June 20th, 2015

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43 Responses to “distant”

  1. A distant future or a distant past?
    Or distance from tbe present
    Distant – it is what you make of it
    Is near required? Is it worth the while?
    Can not distance cover what proximity can not hope?

    By Faiza on 06.21.2015

  2. I don’t like the feeling. To be in the same room and space and be a million miles apart. You’re like NYC sitting in my Los Angeles Apartment.

    By lovealways URL on 06.21.2015

  3. Your social life. Homosexuals. That stage in SSBB from Pikmin. What your relationship between your parents and you are. Porn. Some more Porn. A guy’s relationship with a porno addict. Even more homosexuals. Porn. And you.

    By Rude Dudes URL on 06.21.2015