October 13th, 2014

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141 Responses to “greedy”

  1. this time i felt like going for it. No matter what people thought, I deserved it for once! I was getting it all without a care in the world.
    And then they came. I had to hide quick and see where they were heading? Where they actually after it too?

    By gob on 10.14.2014

  2. i am greedy. Oh so greedy. I work night and day for money, but those hours are not enough. I am lazy. Oh so lazy. Those hours are too long and too hard, but i need that new Cadilac so i guess ill have to make do. Why must life expect me to give so much?

    By GreeDEE on 10.14.2014

  3. I am very greedy just like everyone else. It is extremely rare to find someone who does things not to get the most out of it for themselves. I would like to watch all the shows, eat all the food, have all the sex and have all the money. It isn’t hard to imagine this because everyone has these feelings. It is only when you can completely set free that you will abandon greed.

    By Evert on 10.14.2014

  4. I never thought of him as greedy until one day I noticed he never wants good things for anyone — but himself, that is. I don’t quite know how to deal with this.

    By glenscocos on 10.14.2014

  5. He stood there laughing, looking at the workers below. Gregory maxwell was not a good man, he was a rich man. That is all he was and he knew it, but this did not phase him. No it was the opposite, it made him happy, it made him whole.

    Maxwell incorperated did not become successful by being nice.

    By fouloleron on 10.14.2014

  6. what’s up

    By vladi on 10.14.2014

  7. Greed…greedy…The human being?
    We all are sometimes want more, is it that bad?
    But is it good to never be safisfied?
    Think about it.
    When should we be greedy and when should we just chill?…

    By Salomon on 10.14.2014

  8. De grådige øynene hans så på meg. han var aldri fornøyd, ville alltid ha mer. Når han var utslitt ville han at jeg skulle ta vare på ham, og når jeg var utslitt ville han ta vare på meg. Aldri for sliten til å ikke ville noe intenst.

    By Sunni on 10.14.2014

  9. It’s true. The objects of my desire vary. And they’re not always objects either. I swear I’ll never want a person in an objectifying way. But alas, I’m an imperfect human who sometimes lusts after “parts” before “personality.” It’s hard when your legs are all aquiver and there’s a dance of tingles twirling down your spine. When you’re flush full of desire, and your skin is on fire, being greedy is too easy.

    By Intuition on 10.14.2014

  10. thieving slimey hands. i thought i would have recognised your deceitful curve of the lips. no, i was too young. naive. with a handshake like a limp fish

    By hannah on 10.14.2014

  11. it’s 1.35 a.m. and i am consumed with wanting. long ago i would have thought these thoughts were the result of innocent love, now i know it is much a lesser beast, these emotions that pin my eyes open.

    By hannah on 10.14.2014

  12. All I want is to put a smile on you, like you do to me.

    Is that too greedy to ask for?

    By lestersayspika on 10.14.2014

  13. You flooded my thoughts and ran through my mind every single second. You, the imperfect perfection I’ve always been looking for. You make me happy like no one else can.

    You had me yearning for you, you render me incapable of falling asleep without thinking of you, you turned me into the greedy monster I am now.

    By lestersayspika on 10.14.2014

  14. The man went to the store to get some food, he saw another lady hurting and poor needing the same item. One problem remained tho, there was only one left on the shelf. The man knocked her down took it and ran. When he was running to his car he trip and fell breaking his neck, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

    By Hunter URL on 10.14.2014

  15. Greedy it was, how life made her, those empty grey days when all of her had to be invested in trivialities, with nothing left over – no time, no energy, no cents- the rent, the bills, the ritual of silent adding up over a half empty supermarket trolley – always about enough, just enough, just not enough. Now she drank it all in, the sunshiny days, the long walks, the never ending, silky days that gently, almost unnoticeably, slided over the mountaintop and down into the warm waters of the ocean. It was all hers – enough, just enough, just not enough, never, never enough.

    By eleia on 10.14.2014

  16. scrooge mcduck jumped into his pile of money for the last time.

    it was an autumn morning, dew clung to the windows of the duck estate, too many who knew him, he was…

    By joe on 10.14.2014

  17. That greedy asshole. He took my sandwich, and now he is looking over my plate full of fries and steak. It’s my only dinner and I won’t have another meal for next 48 hours.

    By Christine Lee on 10.14.2014

  18. His eye looked beady as he stared at the shelf, he wanted to put it in his pocket so bad. So many times hes gotten away with it before, he dreamed of moments like these, the pressure to steal was unbearable, his recent drive in luck was showing his desperation. He gave in, reached across and pick up the box of condoms, and slipped them behind his sweatshirt, hoping no one had seen.

    By SovietMoose on 10.14.2014

  19. One day i was chilling out with a friend, and then we saw money on the floor, the son of a bitch of my friend jumped into the floor, and broke his arm, just because he was greedy as fuck. The end

    By Gerardo on 10.14.2014

  20. Greedy poops are the kind that take all your energy to get out. You struggle that battle of the bulge to stretch your rectum to the proper dilation so you can feel that bomb of relief.

