September 10th, 2015

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48 Responses to “illuminate”

  1. the light hits the side of a mountain, making it bright and colourful, while all around dark and drab surrounds makes me think of the bright young kids who need someone to light them up, and make them visible to those who never take enough time or trouble to see the specialness of every single human being.

    By ron URL on 09.11.2015

  2. A dim backlight casts upon his face. Teeth glimmer in the dark. Freshly brushed. The handcuffs rub the victim’s wrists raw. They’re on too tight. The spotlight moves, casts upon the detective’s feet. And that is the last thing he ever saw.

    By Stephanie URL on 09.11.2015

  3. Illuminate is to somehow get rid of, or permanently dispose of something ,one way or another.

    By Becky on 09.11.2015

  4. To illuminate the darkness we must spark a light from within. Dig deep and gather every speck of brilliance within your heart in order to dispel the demons who dwell in the shadows, waiting to pull you down, down, down…

    By Vanessa Murray on 09.11.2015

  5. His face would illuminate the world. He was kind, loving; projected peace and caring. He was Jesus.

    By Gail on 09.11.2015

  6. As the flickering light of the lit candle illuminated the dimly lit room, she cried.She cried as he continued to explain how he has always loved her despite all she’s done, despite the other man, and he will love her still even though he is dead.

    By megan on 09.11.2015

  7. Illuminate my sky,
    the smoke will clear,
    your mind is here, please let me in,
    and let the grey go away
    be illuminate

    like always in your time of living
    be mine and don’t ever fear the greatness that you shine.

    By Tristan Howard on 09.11.2015

  8. illuminated madonnas
    with swollen bellies
    today i learned more
    about bulimia
    i forgot

    By nonina on 09.11.2015