what his father had been doing all those years, and he rushed home, with tears in his eyes, to tell his father how proud he was and what a fool he had been.
    “Don’t worry about it!” his father reassured him. In fact, your timing is perfect! I am in need of an assistant. . .”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.20.2015

  12. The future is a wonderful place – our interests are gauged by way of automation. Oh, so you looked up a popular artist in a search engine? Why not try these pop stars, too? You like clothing? Have you heard about THESE blowout prices? You’re a bicurious websurfer? Well, have you taken a look at these sexy singles in the area?

    By asavas URL on 05.20.2015

  13. My interest is gymnastics.I love doing back handsprings and front walkovers.Another interest of mine is baking.I love baking cupcakes and brownies.

    By Kaycee on 05.20.2015

  14. I knew NY was going to be my downfall. You have certainly lost interest in me.

    By toolz URL on 05.20.2015

  15. Seems once was not enough? Word “interest” popped up again today. Interest. Engagement. Invested in something. Should have more to say after 24 hours to consider it!

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.20.2015

  16. I’ve always had an interest in writing. I would love to write my own book someday, but that will take a lot of preparation and practice. Because of this, I have tried to gain writing experience in every way I could. Every paper I write for school, for example, I use as a form of practice.

    By Blunz URL on 05.20.2015

  17. i want to know about it. to learn about it and see what it is. i want to surround myself with it and fall in love with it. i want to take it and use it to define who i am and what i am. its lovely, its cool, its something i simply like. it appeals to me and i can appreciate it.

    By erika on 05.20.2015

  18. His level of interest diminished day by day until he realised he was very lucky to have something to be interested in, because a lot of people didn’t, so he diminished his interest no more.

    By Steve O URL on 05.20.2015

  19. That which interest me may not be what interests you but that does not mean that it isn’t of equal importance. Do not claim that what I believe in is unimportant and of no relevance, or it might just end with me losing any interest that I had in you.. peace.

    By WillaFaye URL on 05.20.2015

  20. the interest that you show to me everytime I ask for sypathay or recognition is as touching as a heart that loves beyond graves beyond sight beyond bones or music. thank you for your interest.

    By Raven Garland on 05.20.2015

  21. My interests are as breezy and changeable as the wind. One day I am heavily interested in biker culture, and maybe a couple of weeks later all I can think about is being an art ho and going to museums and pondering on some Surrealist work I won’t pay as much attention to later on. My interests are temporary, or maybe I just find something new to interest me at a time and it overshadows everything else.

    By Ash on 05.20.2015

  22. It may be of no interest to you, but I have decided to make some big changes in my life. The first will be to cut off all contact with you. I realized you have no vested interest in my happiness, peace, or well being. I have thought about this long and hard. I understand you may not like it, but this is really in my own best interest.

    By ellbee URL on 05.20.2015