August 11th, 2015

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54 Responses to “derived”

  1. Flour is derived from wheat. Food is derived from either animals or plants.

    By Becca Seale on 08.12.2015

  2. I had no clue what this word meant but I did my best.

    By Becca Seale on 08.12.2015

  3. from this, then that
    from that, then this
    derivations, divinations
    the past writes the future
    the present reads the text
    all the worlds a prophecy
    and the seas are coming next

    By Benjie on 08.12.2015

  4. Her name was derived from the latin word for sadness and she was the epitioy of it. Her beauty rested within the sadness that swam around in the pools of her eyes. Though, she hid it well, to see her is to witness pain. Something had happened to her and from the moment I met her all I wanted to do was fix it.

    By Trista URL on 08.12.2015

  5. Juive derived from the orange. the word enthusiasm derived from the word ethos. Am I learning how to transplant a word into a sentence. you have the tools. Do you have what it takes to make utility from those tools.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.12.2015

  6. I derived that I do not know what the word derived means. I would (Denny) much rather just write the word several times…..derived, derived, derived. Let me see if I can figure this out. I can only assume that if I derive something I am coming up with a meaning for it. I can take it apart and put it into pieces. So if I derived

    By carolyn on 08.12.2015

  7. I hate calculus. The derivative of x^2 is 2x, and I still don’t understand hyperbolic functions and I suck at math. Honestly, why am I going to business school if I got 54% in calculus? It’s as though I believe that I might actually do okay in calculus this year. Sure I know the basics but I kind of suck ass at it. If only I pushed myself harder I suppose…

    By Vicky on 08.12.2015

  8. To Derive is to arrive at a conclusion at a specific time and purpose. Once details are mapped it is usually quite coincidental how the conclusion has been derived.

    By sylvie on 08.12.2015

  9. if eve was derived from
    woman from man,

    and words are derived from
    and roots from smaller seeds
    planted thousands of years
    in the past

    By Eliza on 08.12.2015

  10. An overblown one, for sure. What was derived from? What did you derive from? How do you derive from here to there without a GPS? Never liked this word; overused by businesses all the time. Not as much fun as yesterday’s word. What can be derived from this entire passage? Anyone?

    By nyla on 08.12.2015

  11. emmm really im not sure what should i write about it.this word just reffers to driving i think.but im sure that it is not the exact word .wow derived means…? i dont know!!

    By zahra on 08.12.2015

  12. i derived my conclusion from a careful observation of my surroundings around me, the posters on the wall, torn and thin, from years of careful transportation told me of a person of pernicious character and well worn habits, someone who is transient yet holds a place in the history of their own lives.

    By Daniel on 08.12.2015

  13. Derivied is a word that is how you get from one place to another. it’s about links and connections. It can be the origin of a word and where it came from. it can be a PLACE of origin, where a person has come from, maybe even an idea or concept. it’s a long word and i wouldn’t call it a common word. Other similar words could be linked, originated or simply ‘came from’

    By Jen on 08.12.2015

  14. When he wants to get really showy, he uses big words in a sentence – that is, HIS definition of a big word. It’s obnoxious to no end, but is a worthwhile event when he uses a word incorrectly in front of somebody he’s trying to impress. I remember when he explained that the report was “derived” of numerous statistics from the research team. The look on Baldwin’s face was tremendously satisfying.

    By asavas on 08.12.2015