June 28th, 2015

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44 Responses to “freeway”

  1. Long is the road to the place where I began
    Where there is roughness like the skin of a unshaven man
    Or like the rocks that cut my feet that day by the beach
    A highway
    A road
    A journey
    To the centre

    By Tess on 06.28.2015

  2. When I was young, I took several road trips. I loved the open road. I loved the possibility that each state held. I loved the way I felt when I peeked into the lives of strangers in strange lands. I wish that life were as easy now, that I could just escape to the freeway and find my happiness.

    By Everly June on 06.28.2015

  3. I was walking down the freeway with no shoes. Don’t ask why, I don’t think you’d like the answer. Regardless of reason, there I was; barefoot and probably half dead. I hadn’t eaten since before the ‘game’ began…and who knew how long ago that had been. Cars zoomed past me, honking and with people poking their heads out shouting at me to “Get off the fuckin’ road, psycho!” I wasn’t ready to get off; I was on the trip of my life.

    By Kaleigh URL on 06.28.2015

  4. The freeway was packed, the cars in front of me barely moving. Todd, even after craning his admittedly long neck as much as he could, said he couldn’t tell if it was an accident or just plain old traffic. When we finally reached the culprit, however, it was even odder. Two children sat in the middle of the road with whom I presumed to be their mother, who was lying face down on the pavement as paramedics tended to her. Traffic had been compressed into a miserable, yet understandable, single lane.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.28.2015

  5. ride in the night black stretches of darkness broken by the yellow dim of headlights cars that pass one another strangers who never see each other some singing something some whispering secrets to lovers so far away we push forward keep going holding on to hope

    By WrittenOut on 06.28.2015

  6. I sat along the freeway sipping on sprite and tequila my eyesight getting more blurry by the second. my ratty blanket barely kept out the chill that was seeping into my bones. The night sky was covered with starts spilling out to every corner of the world. i wondered if other people were looking at the same sky I was or a different part.

    By Kali Allen URL on 06.28.2015

  7. A freeway is a road that you don’t pay money but..There some cars and there no turns sometime thers exit too!!!

    By joshua on 06.28.2015

  8. TT

    By THING on 06.28.2015

  9. the night lay opalescent as she dashed, top down, the freeway. the radio blaring a song she thought she knew the words to, as the city dashed past her. she was running, driving away. she couldn’t be this any more. she knew she wanted more.

    By Audrey on 06.28.2015

  10. We pummeled down the deserted freeway in the warm night, music blaring and fingers locked. Hours felt like seconds.

    By Evan on 06.28.2015

  11. *****Sometimes you need to run away just to see who will come after you *****

    I repeated this line to myself over and over as the car’s engine slowly creeped towards 70mph. It wasn’t my fault I would tell myself as I sped down the illuminated highway. I made eye contact with myself in the rearview mirror.

    “Yes it was.” I say aloud as my eyes drifted back towards the road in front of me. One road, with endless possibilities. But do they all lead to the same place?

    I urged my car onward hoping to drown out the events of the past night. I had to get away, I had to start over.

    “Gah!” I shouted as I slapped the steering wheel and shook my head. “You’re such an asshole.” I anxiously bit at my nail and sped up once again.

    Thinking back to the events that happened earlier this night, I most likely could have avoided the turnout. But the thing is, maybe I didn’t want to.

    By Emilija on 06.28.2015

  12. A busy road where people drive fast and accidents are prone to happen..

    By Nicole M. on 06.28.2015

  13. a lot of cars and people with orange and red uniforms. All of them are competing in a race

    By nathali URL on 06.28.2015

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    By nathali URL on 06.28.2015

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    By nathali URL on 06.28.2015

  16. The window was open a crack: as his speed increased, so did the intensity of the high-pitched whistling from the wind hurtling past. It was no coincidence that to him it sounded like a scream, and only prompted him to accelerate.

    By John Doe on 06.29.2015

  17. drive a smooth cold night a beautiful woman beside me, a fusion of trance and jazz flows through my mind as i look off into the dark but illuminated pink and blue sky. a hand rests on my thigh.

    By theodore on 06.29.2015

  18. i already did this today
    another traffic jam
    another long day
    another sigh of relief getting home
    another nights sleep

    By Theodore Williams on 06.29.2015

  19. A highway I would like to travel on. I imagine myself in a car with the windows down and the music blasting. The landscape flying by. Little fluffy clouds in a blue sky, the horizon always ahead of me. Mountainsides and lakes and little dreamy towns. Dairy farms and apple orchards.

    By Nat URL on 06.29.2015

  20. The freeway was long. Twisting and curving around the edge of the forest. The wind rushed through the window. She took a deep breath.

    By Pei Pei on 06.29.2015

  21. The freeway was packed,as usual. People all trying to get to the city. It amused her. Some people were sitting on their horns, others were banging beats into the steering wheel.

