September 16th, 2014

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100 Responses to “frown”

  1. I often frown to others. Most of the time as a joke when they comment on something stupid I rarely frown for reasons other than joking.

    By jerry on 09.16.2014

  2. “don’t look directly at the sun”, the teacher warns, but fruitlessly, we all raise our heads, straining to glimpse the shadow passing up over the sun, narrowing the sky’s light to a shimmering crescent, a vague frown in the sky

    By charco on 09.16.2014

  3. she looked at me so sharply it was as if her eyes could cut.
    i had probably said something racist,
    or mean. at least, something that she didn’t like.
    her mouth puckered a little and the ends began to point
    down; her eyes narrowed slightly and her nose wrinkled.
    this was a warning sign, that i should stop.
    what would happen if i didn’t? what would happen if i
    turned from her knifelike gaze and continued on?
    that was something i would never know.

    her frown was something i didn’t want to challenge

    By finn on 09.16.2014

  4. Frowning is bad.
    Frowning is sad
    Frowning rymes with crowing.
    frown is when you are sad.

    you frown when you are sad.
    frown is a sad face.
    frown is what i do when my mom farts.

    By l frost on 09.16.2014

  5. She frowned at him looking a bit gloomily. As always he had no idea what he’s done wrong, but from her face there was no mistake. This time it must’ve been something dead serious. Normally she just shrugs his stupidies off, but this time it was a frown of real anger.
    “I’m sorry ?”
    He more of a guessed that actually apologised not knowing what was wrong.

    By Omnix URL on 09.16.2014

  6. I glanced at the book with a bushy frown, scratching at the scarred side of my face. This couldn’t be right. The cover, the book jacket, the pages – this couldn’t be my book. My book, which was filled to the brim with all the gritty, grungy detail of any abused spouse – my national story taking flight. And the cover was nothing like the design I had requested. It was gaudy. It was tawdry. It was despicable.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.16.2014

  7. Suddenly there was nothing left but the falling snow. She looked out the window and thought to herself that all this snow would be impossible to pass. She frowned at the thought of having to go through it. Nevertheless, she had to. She could not afford to skip out on work.

    The others were dependent on her, her and her helping hand in the Volunteer’s Corps.

    By Lou on 09.16.2014

  8. “What do you mean you don’t know?” she demanded.
    “Why, am I supposed to know this?” Harry frowned.
    “Yes! Everybody knows! How can you not know?”

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 09.16.2014

  9. A frown crept down her face as she saw what the rest of the letter contained and the picture of them fell to the ground. How could everything have come to this? Everything going on behind the scenes that she never even suspected.

    By Bonnie on 09.16.2014

  10. curved inwards,
    concave cacophony of cries
    don’t ever let it reach your eyes

    By Craw on 09.16.2014

  11. Her lips seemed to be permanently creased into a frown, something which he had neglected to pay attention to when they’d first ben reunited. He’d been so glad to see her again, to have her welcome him back into her embrace. He’d been so lost within his own despair that he couldn’t see the pain very clearly written across her face. Now, of course, he felt guilty for it.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.16.2014

  12. The boy frowned as he cried, tears streaming down his face as he put his head down, lest someone see his tears. He didn’t know why he remembered, he just did, and there was nothing he could do to stop the tears from flowing every time he did.

    By Myana on 09.16.2014

  13. I caught you frowning and sighed. I just couldn’t understand. How could you not love yourself? You are everything good in the world, and yet you feel like nothing. Why? I demand to know who made you believe this lie. I’m going to help you rewrite your story and find love for yourself.

    By Junco on 09.16.2014

  14. Frown is such an unattractive word. I’m tempted to rhyme it, but I loathe cliche`s.

    By YourFriendDave URL on 09.16.2014

  15. He was breaking up with me. I frowned at these words… detriment not to cry in front of his face.
    “…okay then…” is all the words I could say. Before I walked off, as harshly as I could.

    By Toni on 09.16.2014

  16. He was breaking up with me. I frowned at these words… trying hard not to cry in front of his face.
    “…okay then…” is all the words I could say. Before I walked off, as harshly as I could.

    By Toni on 09.16.2014

  17. A frown is the opposite of a smile. The definition would mention muscle movements and things of the such. Seeing a frown is depressing.

    By Alexys on 09.16.2014

  18. Frown town
    low down
    clown sound
    Old mound
    Run down

    By Hank on 09.16.2014

  19. Her face was crinkled, and she looked as though she were deep in thought about a troubling subject. I didn’t like her like this, she looked stern and unpleasant. She reminded me of a witch in a child’s storybook.

