June 14th, 2015

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40 Responses to “clip”

  1. You talked of sacrifice
    in candles and wax
    and how some bodies
    were meant to burn,
    warning smoke and
    the idea that the only
    commendable devotion
    is the one steadfast
    in its death.

    (whoever said
    that birds must
    clip their wings
    for the flight
    of others?)

    By Pandatry on 06.14.2015

  2. We watched a clip of the baseball game from last night, but no one seemed excited. In fact, no one seemed to be enthusiastic about anything. Stewart lounged in the easy chair, drinking a warm beer and belching every once in a while. Carter nearly slumped against his computer, the only two things holding him up being his elbows. And I kept pacing around the beaten carpet, wondering just how the Hell I was supposed to get my boys out of their funk.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.14.2015

  3. I saw that clip. Everyone saw that clip. it was the most embarrassing thing. I knew i would never live it down. That one clip ruined my entire high school experience. Everyone in the world has seen it. It exposed my deepest secret. The one thing no one wanted to know.

    By Veronica Rodriguez on 06.14.2015

  4. There was a small paper clip at the top of the desk, slightly stained with Darren’s blood. Kaitlyn took it with fingers that did not shake, fingers that were protected with a thin glove that would protect her from any tricky questions the police had to ask her, and slipped it into her right pocket.

    She was calm.




    After all, what else was she supposed to do? Her brother had just shot himself, and there was blood all over his apartment . . . and what was she supposed to do? Break down? Curl up and cry? Was she supposed to follow his lead as she had always done before and take a bullet to her jaw?

    No, of course not. She was supposed to stay there, like a good little girl, and carry on with the work that he had found so important (or so he had said; if it was truly so important, why had he killed himself before finishing it? what had he really been hiding all those times when she asked him where he had been when he came in late at night?). It would start with the bloodied paper clip, of course–as well as any files she would be able to find in his apartment.

    Then she would make a call to the coroner.

    By Brandi on 06.14.2015

  5. The movie clip was short but the animation was beautiful and the and message it told, even more so.

    By Nicole M. on 06.14.2015

  6. clip clap
    hooves on the pavement
    clip clap
    parade horses neigh
    clip clap
    unaware of what is beneath them
    clip clap
    a world yet to be discovered

    By ZebraToMexico on 06.14.2015

  7. He likes it when I draw my hair back into a clip. He says it allows him to see my face better. But he’s also said he likes the way little tendrils of hair fall at my cheek bones. He says they act as a frame for my face, which he loves.

    By mw on 06.14.2015

  8. The clip in her hair was bright red. Like the color of a fire truck, blazing brightly against her dyed black hair. It was a simple clip with nothing fancy. Not even glitter. Just bright red.

    By Erica on 06.14.2015

  9. The tie clip might have kept the tie in place, but it was dragging it down and choking him, and all he could hear was his best friend walking out the door and his heart breaking. Everything in him screamed to run after him, but the aches and stitches and slamming door screamed louder, and as much as he wanted to ignore it all, he decided now would be a good time to listen.

    By Angelina URL on 06.14.2015

  10. can we just flick back the tape and rewind to a point in time when we didn’t feel like this anymore? i just wanna feel like myself again. i just want us to feel like us again. i’m tired of you looking me in the eyes like being with me is an act of service instead of something you wanna do.

    By sunnysuraj on 06.14.2015

  11. Clip like a paper clip, it holds things together perfects. Such a simple tool to fix a complicated problem. I wish clips fixed relationships, fixed broken heart, broken families.

    By Stephanie on 06.15.2015

  12. Obloha zčernala a voda přestala téct. Vše vyschlo, bylo prázdné a pusté, jako tomu bylo dřív. Jenomže vesnice potřebovala vodu k životu. Patrik se usmál – tohle byla jeho velká šance – stane se uznávaným. Stane se slavným. To on přivede vodu zptáky a nikdo už o něm nebude pochybovat.

    By maurictakac on 06.15.2015

  13. I’d like to clip it all off- these strands. But what I fear is the judgement and hate that i may receive in return. People will call me a boy. Is it worth feeling the breeze on my neck and the migraines being absent?

    By Emily on 06.15.2015

  14. A clip.

    It wasn’t an ordinary clip.

    A very precious one to her.

    She could remember the first day of Spring very well from it.

    His eyes… there was something… strange about it. She doesn’t know the proper adjective to even describe it either.

    By Jhumka on 06.15.2015

  15. He pins her bangs with a hair clip she bought for her. She should always keep her hair away from her face, he thought, the better to see her lovely face.

    By Francine on 06.15.2015

  16. it was a short clip. a few seconds long really. a few seconds that destroyed her. that is if she let it destroy her. she could survive it, if she wanted to but would anyone let her?

    By Anu on 06.15.2015

  17. I thought it was going to be a long movie.

    But it wasn’t.

    It took me a second to realize he wanted to show me something. It was not a movie; but a video clip of something so impeccably organized and old fashioned. The act was endearing and clearly, it was sending me a message.

    I was just not so sure what a clip of 60 seconds can tell me about my future with him.

    By Coco on 06.15.2015

  18. She clipped the document and threw it across the table. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of dull faces all around her. It was late already. She thought hard for some powerful words to say.

