August 10th, 2015

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61 Responses to “flour”

  1. Finely ground white fluffy and powdery. Used in baking, Is bland and flavourless.

    By Izzy on 08.10.2015

  2. flour is what i make all my yummy goodies with. cookies and brownies and cakes and more. flour could possibly be mistaken for flower, but it shouldnt beause flou is white goodness, but flowers are colorful, smelly delights

    By Haley on 08.10.2015

  3. My father is the chef in the family. Usually, that means that there is always good food on the table, but it also means that he is the head of the kitchen. He’s a fast chef, always whipping things together, but he likes to do it alone. Just once in a while, I’d like to get messy and get throw flour all over the counter and maybe make a pie.

    By Jane Grey on 08.10.2015

  4. She had white flour in her hair when Cory walked in. “What are you doing?” He laughed out. It was covering the entire floor. She dusted off her shirt.
    “I was trying to make you a cake, but it exploded.” He walked over to her, his shoes leaving foot prints in the flour. He hugged her. “I’m sorry I made a mess, Cor.” They laughed.

    By Rory on 08.10.2015

  5. i like flour, it makes yummy things for your mouth….but my belly doesn’t like flour unfortunately. it makes my belly hurt and then i get sad. i want to eat flour so bad. but thankfully they make other kinds of flour that i can eat.

    By kristin on 08.10.2015

  6. “I can’t believe you just dumped flour all over the floor. What were you thinking?” Michael shouted at a very red Luke.

    “I just wanted to help you Mikey. I never intended on you getting mad.”

    “Well, I am so you should just leave this kitchen.”

    By LeAJean on 08.10.2015

  7. Baking is something fun, but extremely hard to do if you live twenty miles away from the nearest planet that supplies flour.

    By Sam Filbet on 08.10.2015

  8. There was flour everywhere! The floor was covered in the soft, white powder. Surprisingly, the bowl where it was all supposed to go, had received none of the flour.

    I heard a giggle come from the other room.

    By LeA Jean on 08.10.2015

  9. Pasta. Cake. A beautiful cheese sauce.

    Have you ever known the wonder of flour in its many forms?

    I have. It’s my tickled delight – every finger passing through floured counters for bread, pans made ready for baked joy.

    Flour – you had me at hello.

    By Simone on 08.10.2015

  10. The flour was all over the flour. The children had made quite a mess. Where were they? They would not be watching TV for a week. Wait. What were those tiny prints in the flour. Too small to belong to the kids.

    By MauriceWilliams on 08.10.2015

  11. Ooo! I meant the flour was all over the floor. :)

    By MauriceWilliams on 08.10.2015

  12. “Oh you are so dead.”
    I ran out the door avoiding my unavoidable death from a certain patchy white ghost.
    “This was a new shirt Penelope! It’s J Crew and you better pay for a new one!”

    By Michaela on 08.10.2015

  13. I wanted to bake a cake but ended up injuring my husband badly instead. He was standing next to me, smoking, while I was pouring the flour into the bowl. I wanted to tease him a bit so I threw a bit of flour at him. I shouldn’t have done that…

    By Alice Shina on 08.10.2015

  14. how you gonna bake your cake? flour
    how you gonna make your bread? flour
    how you going to give someone with gluten intolerance diarrhea? flour

    By Mike on 08.10.2015

  15. Having flour allows one to make bread. A necessity for enjoying a sandwich.

    By Brandon on 08.10.2015

  16. Mąka była wszędzie, na szafkach, blatach, na stole czy podłodze. Po środku tego chaosu stał jego sprawca, Castiel. Próbował upiec swoje pierwsze ciasto, by zaimponować Deanowi. Powiedzieć, że mu nie poszło, było niedopowiedzeniem. To była kompletna katastrofa. Ale gdy Dean wrócił i zobaczył cały ten bałagan, nie zezłościł się, ale uśmiechnął. Liczy się gest.

    By Nigaki on 08.10.2015

  17. Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. I can’t bake to save my left toe. Lol

    By Barbara Rookstool on 08.10.2015

  18. The flour hit the floor. He was dead the man who killed him wanted him to suffer longer but the mess he made left evidence

    By Haeriot on 08.10.2015

  19. Flour dusted his hands and he worked the dough with practiced fingers. He lost himself in the repetition, happy to keep his mind busy. His mom had been riding him to make some break for a while now, and though he had originally resisted, turns out his mom knew it was good for him.