    By Wednesday. on 09.16.2014

  20. Let me frown.
    But it’s all you do.
    It’s all I want to do.
    That’s lazy.
    But it says it all.

    By Matt Crowley on 09.16.2014

  21. a mad that people do when they are mad.

    By Ethan URL on 09.16.2014

  22. pooooooooooooooooooooo

    By Ethan URL on 09.16.2014

  23. I hate to frown but I love to smile and draw peace signs,I love Big Brother I never frown while watching Big Brother.I would never frown while watching t.v.Stop bulling words hurt I frown because people are bulling not me but other people are and on the news said a girl killed her self because of bulling.My puppy always looks like he is frowning but he is cute and I love him and I always will.I frown when I go to the doctors I hate the doctors they have shots I don’t like shots they hurt.I want to watch Big Brother but I frown because it doesn’t come on till 7:00P.M. I want to wright a whole page about the word frown I frowned because psych is not on tv anymore.So the word frown means to express that you are sad about something.Do dogs frown can they?I don’t know for now I say they frown.My dog frowns at his toys being put up he likes them spred out every where.

    By Lexy on 09.16.2014

  24. frown rhymes with clown and

    By l frost on 09.16.2014

  25. Your mouth looks very sad if you are sad.
    You are not smiling.

    By Sophie Conheady on 09.16.2014

  26. I was frowning realy hard to make sure I won the frown competion. It was hard but i came through and won he competion. The prize was a golden frown trophy and it would take pride of plae on the mantle piece.

    By tommy wright on 09.16.2014

  27. when me and my brother were playing basketball he hit me in the head and I frowned

    By annabel williams on 09.16.2014

  28. I was very excited to go to the swimming championship in Los Angeles, but when we landed off the plane my phone dinged and I had a message from the CEO of the championship that it had been cancelled and then I frowned. :(

    By Sophie Conheady on 09.16.2014

  29. frowny uglyness and terrible forhaving a nice faceif the wind changes and yourface will be stuck forever unless the wind changes back to the way itwas when yore where frowning

    By tommy wright on 09.16.2014

  30. its really fun but I don’t like the fact you only have 60 seconds

    By Sophie Conheady on 09.16.2014

  31. My last word. My face most of the time. The face of most of the people I meet. Always sad. Always tight. Light does not penetrate. I do not like frowns. I would much rather see a smile. Frowning is not good for your face muscles while smiling releases them. Less wrinkles. More fun.

    By Suzanne on 09.16.2014

  32. my mum and I entered a contest to go on a trip to Rio and we had to see who could not breath the longest and me and mum both did it and I was better then her and we were shore we were going to win I could hold my breath for 30 mins but we lost to a baby who could do it for an hour and mum and I had a frown on are faces for years. :(

    By annabel williams on 09.16.2014

  33. there was a teddy bear in my room and it had a frown on its face so I pretended I was a nurse

    By annabel rocks on 09.16.2014

  34. F-RO-W-N, its a horrible word. bad things come with it. just seeing people F-R-O-W-N lets you know that something bad has happened. I wish everyone could SMILE:), not F-R-O-W-N:(

    By SOPHIE on 09.16.2014

  35. Franticily frowning.
    Rage from another person.
    Optimism is not required in word FROWN, optimism is a happy word not a sad word!:{
    Whaling, is crying. You will also FROWN.
    Now smile and get on with your life, for you my not have a long.

    By SOPHIE URL on 09.16.2014

  36. My brother thought I wouldn’t be able to frown for a hole day so we did a bet and if I could I got $1000 so I went to school and everyone was asking if I was ok and the teacher said that I could have the rest of the day of the so I nodded my head and mum picked me up and said I could have a big bowl of choc pudding and that’s when I lost it and did a big smile.

    By annabel williams on 09.16.2014

  37. “Why so sad my dear?” the clown asked with a frown on his face. “Happiness is overrated, everyone knows that even you, mr clown.” I replied. He was about to say I was too young to be viewing the world this way and I walked away from him as if to say “save it, I have heard it all before.”

    By kathpine98 on 09.16.2014

  38. I never really stopped smiling. It didn’t matter how unhappy I was, or how I felt, or how desperately I wanted to look sad – or at least as if I weren’t taking some sort of sadistic glee in tragic events, which I truly did not. When I looked in the mirror, I was smiling, and I could not bring myself to frown.

    By a terrible poet on 09.16.2014

  39. Flat is a fallen face. It is a crumble when it frowns.

    By Molly Ashline on 09.16.2014

  40. Instead of a resting bitch face, I have a perpetual frown.

    “I’m NOT sad,” I exclaim. “My face just looks like that!”

    How ironic that my name means “smile.”

    By Reese on 09.16.2014