June 13th, 2015

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34 Responses to “headquarters”

  1. Meet back at headquarters, our safe zone. We need to recoup, rethink our approach. We need to come at this another, better way. Where did our mission go wrong? What did WE do wrong? We’re heroes, we can fix this.

    We’re supposed to fix this.

    By Ashi URL on 06.13.2015

  2. Corporate. Suits. Profit. Stark faces. Lack of creativity. Clear through the haze. Stand on your own.

    By Pat on 06.13.2015

  3. The business headquarters is a small, squat little building nestled between a greasy sandwich shop and some sort of laundromat that is probably just a front for baking meth or selling cocaine, or both if the owners aren’t picky. The door creaks when you open it, and when I say “creak,” I mean it breathes as harshly as a dying man does when he’s struggling to say his last words. There are only two desks in the entire office: The boss’s, cluttered with cut-out newspaper coupons and a full cigarette ashtray – and mine.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.13.2015

  4. This is it. I am finally here, headquarters. I can’t wait for whatever comes through that door. I have no idea what will happen, what I will do, all I know is that this is the day I have been waiting for my entire life.

    By me on 06.13.2015

  5. Life after headquarters… What will it be like? Why must I leave? Where will I go? What will I do? This is all I have ever known. I have grown to like the long days of hard work and learning. I can’t think of another way to spend my time.

    By Anastasia Roulette on 06.13.2015

  6. Headquarters was what they called it. The women who were sent there called it the Whorehouse. And for them it was something both more and less than that, a place of shame and despair.

    By Zajal on 06.13.2015

  7. Headquaters: meeting place or area where stuff is done and plans are made; centeral meeting place

    By G on 06.13.2015

  8. I wasnt at headquarters when it happened. It was a shock to not only me, but everyone else as well. Why did it happen? Why did all of those innocent people have to die?

    By jay URL on 06.13.2015

  9. She left headquarters at appoximittly 7 am. I saw her duck down and take out a gun. A seven caliber to be exact.

    By jay URL on 06.13.2015

  10. Her breath slowed, her eyes raced. Where was her partner? She took a sweeping glance across the field, but saw nothing. Only grass swaying back and forth like a hammock in the wind. She was alone Her eyes fell to the torn piece of paper wrinkled in her hand; It had a single word scratched into it. Headquarters. As she hid herself under the weeds, she repeated the word in her thoughts.

    By Julia on 06.13.2015

  11. The headquarters were on the far right of the railroad tracks, underneath the road and below the sewers.


    It was a disgusting set of directions, but James knew that he needed to follow them precisely if he was to find where he needed to be. It was of the utmost importance that he found what Jeremy had told him before he was imprisoned (wrongfully) by the county police. It was only James’ good luck that he knew, more or less, the general direction of where the entrance was . . . though, on the other hand, that could just as well be his bad luck. Who knew what was under there?

    But there must have been something of importance, or otherwise Jeremy would have never begged his brother to go on a hunt for the mysterious yellow piece of paper.

    By Brandi URL on 06.13.2015

  12. 1headquarters = having even accents determines quivically under another reason to even real sound

    By Garz on 06.13.2015

  13. and then headquarters crapped in my face!

    By Garz on 06.13.2015

  14. I don’t think they know that

    By Garz on 06.13.2015

  15. at the headquarters is where the people found the boy. he was disheveled, skinny, and cold looking. after questioning him for hours about his reasoning behind showing up at such a private place, they let the director see him. as she walked in the room he turned and said, ‘hello mother’.

    By Emma Brandt on 06.13.2015

  16. In a dark basement, vague lights blinking um on a computer screen, was a headquarters. Not just any headquarters but the super most awesome every headquarters, where dark and devious plots and strategies were hatched the sinister and mu

    By cindy on 06.13.2015

  17. A ubiquity of forged facial contortions and rehearsed conversations; all of these things you do in order to fertilize the discomfort in your skin.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.13.2015

  18. No one was watching. No one noticed as he parked his car at headquarters and then headed eight blocks on foot straight into the eye of a storm. A cop and and a catastrophe waiting to happen. Him in a hurry and her in black lingerie, shifting positions on the bed so that he would catch her at the right angle as he opened the door. It took eighteen minutes for him to make the distance, to sink his face into hair and to let their bodies come together in a way that made the walls shake and the world stop turning.

    By bb333 URL on 06.13.2015

  19. we are back to the same places we’d always been. the places we relied on to remind us who we’d always been. i never forgot, you know. the idea of us had been conceived here in little bits and pieces, meshing together into something stronger. something that rang with the clarity of a bell until one day you knew what i knew.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 06.13.2015

  20. The headquarters of my father’s company is our house, apparently. At least that’s what the internet said when I looked up our home address. I never thought of our house as a headquarters, but I guess that it could be. After all, he does all of the work for the company at our house.