    By Ciara on 06.29.2015

  22. “You can do it, Jen!” My friends all shouted my name in unison, squealing in unison as, for the first time ever, I entered the freeway without an adult supervising me. They sounded like a cult, screaming my name rhythmically and clapping their hands.

    By Andrea on 06.29.2015

  23. The freeway is there, waiting for some wheels, waiting for a good car, with a good speed. the freedom is there too, and thats not all, there is danger too out there in the freeway. Take care travellers

    By tricix on 06.29.2015

  24. The freeway is the place where you have to be really responsible, because theres something in this place that talks to you, that asks for you to speed up your car, but you have to know, the dangers of doing it.

    By tricix on 06.29.2015

  25. The car sped up the ramp and the back end wobbled as the car burst on to the freeway. The rush-hour traffic provided plenty of obstacles but I was able to swerve my way through them and the sirens began to be more distant.

    By The Wint URL on 06.29.2015

  26. speeding, freeing, flying.

    crashing, halting, grounded.

    By Juno on 06.29.2015

  27. An entire hour had passed and the car had only moved a inch. Candice turned up the volume on her Ipod, drowning out the sound of honking horns, her toddler brother’s screams, and the resentful silent tension crowing out the small space in between her mother and father.

    By Soft URL on 06.29.2015

  28. We rode down the freeway laughing. He was wild on the motorbike, and I gripped his denim jacket in tight fists as he leaned forward as if to touch the horizon with the top of his shiny helmet. The roar of the engine couldn’t drown out our happiness.

    By Frankenstein on 06.29.2015

  29. And before I knew it, I was standing on that empty road, staring ahead, no idea where it goes.
    I took the first step forward anyway.
    The freeway of life was bound to lead me somewhere.

    By Yumi on 06.29.2015

  30. He was headed down the freeway, mind blank, hair flying. The wild surf was on one side, and the looming darkness of a medieval forest on the other.

    By Mary on 06.29.2015

  31. so many miles
    for a good place
    to stop
    inside i’m always
    the freeway of
    free thought
    distances us
    from our
    broken cages
    of youth

    By katiekieran URL on 06.29.2015

  32. An inner turmoil has built up in my head, where I want to break free from existing routines and make new changes. My recluse, my sojourn sometimes extends too long that even a minute more of this threatens to wreck havoc. I wish life were like a freeway, with no breaks, no intersections. Just a continuous, unbreakable flow taking me to places I desire.

    By kyungsoo on 06.29.2015

  33. The freeway of life is a hard road sometimes, but if you just take each day as it comes and enjoy the ride you will find it is a beautiful journey if you take it as such.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.29.2015

  34. As she watched the freeway pased by with a blur. She could see the trees and graound pass under her bike and feel the wind in her face. she loved it. everyday she would ride her bike to school and everyday she would ride back.

    By Zoe on 06.29.2015

  35. You could see the balloons from the freeway. Tens of thousands had the same idea we did; the same idea that the collective angst and subsequent jubilation was somehow their own.

    By asavas on 06.29.2015

  36. It’s a long road where drivers of all sort meet. Crazy and conservative drivers are found in this path. Freeway can be a stressful road to take, sometimes.

    By Rye on 06.29.2015

  37. Driving down the freeway, head out the window, feeling the wind against my face. I turn around and look at them sitting next to me, happy as can be. I have no idea where we’re going, but I don’t care. We are on the road, heading on an adventure. My tail won’t stop wagging and I wouldn’t want it to; I’m happy as ever in this one moment.

    By rockegan on 06.29.2015

  38. Access to far away places, freedom, danger, cars, frustration, traffic, roadtrips, driving fast, escaping town

    By Cody on 06.29.2015

  39. “I dodged the car as I raced past the freeway and shut my eyes as I drove off the highway into the river. For the past twenty-three minutes I had been trying to escape the sheriff’s car that was chasing me because I had stolen a teensey weensey nuclear reactor. I mean, they have like fifty-billion of them, right? Well anyways, that still doesn’t change the fact that I’m about ten feet away from hitting the water. And with that I opened the door and jumped out into the water and started to swim as fast as I could. I carefully glanced back and saw that the sheriff had gotten backup and they were all firing their handguns. At first I didn’t feel any pain but then I saw them get in their cars and just drove away. I guess this was gonna’ be a easy escape after all, but then I saw the blood as it blended with the muddy water and figured that they probably saw the blood before I did. The next few minutes was kind of a blur but somehow I made it to shore and now here I am talking with you.”The man that had brought him in just stared at him for around forty seconds with the most dull face ever and said without the slightest movement,”wow”.

    By David on 06.29.2015

  40. The first, actually the second car accident I got into involved only me, a Ford Aerostar minivan, and an ice patch on a stretch of freeway not too far from my house. I was heading to the doctor’s office, then I was sliding and facing backward on the freeway.

    By G Parks URL on 06.29.2015