October 13th, 2014

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141 Responses to “greedy”

  1. My life is short, but not let it run out. I take what I can and do what I please. Money is the essence of life, and it what I breathe. I need more life and nothing more.

    By Blake on 10.14.2014

  2. why are you so fucking greedy you piece of shite. nothing makes me crince more than seeing you the way you are, selfish, eating the food all by yourself on your high alter while we can almost presumedly call them slaves, barely live on a dollar a day, eating nothing but rice and

    By john on 10.14.2014

  3. You didn’t expect a poor woman like her to be greedy. She was homeless. She had no money or food or clothes. She didn’t have anything. Yet, she was greedy. She would hoard stuff she found on the ground. She would collect it, organize it.
    She was greedy, even though she didn’t have anything.

    By Cat on 10.14.2014

  4. there he was greedily thinking about his favuorite thing in the whole wide world, money!

    By star on 10.14.2014

  5. He is a greedy person , she is greedy of her candy , The Lord doesn’t want us to be greedy , the greedy aren’t always the meanest because some can be greedy of money others animals so choose your friends carefully

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.14.2014

  6. Jim was a greedy motherfucker. He was always stealing candy from children. One day Jim tried to steal a lollipop from little Suzie. To his dismay the lollipop was laced with cyanide. Jim dun goofed and now he’s dead. Little Suzie is still alive to this day, Jim saved her. Jim was a hero.

    By Skyler on 10.14.2014

  7. The puppy forgot he had brothers and sisters, bouncing off of them as he heard the food being poured into the metal bowl. They became a blur as he ran and slid around a corner into the kitchen. The Woman Alpha giggled and snorted as the pack closed in on dinner.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.14.2014

  8. Greed flows in our blood ever since the first human stepped on earth. We will never change, greed empowers our mind. A great illusion. A boundary limiting human from ever reaching peace.

    By Ian YZY on 10.14.2014

  9. I was greedy for love. Greedy for life. I didnt know whom to go to. Where to turn to. Anywhere I looked, I saw greedy souls. And there was only so much to share. Famine alert!

    By JD on 10.14.2014

  10. greedy if you think about it is a funny sounding word. greedy. heheh. greeeeeedy. it means, “of or like gree”. Rarely used correctly.

    By deep-blue on 10.14.2014

  11. I dont like people who are greedy. They don’t ever seem to be happy or satisfied with life or anything else. They find no joy in simple things, as I do.

    By Amber Daughdrill on 10.14.2014

  12. The guy was very greedy. he never liked to share. If he wasn’t so greedy someone might actually like to be around him. greediness is t

    By jessi mcfadden on 10.14.2014

  13. There is a greedy little elf with big pointy ears which, all the time, amuse himself by stealing from the passing adventurers. It wouldn’t be so bad, except that he is now dead, because fuck that ugly elf dude.

    By Dudley on 10.14.2014

  14. it really means when someone wants more money or something more of what there allowd to have and sometimes kings and queens get GREEDY…

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.14.2014

  15. dette er en test om hvor grådig man kan være. heldigvis er den på norsk, og dermed skal vi se om jeg får improvisert noe om dette. Det håper jeg.

    Knut var supergrådig, men kun på én ting: Lefser. Dette var ikke noe særlig, ettersom han var kongen av LEfseland, og alle hans undersåtter elsket lefser! En dag bestemte Knut

    By t on 10.14.2014

  16. Gluttony; the downfall of all men. So many questions of what we could of achieved together if that instinct was not in our mind.

    By Phill on 10.14.2014

  17. It is normal to be greedy. Aren’t we all greedy?

    By Ian YZY on 10.14.2014

  18. The teenager belched, dropping the chocolate wrapper onto the floor, not giving it a second thought. He looked over at his little sibling, staring up fearfully with big eyes, and holding his trick-or-treating bag tight.

    By Josie Joe Jr on 10.14.2014

  19. Sticky-greasy hands reaching,
    Higher and harder,
    Never slowing;
    For “Once is Never Enough.”

    By K. on 10.14.2014

  20. I like to think I’m not greedy but I am. Especially when nobody is looking. I can be a greedy, ravenous liar. I am also capable of selfless acts of generosity. Isn’t everyone?

    By dan URL on 10.14.2014

  21. Greedy is when someone doesn’t want to share something of theirs. When someone has sharing issues. Jesus tells us not to be greedy with who we tell the good news to.

    By tori URL on 10.14.2014