June 19th, 2015

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21 Responses to “engaged”

  1. Sasuke sat there, shocked. Engaged? That seemed like such a foreign word at this moment. Engaged? Sure, it was a common practice for a man his age; half his friends are already engaged. Shino, Kiba, Hinata, Gaara, heck, even Rock Lee managed to get engaged. However, the word simply didn’t seem to apply to Sasuke. He slowly raised his head to face his father, certain that his expression showed only pure shock.

    “What, were you not expecting this?” Fugaku asked.

    Sasuke couldn’t even utter a single syllable. He simply shook his head, and lowered his head once more.

    Fugaku rose from his seat and patted Sasuke on his shoulder before walking out the room. Right as he exited the door, he left Sasuke with some advice. “Sakura is a good girl, Sasuke. I know what you’re…. up to… with that blond man Naruto, but this is for your own good. Don’t squander this opportunity I’m giving you.”

    By Uchiha! URL on 06.19.2015

  2. Her mind was a million miles from the box store where she presently stood trying to discern the next item on a hasty scribbled list. Already she was at her next engagement, a little cafe where writing takes place. It was always a safe bet when the walls were up that the block could be broken with a little caffeine and diy ambience hanging in the air.

    By Intuition URL on 06.19.2015

  3. I have been engaged for over one year now. My relationship is ninety percent perfect. I’m not going to say one hundred percent because that’s not reasonable. There are times when we need space, when we say the wrong thing, when touching one another brings more prickling than warmth. But that’s only ten percent. The other ninety percent is laughter, kisses, and outings. It’s bad jokes and cuddling. It’s getting frisky and getting serious. It’s creativity, art, and music. Ninety percent is perfect. I can endure the other ten.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.19.2015

  4. She doesn’t accept. Its perverse how thrilled he is about it but when he finds out that she hasn’t said yes to that morons proposal he’s so relieved he feels guilty about it.

    She refuses to talk about it, which is fine by him seeing as it makes it easier to pretend that it was never a possibility in the first place.

    By Bri on 06.19.2015

  5. Engaged.. It was still weird to think about it and even weirder to see the ring on her finger-physical proof of it.

    By Nicole M. on 06.19.2015

  6. Marriage, attention. Getting involved, getting into something and devoting yourself with every last bit of you, giving it your all because you love something and you wouldn’t give it up for the world, being part of something that gives back as you give to it.

    By Birdhymns URL on 06.19.2015

  7. Deeply engaged, she moved slowly towards the voices that whispered just beyond her hearing. Jane couldn’t get close enough to make out the string of words…never-mind their cohesive meaning….but something didn’t feel right and she had finally learned to trust her intuition.

    Suddenly, she remembered where she was and why she was there…and…more importantly….that she wasn’t supposed to be there at all…..but it was too late.

    By Pam Heighway URL on 06.19.2015

  8. I really want to get engaged. How funny that this is the word of the day when I’ll I can think about is getting engaged to my dear boyfriend. We have been together for 3 and a half years and there is no one else that I would ever want to spend the rest of my life with. He is my best friend and the other half of my heart. Please come home, sweetheart…

    By Acela URL on 06.19.2015

  9. “We’re engaged!”
    “We’re engaged”
    Yes, Ivan and I are engaged”
    “That can’t be true.”
    “BUt it is.”

    Breaking News to the Family

    By DolphinDreams URL on 06.19.2015

  10. Ive lived alot of my life just sitting around not doing much, this was mainly because the school i was in previously didnt offer much opportunities but this all changed when i joint woodstock.

    By Rhys Fernandes on 06.20.2015

  11. it was a startling, breath-catching-in-throat kind of dizziness. he’d never thought he’d fall to the whims of literature and cheesy romcoms, but when their eyes met (her eyes so dark and captivating) he was captivated; engaged; enraptured.

    By cherryohs URL on 06.20.2015

  12. Well, i havent been able to engage with people a lot. I am seriously trying a lot to do so. Well engaging does remind me of a girl that is actually a look a like of Shraddha Kapoor. And she tried to engage with

    By Rajiv Chaube URL on 06.20.2015

  13. This morning my sister got engaged. Engagements are normally momentous, exciting events, but this one was different. There was a sadness in her voice when she told me over the phone. Not because she wasn’t excited, but because she knew what she would have to reveal. I knew that my sister had loved Lorna for years. Their bond was secretive by necessity. My parents would never condone their relationship.

    By Lina Bean URL on 06.20.2015

  14. I had a small window to be engaged to my husband before we were married. Sometimes I wish that I wouldn’t have agreed to marry him as quickly as I did. Instead, I think it would have been nice to just be engaged for a while. At least for one whole year.

    By JB on 06.20.2015

  15. He wasn’t engaged, his mind was elsewhere and it wouldn’t settle. All he wanted to do was write a few true sentences that would inspire him, a short potent story that he could add to his collection but sometimes it seemed these stories just popped out when he least expected it and it wasn’t something he could just magic up willy nilly.

    By Steve O URL on 06.20.2015

  16. It was many years of isolation. The Vietnam war had my nerves feigned so bad that i stayed away from her and all my friends for 5 long years. I asked my Sargent to post me in Alabama, where i could find my soul. After all these years, here i was going to New York to attend a party. i got the news few days ago, the love of my life was getting engaged!

    By prathap on 06.20.2015

  17. i was engaged in my coursework which was considerably tough as it required much effort than it usually does cause I don’t pay much attention due to my attention span being less than a fly,

    By Roy on 06.20.2015

  18. the world could of collapsed around his feet and he wouldn’t of noticed. He was utterly engaged in the game, losing himself to the screams of zombies after a long week at work. It wasn’t that he hated his job in particular. He hated everything these days.

    By Trista URL on 06.20.2015

  19. Engaged. Such a funny word. It meant married, but not yet. Unified, but not yet. Just planning to.
    If you think about it, everyone is engaged. Well, almost everyone. Most of us plan to get married. So we’re all engaged. We just don’t know who we’re engaged to.

    By Ingrid on 06.20.2015

  20. To the love of my life, my best friend, engaged to the dream that we will have this forever and it’ll never end. engaged to be happy, engaged for an adventure. we will be engaged in our life together.

    By Dena on 06.20.2015

  21. Engaged. I am engaged to you. I’m marrying you. I’m not sure I know what I’m doing, but I love it. Love. Love. What a strange word. Nearly as strange as I do. I do. I do. Will I? Will we? Will we really do all we promise?

    By B on 06.20.2015