    By Zahra on 06.15.2015

  19. She was just casually walking across the office when she spotted that. Her observation was not exceptionally strong but she seemed to be picking random sightings nowadays, that weren’t actually random. It lay near some torn papers under the chair, a paper clip with blood stains over it.

    By fatemah on 06.15.2015

  20. to pull my hair back

    By melturner on 06.15.2015

  21. He was down to his last. Wasn’t sure what would happen. Everything around was strained, falling to pieces. He knew he just had to keep it all together – him and his little piece of metal. His paperclip.

    By PS on 06.15.2015

  22. The clip fail as the men were trying to retrieve the parcel on the ground. It was the last attempt to regain control of the delicate electronic package.

    By victor URL on 06.15.2015

  23. The clip binding the pages of my 100 year old project doesn’t work. Is too tiny and useless, doesnt clip anything together.

    By Pei Pei on 06.15.2015

  24. Clip. Finally done with this ridiculous paper, and it doesn’t even need to be stapled. MLA heading on the left, double-spaced, exactly 1,002 words. About the Sahara Desert, nonetheless. Like, are you kidding me? The Sahara. I could have written “SAND” 1,000 times.

    By Giselle on 06.15.2015

  25. “Whose is this?” Michael stared at the clip for several moments. “I don’t recall having a woman over.” He stared at the small black piece of plastic in confusion. Had someone been in his apartment recently without his knowledge?

    By lcoon0422 on 06.15.2015

  26. The man held the gun in his hand and considered the next steps. He pulled the clip and stared at the cold metal. Nine rounds. There were nine rounds left to get him to where he needed to be. Was it enough? Would he get there? What were the chances of his survival with only nine rounds left?

    By lcoon0422 on 06.15.2015

  27. hold to gather. bond and love is like a clip which hold to people together. something the agonies are also like a clip that stuck to you no matter how much you want to get rid of them

    By Rabia Khan on 06.15.2015

  28. the clip was empty. her insides just the same. everything changed in that instant. the instant extending for ions. she was frozen there. thoughts rushing, none of which she could believe. she froze in that space praying for the moment beofre the moment

    By Safon on 06.15.2015

  29. hair, nails, skin–pieces of me fall to the earth, necessary amputations that allow for new growth and what we think is “beauty.”

    By dominguez URL on 06.15.2015

  30. “Hey, clip these together.”
    “Hey, make me some coffee.”
    “Hey, bring my lunch.”
    “Hey, print these files.”

    No, they never even bothered to learn her name. Alina. Her mother used to say it was the most beautiful name she could give.

    By E on 06.15.2015

  31. i want a clip board during an exam but i couldnt find it any where. i am a left handed and all the chairs there were for right handed i m going to be busted because of this so i finally find a board

    By Saima on 06.15.2015

  32. She had used her hair clip to secure the blanket to the stroller but the icy wind was still to strong. Sighing, she took off her jacket and covered the screaming infant as she watched the powdered blue blanket flutter away, swerving in and out of traffic. This was not a good way to start her first day as a nanny.

    By Trista URL on 06.15.2015

  33. She lay on the floor
    her clipped wings lay beside her.

    By Hoovi on 06.15.2015

  34. Forty-six seconds. Commercials were twice as long. The news rewound it again to remind her just in case she tried to forget. A blurred patch barely covered her face as they played her shame for ratings. She didn’t dare leave the house, unprepared for the storm of reporters; still inside, the hail of tweets, emails, and phone calls had already begun to fall.

    By Soft URL on 06.15.2015

  35. Doyle had to modify his methods a little in light of the unfortunate suicide of Governor Crowe, but in the end, it actually helped his work. All he needed now was a bank statement, an errant email, a short video or audio clip of a compromising situation, and he had his targets rushing to resign, to avoid a scandal, to avoid a fate similar to the unfortunate Governor, falsely buoyed by the lie that they could rebuild their careers in a few years if the made a clean break. Little did they know that in a few years, the political landscape would be so different that there would be no place for them, ever again.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.15.2015

  36. paper clip. Clip art. clip out coupons from the newspaper, ads, magazines. clip together so do not lose papers. clip hair, bangs, clippers. clip dogs’ toe nails!

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.15.2015

  37. Hi guys, I wont be writing about ‘clip’ today.

    Here is how much God loves YOU!.

    There is a shepherd. He is putting his flock into the fold for the night, but he finds one out of 100 sheep missing. He leaves the 90 sheep and goes looking for the lost lamb. He doesn’t sleep until he finds the lost lamb. and when he does, he celebrates.

    God loves you. if you believe and accept Him, you’re one of His sheep. and if you get lost in your own ways He will look for you until He finds you.

    By DolphinDreams on 06.15.2015

  38. He grabbed the gun off the nightstand, checked the clip and silently made his way towards the door. He didn’t know if the noise he heard had been a nonthreatening bump in the night or was indeed Chile come to pay his respects at long last.

    By Diana on 06.15.2015

  39. a clip is a little part of a film, so you can see films or clips with your friends or family, you will enjoy it!

    By paola on 06.15.2015

  40. i need a clip actually i need about fifty. i aint too greedy but im kind of shifty. im shady, chilling under the trees, emcees need me to see how to be but im simply just g for eternity.

    By grldg on 06.15.2015