October 29th, 2014

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83 Responses to “gentleman”

  1. He was a lonely gentleman, rare among fools, but a hardy soul, nonetheless. Everyday he walked beside the sea, wind battering his weathered face, ascot flying madly about his neck.

    By Lynn Robertson on 10.29.2014

  2. Is there any such thing, really? Maybe some people can feign unnatural civility for brief periods, bobbing and weaving through myriad encounters, maintaining…At some tipping point, however, the gloves, or rather the covers, come off, and he is revealed for his true self. Just another human doing the best he can, most of the time.

    By Lynne on 10.29.2014

  3. A gentleman is a somewhat dated term, but I like the sound and impression it makes. It reminds me of a Sting song, An Englishman in New York. Hmm….now that I had an error, I get another chance to tell all about a gentleman. A gentleman to me has impeccable manners, thinks of others first, and contributes positively to all situations around.

    By Kathi Holst on 10.29.2014

  4. his gloves were white in a fashion almost unnerving. he was the ideal, the pinnacle of genteel society; teacup and top hat and all. he was graceful. he was polite but appropriately witty. he was skilled in the art of fencing; he was learned in ancient greek. he was sick of it all.

    By ari on 10.29.2014

  5. He was a gentle man. One with soft hands, but a hard heart. One he kept carefully wrapped in perfect cellophane on display but never to touch.

    By Ariana on 10.29.2014

  6. Gerry poured every fibre of his being,
    From the day he hit puberty,
    Until the day the life slowly slipped from his body,
    Into the art
    Of being a gentle man.
    He raised his voice only once,
    At a fly that had entered his home,
    And the force of his wrath shattered its wings,
    And sent it plummeting to its doom.
    He died.
    And Gerry died.
    Absent of passion,
    With all his emotions and fears buried deep inside,
    And no one ever knew his true nature.

    By Siege URL on 10.29.2014

  7. Gentleman is a term used to refer to a sort of aristrocrisy within society. To truely be a gentleman, one adheres to a sort of moral and social code to stand out as especially refined. In formal settings, a person may refer to all men within a group as gentlmen, primarily as a means of courtesy and flattery.

    By Jason Weaver on 10.29.2014

  8. I did what the thing siad and wrote about the word gentleman for one minute because I was hoping and expecting it would do something interesting…now I see it is just sorta stupid…

    By Jason Weaver on 10.29.2014

  9. always looks for ways
    to make her life easier
    subtle means of humble praise
    soften the blow of her life’s frequent
    sways and crashes
    her welfare is a prime directive
    a part of you that’s
    hers alone

    By Protean on 10.29.2014

  10. There he stood, watching me carefully. He had shadow on his chin up to his ears and his blue eyes that would stare straight into your soul. This gentleman was not like any gentleman I have seen in my life at all.

    By Trainbaa on 10.29.2014

  11. The gentleman sat with his leg crossed at the bar looking at her from the corner of his eye. He didn’t think she saw him but she did, and she smiled and he actually blushed.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.29.2014

  12. a gentleman with hurtful hands and a smile that could charm the pants off me. oh, the gentlemanly gesture of the gentle gentleman, loathed lothario;

    By lgrey on 10.29.2014

  13. gentleman, it is strange word. it could mean a gentle man, someone who is kind or sympathetic. or it could mean a chivalrous man us ladies love.

    By Tori on 10.29.2014

  14. Gentle man has to be gentle.. why people are not always gentle?.. probably I should ask not so gentleman about gentleness. My father is a gentleman. A truly gentle creature. I admire him for that. I wish my husband

    By sanju on 10.29.2014

  15. Ladies and gents is an informal way of saying it, but in actual fact, gentleman refers to the way in which a man carries himself — gently. I once knew a man who was both a man and gentle — a rare combination — and he enjoyed the finer things in life without being too gentle about it. I suppose timing is also a gents thing.

    By Jingleballs on 10.29.2014

  16. Oh my, he was a gentleman alright. He knew how to slip the dress off your back with a flip of his fingers. That James, when he looked at you, you were hooked on him like the bass caught down by the lake.

    By Nat on 10.29.2014

  17. He was a gentleman, or at least believed that what he did was. Others would defiantly say other, but he thought he was being a true gentlemen. He looked dapper-

    By Bill on 10.30.2014

  18. a gentleman walked into a place he was unsure of. he then sat down out of confusion. things started coming from the ground, random amazing things. he stood up, and they all went away.

    By a on 10.30.2014

  19. He was a gentleman at heart. He watched the outside world roll by their window, one arm leaning against the cold metal of the windowpane. The other arm was tucked firmly to his side, trying to avoid the sleeping figure that, through the jostling of the train, had appeared to be scooting closer and closer to him every few minutes. He knew that he had every right to get up, he didn’t know this person after all. But if he did he risked waking them, and he remembered how they had appeared to him when they had first appeared; their dragging feet, the weight in their voice from the brief conversation before their eyelids fluttered shut and the snoring started. Someone in that conditioned couldn’t have had the best couple of days. So, he remained in his seat, arm at his side, eyes firmly on the outside of the car.

