November 11th, 2015

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47 Responses to “gifted”

  1. I always liked the way these glasses looked on me. I liked how bulky they are and yet clean cut. They allowed me to see everyone naked and that was the best part. I was gifted.

    By Nia Haven URL on 11.12.2015

  2. She was gifted with the love of her family, the love of her friends, yet she still suffered deeply from the loss of the one person she ever cared about. He was gone and it didn’t matter anymore that she was gifted, nothing mattered anymore because he wasn’t coming bak.

    By Cos on 11.12.2015

  3. I am not gifted. I feel defeated. It seems that everyone on this Earth has their own unique purpose. I had decided too early that I had found mine in storytelling. I am no longer sure of that. So what is it that I have left to give?

    By Ryan Patton-Degenstein on 11.12.2015

  4. To be a good man, purposeful and steady, fair to those around and happy for the luck of others; that’s achievement. To be a man, however, fair to no one and happy only for the blood in his own veins, the strength of his own will, and the freedom to do as he pleases; (fight for it, fight for it, fight for it) that’s to be gifted.

    By king rat URL on 11.12.2015

  5. Intelligent, or given a blessing of sorts.

    By Asohpagus URL on 11.12.2015

  6. The word is gifted and that works for me because I’ve been gifted with you. But I can’t just follow the prompt. You said you loved me. That is no small thing. It can’t be wrapped up in a bow and put under a tree. I am scared to let my love out of the cage because I told you… My love is not a boop on the nose. It is not giggling school kids infatuated with each other. My love is a hurricane that will push you up against the far wall of the room and kiss you. And kiss you and kiss you and kiss you. And if you don’t love back with the same force it will suffocate you there! Baby I don’t want to suffocate you! I want us to end up somewhere in the middle of the room. Kiss after kiss until we collapse onto the floor in exhaustion and content. So I will wait.. Because I have to. Because my brain so full of what-ifs and scared memories of what happens when I don’t won’t let me. So I’ll say it here but not again until I can. Baby I love you.

    By whitney URL on 11.12.2015

  7. I was gifted at swimming, so God took away my arms. I was gifted at running and God took that from me too. I used to even be good at singing and God took away my voice. I don’t know why I;m still given gifts but God still chooses for me to have a different destiny. I’m not a professional swimmer, I’m not a professional runner, I’m not even a professional singer but I know one thing, I’m gifted at creativity. And God will never be able to take that way from me.

    By Ghost Writer A URL on 11.12.2015