    By Luke on 08.10.2015

  20. i can’t forget all the dishes of mom special which are with the flour ^___^

    By maiss on 08.10.2015

  21. She had heard of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, sure, but this was something else– a line of floury white footprints leading from her kitchen’s back door into the deep woods.
    The girl stooped down to look closely at them, puzzled. They weren’t even shoe marks, but impressions of bare feet, and they were surprisingly solid, as if every step had been freshly powdered. Even curiouser, there were tiny brown speckles dusted through every mark. Hesitantly, she dabbed a fingertip to one and tasted it. Her eyebrows arched as she identified not just the obvious flour but also cinnamon, nutmeg, and– was that a hint of clove? Had to be. She’d recognize that flavor anywhere.
    The girl stood back up, furrowing her brow and humming a low note of consideration. This is the sort of thing they write fairy tales about, she mused. I’d best be careful…

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.10.2015

  22. I wanted to make a cake, but we were out of flour. I went to the grocery store, but the store was closed for cleaning purposes. I thought I’d drive my car to the next available store, but my automobile just wouldn’t start. So I started to walk. Only I bore a whole in my shoe, faceplanted after tripping over a bump in the sidewalk, and wound up just having my girlfriend buy a cake on her way home from work.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.10.2015

  23. I mixed the flour in with the sugar, added the vanilla extract. I licked the spoon. I couldn’t wait for the oven to preheat. I couldn’t wait for them to sit inside teasing me. I devoured the batter instead.

    By Josie on 08.10.2015

  24. “Oh god. Mom’s gonna kill us.”
    Flour caked the walls, eggs were splattered all over the floor, butter and oil and sugar were thrown in unlikely places.
    “Are you talking about the mess, or the dead guy that caused it?”

    By killerkoala987 on 08.10.2015

  25. The girl seldom mistakes hearing flour with flower. But when she heard of flour, and received a long-stemmed rose, the girl was flustered. As she thought she would be asked to bake a cake. And even more flustered to see the twinkling eyes of the gentleman who handed this different kind of ‘flour’, the sweet smelling one.

    By Wil URL on 08.10.2015

  26. Flour?? powder you mean. I don’t really bake cakes or do anything with flour. Totally writer’s block. hehe.. But I do use a lot of powder, as I get rashes easily.

    By SincerelyME on 08.10.2015

  27. it’s flour that cakes your fingers
    pressed into clumps onto your skin
    drifts as dust in the air

    By YEsomebody on 08.10.2015

  28. It was white and powdery. It had a weird taste. I added water and it instantly because a sticky mixture.

    By jade on 08.10.2015

  29. the whitest of flour whiter than the moon at the earliest hour its face speaks as it shines borrowing precious light as it reflects back only half as bright

    By llago on 08.10.2015

  30. Sift thru every photo in that card board box. Did you really mean to tell me to get 3 boquets of flour???? Im not sure how that works…Did you see what I did right there!? ;-D

    By ajloopy URL on 08.10.2015


    By Thomas Shanlever on 08.10.2015

  32. She was covered in flour. Head to toe. Every nook and every cranny. And it had all been Anthony’s fault.

    He suggested the Old Mill as an excellent place to play. Liar. But it had been fun. She’ll concede that much.

    By Kyle L Grange URL on 08.11.2015

  33. Flour is an essential ingredient in many desserts. If you have flour and fruit you can make a “healthy” dessert. I can’t do anything from scratch. I just buy things. I dont like flour.

    By Pei Pei on 08.11.2015

  34. with which we can make a lot of eating stuff.in village folk it is a common one to start with a eday … on my childhood a memorable day starter often

    By EswarRama on 08.11.2015

  35. I grinned cheekily, grabbing a handful of flour and throwing it at my friend.
    “Hey!” She protested. “I’m the one doing the heavy lifting here!” She nodded at the tray of cupcakes in her hand. “Pick on someone else who’s bored!”

    By Shr on 08.11.2015

  36. She was covered in flour, head to toe, smiling at me like this was the greatest adventure of her life. Making Christmas cookies was always exciting, but there was a certain special nostalgia this year in particular, the flour dusting the bald patches on her head like snow.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.11.2015

  37. You say that you are here
    But I do not see you
    The sun rises but you are still asleep
    One day soon you will come visit me
    It may not be to your liking
    But I will treasure it deeply.

    By Boo on 08.11.2015

  38. How I wish life could be as smooth as pure as useful as you. How I wish love could be as satisfying as you.

    By sara on 08.11.2015

  39. When she rounded the corner and found her two sons frozen in fear and covered from head to toe in white flour, she began to laugh. The ridiculously cute confusion on their faces and their slow grins were something she vowed to remember in the days ahead, when she’d be sick from the chemo and stuck in a hospital.

    By Soft URL on 08.11.2015

  40. flour, we use flour to use in cooking or baking.Its white and powdery, just like powdered suger.

    By Jeremiah on 08.11.2015