    By Shannon on 10.30.2014

  20. Hi hands smelt like cigarettes, stained and his heart soaked in booze. He pushed the door open for me. Such a gentleman.

    By Emilie on 10.30.2014

  21. He was a gentleman, through and through. I mean, yeah, sure, he beat up women and drank too much and was an absolute bastard to everyone he met. He had nothing to offer the world. But he was a gentleman, God damn it.

    By David Foget Noltensmeier URL on 10.30.2014

  22. The gentleman that I am, I thought I was doing the right thing when I offered to escort the lady to the elevator. How wrong could I be, after The lady let it be know that we have nothing in common and that I am not in her league.

    By victor URL on 10.30.2014

  23. A tender kiss,
    A glass of champagne,
    A bouquet of roses,
    A flamboyant love affair
    to please everyone.
    You are a stranger,
    Handsomely clad in a tuxedo.
    That the crowd gapes at.
    “What a gentleman”, “You must be lucky”,
    they say to me.
    Beneath my skin lay your scars,
    The trashing of your words.
    “Indeed he is” I say,
    Slowly, I walk away.

    By Anita on 10.30.2014

  24. “Dress” me up as a gentleman. Lord knows I have the vocabulary. The wits. The charm. But the right color skin and these troublesome ovaries? Kind of killing the deal here. Who only knows how far this sort of “gentleman” would go were “he” the actual epitome of the dominant brand though.

    You know, if he were truly as refined as a brand from the top shelf. Alas, I’m not such an elegant creature. Full of these “quieter” and “softer” virtues. No. There’s a difference between affectations and the reality of which I’m all too aware. So you’ll forgive me if I’ve been harden against the idea of that an exquisitely well-behaved one keeps up the appearance 100% of the time. Even in the facade there are seams to read. Lines that betray a tell.

    By Intuition on 10.30.2014

  25. A bit of spit hit his face as she raged on about his responsibilities and her expectations. He sat stiff, poised, and perfectly still, bracing himself for the inevitable. It came swift and harder than he expected. As the metallic taste of blood soured on his tongue, he focused on keeping his balled fists beneath the table. People were watching.

    By Soft URL on 10.30.2014

  26. He was a gentleman. The gentlest of them all. He word a black suit and gray tie. His words were swift and smooth, and he had an aura about him. Everywhere he went, people stopped and stared.

    By Ms. Miller on 10.30.2014

  27. No one would know it by first glace, but if given the right time and place, the men of Nameless could go from hooligans to gentlemen in the blink of an eye.

    By Ninja URL on 10.30.2014

  28. ‘Gentlemen,’ I held my hands out to placate them, but their moustaches wriggled more, their frowns deepened. ‘Let’s be civil here.’
    Fillin was being anything but civil. He brought his hand to his scabbard. Damn, time to back away. Things weren’t working out as planned.

    I stepped back slowly, one foot behind the other. ‘Now, Fillin, I can explain.’

    M<y naked parts caught a glimmer of moonlight, and Tisha squealed in the bed, delighted.

    By joycronje on 10.30.2014

  29. I have always been a gentleman. Things roll off my back and I don’t let things affect me that would allow me to be anything but a gentleman. And the Universe thanks me for that as much as I thank the Universe if not more…

    By trkstr67 on 10.30.2014

  30. To everyone else, he was the perfect gentleman – so handsome, so charismatic and polite. But of course, she thought, it was too good to be true.

    He was a gentleman to the public, but a sadistic madman at home.

    She sees him turn to give her a slight smile, and the ladies around giggle while some others glare, (the former sighing in whimsical fairytales, the latter burning with jealousy). She does neither. She shivers in dread as she recognises the hidden mania, and slowly returns it with a shaky smile of her own.

    By I_have_no_words on 10.30.2014

  31. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to welcome you to the show.” The woman on stage was dressed in black. A black that didn’t even seem to be a color, but more a deep hole to get lost in.

    By Ruth on 10.30.2014

  32. “You are no gentleman!”
    “Milady, I never claimed to be such.”
    With that he was excused for all his behaviors since you are only guilty if you claim falsely beforehand that you are innocent.

    By W.C. Degradation on 10.30.2014

  33. A gentleman is no longer. It seems that the feminist has destroyed the notion of being a man for a woman. Holding doors, and and walking on the street side a re little more than forgotten notions.

    By Mr E URL on 10.30.2014

  34. i wrote about this word yesterday but what ever. Is someone who opens the door for you when you have something in your hands or its someone does something like that…. and im single

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.30.2014

  35. He was such a gentleman but how could he be this way when she really knew the truth she had heard the real story her friend Mr. McKay had told her his past she knew she could never trust him again.

    By Isabella on 10.30.2014

  36. Gentleman

    By Mrs. Jones on 10.30.2014

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    By Mrs. Jones on 10.30.2014

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    By Rachel on 10.30.2014

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    By Caden on 10.30.2014


    By ZACH on 10.30.2014