    By James on 10.14.2014

  21. The greedy bastard wasn’t happy with just one woman in his life no, he had many. And it wasn’t until he hurt her that she found out. Why is it that woman always fell for the bad boys.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.14.2014

  22. The greedy bastard wasn’t happy with just one woman in his life no, he had many. And it wasn’t until he hurt her that she found out. Why is it that women always fall for the bad boys I’ll never know because I am one of them.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.14.2014

  23. The greasy, thin man walked down the street, spitting on the trash-laden concrete surface as he made his way toward the rotted suburban park. A sweat broke out across his face as he dropped to his knees in front of a gaping hole in a fence adjacent to him. He grabbed the dangling cock greedily and stuffed it in his mouth. “I want MORE!” He screamed.

    By Shane URL on 10.14.2014

  24. Greed is good. lol no it is bad greed is when people want more than they deserve instead of giving it to people in need. don’t be greedy give your money to people who actually need it and make a better world.

    By Gustav on 10.14.2014

  25. Greedy little hands shot out of the dark, clamoring for a piece of his winter coat. Quick staccato flashes blinded their faces. He was moving, but his feet weren’t. Behind him, his bodyguard barked empty threats about breaking bones.

    By Soft URL on 10.14.2014

  26. Those person were greedy after all. We had went out of our way to ensure that everyone had enough food to last for the period, but however while everyone was asleep, the group that gathered last on the compound, sought to steal the remaing parcel from the box.

    By victor URL on 10.14.2014

  27. Greedy. The green. It was all he ever thought about. Not anything else. Well, maybe a little bit of other stuff, but mostly the green. He would be lucky for it not to corrupt him, or had it already? He didn’t care.

    By Evan on 10.14.2014

  28. He didn’t need anyone, or anything. All of the world was his own, and all his own was the world. Time, money, people everything, his own.

    By Elias URL on 10.14.2014

  29. Greedy people make me sick. They have so much to give and yet they keep it all to them-selves. One day they will die and they wont be taking their stuff with them. Their greediness is worthless in the end.

    By Amelia on 10.14.2014

  30. Greedy, Greedy is when you take for yourself and leave none for anyone else, this is another word for selfish

    By Jennifer England on 10.14.2014

  31. It is something that will kill you. It will eat up your inner goodness, it’s a diseases, this greed. It’s chronic dissatisfaction and the entire world suffers from it.

    By Adrijaa on 10.14.2014

  32. Die Bäume vor seinem Fenster färbten das späte Sommerlicht grünlich, ein leichter Wind kahm auf und ließ das grüne Licht tanzen. Es war hypnotisch und er fühlte sich versetzt in eine andere Dimension.In die Dimension der abendlichen Trägheit

    By Lapu on 10.14.2014

  33. greedy mcfuunsi
    chicken nuggest
    i like videogames
    there are tornados in georgia
    wind is very powerful
    i love my mom
    im very greedy

    By Donovan on 10.14.2014

  34. The man was standing there, locking his eyes on the pile of money.
    He thought for a bit, then turned back.
    “I need more.”
    “Really?” Said the woman. “Is this not enough? Most people will be glad to have even a small portion out of this.”
    “Well, I’m not most people”, he said.

    By Ohad on 10.14.2014

  35. He was a greedy little bugger.
    Always taking what wasn’t his.
    But now it is his. What then?

    She was generous.

    By Muzli on 10.14.2014

  36. Worthless worm is a pig in a pen slipping in pop spoop and digging graves for babies. Entering a hole in the heart is a pain that wants to get stuffed with whatever you or it can find.

    By Tulsa dome on 10.14.2014

  37. Winter always made her greddy, like she needed to eat enough food to keep her going to spring. All the wrong type of food as-well. She really didn’t need the third mug of hot chocolate.

    By kirsty on 10.14.2014

  38. He kisses all three of them cleanly on the lips before he settles down to sleep on Alfie’s shoulder. Not for the first time, he reflects on how lucky he is; not for the first time, he thinks of how many boys he knows that complain about being lonely, and feels so deliciously greedy.

    By Samuel on 10.14.2014

  39. I do my best not to be like my financial friends–the ones who pursue a six-figure paycheck and won’t stop until they’ve climbed up the corporate ladder and died surrounded by their piles of money. I get that money can buy you experiences and make your life easier and more fulfilled (maybe), but I want to enjoy every day of my life, not my 3 weeks’ paid vacation and weekends. Being a journalist means my 3 weeks paid vacation are stay-cations and camping trips, but the trade-off is that I love what I’m doing and have a reason to wake up every day, and that reason is not fueled by a countdown to my next vacation/paycheck/weekend.

    By Erin Michael on 10.14.2014

  40. there he was, all greedy about his favourite thing in the wide world, gold!

    By star on 10.14.2014