    By Acela URL on 06.13.2015

  21. Someone, or rather, “something” has infiltrated the headquarters. Now the chance of saving humanity is slim. He has to do something.

    By Francine URL on 06.14.2015

  22. i arrived back at the headquarters with her present. i hoped that she liked it. i knew that she would like. it was tea. she loves tea. especially roobis tea. i found her tea. im such a good ow baby.

    By Pei Pei on 06.14.2015

  23. “Any chance I’ll make it back there alive?” David whispered as he crept along the brownstone building, gun poised and ready to kill.

    Camille snorted softly into his ear. “Yes, genius. But only if you ditch the theatrics and stop pretending like you’re some super top-secret spy who’s out there to save the world. You’re only buying a pack of cigarettes, for Christ’s sake! Now hurry up before Mummy dearest realizes your stinky ass is nowhere inside the compound and unleashes her wrath on me.”

    “Mission accepted,” he replied, still in that same hoarse voice, and Camille found herself smirking into her phone, wondering how somebody as annoying and wonderful as David was her brother.

    By Ella J. URL on 06.14.2015

  24. Doyle returned to his office. It was small but served his purposes, as he did most of his work outside. It did not look like the headquarters of an organisation that was planning the biggest upheaval in American politics since the Kennedy assassination, but that was exactly as it should be. Once it was all over and done, there should be little or nothing for anyone to trace. He would
    have to give up this office, of course, but he was planning to disappear anyway.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.14.2015

  25. “HQ, this is Watson speaking, over and out, over and out.”

    “We hear you, Watson. What is your status?”

    “Um, so, I’m dangling off this really long rope hanging from a half-destroyed Empire State Building and there’s a nuclear bomb ready to go off two meters to the north and underneath there’s some sort of reanimated dinosaur.”

    A pause.

    “Typical Thursday, in other words.”


    “Try pinching the rope with your middle and ring finger, you’ll get the gadget you need out of it.”

    By betaveros URL on 06.14.2015

  26. When Ryan brought the dead man’s body over to his boss, the latter firstly chopped off the cadaver’s head. He then proceeded to cut the head into quarters for the salad.

    By musicgal3 on 06.14.2015

  27. i wish i had a head full of quarters, dimes, and shorters. im short of a front, and im fronting for blunts. im blunt i mask cunts, i dont ask for much. but i do. and i dont. idk what i wont, do or may do. i know that im blue. but the task is complete and i bid you adieu.

    By grldg URL on 06.14.2015

  28. Her lungs were on fire. Contrary to what they believed, the FBI’s daily workout really didn’t prepare them to run for their lives. Her vision was blurry from sweat and tears, but she could make out the ridiculously ostentatious marble structure ahead. The popping sound behind her seemed to grow louder, and she wondered if adrenaline would carry her legs on if a bullet found her.

    By Soft URL on 06.14.2015

  29. I walked up to the top of the stairs, and turned to the left to face the doors of the president. On the door, it stated on a metal label “Yoo Headquarters” and I knew at that point I signed my life away to that man. I opened the doors, with my right hand bejeweled with the one item that I possessed that was solely mine, a ring of honor and pride. I clasped it in my hand as I faced the man in front of my eyes, determination striking on my face.

    “Revenge, darling, only for you.”

    By imJAL URL on 06.14.2015

  30. The meetings have been all over the place in sketchy back alleys. Finally we were able to have an official headquarters and get the delirious going out. Low life addicts were willing to pay 70 bucks a gram for this new shit.

    By Briana Clugston URL on 06.14.2015

  31. nexus of business activities. command and conquer. perception of HQ is evolving. in today’s economy, distributed workforces erode the legacy definition and need for an HQ.

    By dennis w on 06.14.2015

  32. wow, my output was a complete literal interpretation of the word. this was my 1st entry. seeing others write in a looser, more creative style motivates me to want to do the same next time…!

    By dennis w on 06.14.2015

  33. I looked around my new surroundings, taking everything in. White wall, desks, glass panels sperating everything. It looked more like a hospital than the place where the end of the world started.

    By simipoodle URL on 06.14.2015

  34. my colleagues and i agreed to meet at headquarters once the mission was complete. but i fell in love with the target and could not complete the termination. now we live on the run. at first he loved me for my sacrifice and for the protection I provide him. but after years of shiftless living, moving through alien cultures, assuming false identities, leaving friends behind, the fatigue of our precarious lifestyle has undermined our connection. if i could die to protect him, i would. but this would only leave him exposed. my only option is to destroy the agency completely. i must live long enough to do this. and then i must let him go, give him his freedom.

    By Clayton on 06.14.2015