December 22nd, 2015

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29 Responses to “duration”

  1. Cannot process. This is too long, too painful. How could they do this. Can’t think, can’t think no more no more. It is so brief, so quick, but so excruciatingly long.

    By nicole on 12.22.2015

  2. The duration of the project was spent in pain. They couldn’t agree on anything, and had a hard time doing anything but fighting. When the teacher had paired them together they fussed and moaned, earning each of them not only a look but a sharp tone. They didn’t understand WHY she expected them to work with someone they didn’t like. What was the purpose of this stupid exercise anyhow?

    By SJ on 12.22.2015

  3. Eileen was asleep for the entire duration of the show, but I was riveted. Victor was an excellent dancer. Every time he glided across the stage, every bend of his knees and slant of his ankles, kept me alert and rapt. By the time the performance was over and I have worn out my hands from clapping so hard, I shook my girlfriend away just before she was about to start snoring.

    “What’d I miss?” she asked groggily. “Everything?”


    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.22.2015

  4. Life, growth, reach, touch and become. This is the way duration should be experienced, and the method of how to experience to become.

    By Franko on 12.22.2015

  5. For the duration of her visit, Melody felt as though the strangers were all pressing in on her through the windows. Of course this was silly, as the strangers were nothing but pine trees wrapped in the comforting numbness that the snow provides each winter in Canada. How else would she be able to open up to her parents if not through the needles of immobile strangers?

    By Molly on 12.22.2015

  6. he was gone for the complete duration of the trip. he had been gone almost quite as long as he had on their honeymoon, but he did not need to be told that. he did what he wanted, that he was proud to say, but whoever tried to tell him off for it was instantly labelled the bitch, nag, and should stop THAT sort of behaviour. But not his. Never his.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 12.22.2015

  7. for as long as I’ve know…for as long as I’ve lived…I have struggled.
    For how long a duration still?

    By jonna on 12.22.2015

  8. Duration is long. I don’t have a long time to think. My mind is blank. I cannot form the thoughts for this word. There is a blockage in my head. My mind won’t think. And the bar is almost full.

    By Senya20 on 12.22.2015

  9. for as long as I’ve know…for as long as I’ve lived…I have struggled.
    For how long a duration still?

    By jonna on 12.22.2015

  10. Sticking it out
    for the duration

    over the hump

    & finish-line-bound –
    swell of love
    over all
    we have

    By dinamspice URL on 12.22.2015

  11. Some times it’s difficult to understand how I can withstand the length and breath of my life. The duration of suffering, worry and anxiety seem like more than I can handle. Yet I trudge on.

    By HMS on 12.22.2015

  12. The length of time it takes. For me, the duration of something is the hardest part. Right now I’m enduring heartbreak. I do not know the duration of such a feeling as this is my first heartbreak. I hope it doesn’t last forever. I hope heartbreak has a short duration. I want to feel normal again. Please make it stop.

    By Spring Tiger on 12.22.2015

  13. the time between time. the moment before something happens. a short or long time. time. a period of time.

    By john on 12.22.2015

  14. When I think of duration I think of the time that it takes to accomplish something. Or the duration of the day. What can I get done? What can I experience? How long will this take me? Duration can be put into a tangible number but in the overall, it is simply an illusion. Take that.

    By Senelson08 on 12.22.2015

  15. its hard to know what to say when i don’t know what this word means . so i’m going to say it means wellness so this word is wellness.i hope you like to know my definition of this and i know this is a bad writing for this one word prompt but who cares and i hope you like this.thanks for

    By tay URL on 12.22.2015

  16. I was so tensed in the duration of my exams.it iswhat i got when i read the word duration. I felt really difficult at that time.

    By Princy on 12.22.2015

  17. Sometimes I just want to sleep for the duration of winter. Other times, I regret having to sleep at all, wishing instead that I could blaze like a comet, moving from thought to thought, task to task, creating, building, loving, living. My tail touching a creative spark just as it’s about to fizzle out and reigniting to paint, and breathe, and dance, and zip again. Then, I think about sleep and peace and dreams and rest and how they rejuvenate, restore, and inspire, and I realize that winter is long and there is time to blaze and time to rest and both are needed for creation.

    By Angel Gage on 12.23.2015

  18. How long?
    We have enough normal food for six, or seven moons. As long as we can drop our nets to catch fish, we’ll be able to survive for almost a year, I’d say, though I think we’ll find something before then. if there is somewhere other than us floating in that ocean, we’ll find it.

    By FuMashu on 12.23.2015

  19. It seemed to go on forever. The stared into the light, trying to ignore the sounds that were echoing through her open mouth into her brain, pounding away at the composure she was trying to hold. “Almost done.” Yeah, it’s easy for a dentist to tell you they are almost done when they don’t have actual power tools in their mouth. It’s much different for the patient.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.23.2015

  20. Duration, for me, represents many different things. It can be a work effort, a period of time, it can also be a sliver of activity.

    By hektor on 12.23.2015

  21. Wasn’t supposed to last long. Ten minutes tops, the nurse promised. Alaine gripped the edges of the metal slab she lay on, staring up at the bright halogen light on the ceiling.Bright spots danced before her eyes as she tried not to flinch while the woman methodically plucked pubic hair for evidence. She grit her teeth and glared down at the liar between her legs. Ten minutes felt more like hour, and another violation.

    By Soft URL on 12.23.2015

  22. “Alright, take a seat.” The teacher said from the front of the room. I sat at my desk and shook, staring down at the paper on the table. It was finals week. This one essay could determine passing or failing. And I only had an hour to complete it. My hands shook as I picked up the pen and started to write.

    By Ash on 12.23.2015

  23. duration is time!!?? I don’t know… im not the smart person in the world <3

    By Alexyss Jacobs on 12.23.2015

  24. It was a crowded waiting room, how was i supposed to figure out how to survive the duration of this pause in my life? i was used to moving at warp speed from one event to the next with no buffer time, no time to regroup and then there i was, standing, staring, waiting.

    By Mary on 12.23.2015

  25. See things through to their duration — hmm nice concept. I see things with enthusiasm in the beginning but really go the duration — boredom or distraction stop me in my tracks.

    By magster on 12.23.2015

  26. Days. Each is 24 hours. Their duration never changes but some feel like an eternity and others feel like the blink of an eye.

    By Chris on 12.23.2015

  27. long, the winding road of life
    seemingly bending in and out of view
    hiding dreams, hope and shielding despair
    of our youth.

    By Chelsea on 12.23.2015

  28. It felt like a while after he heard it, but realistically, it only took mere seconds for her to turn him down after he confessed his love to her. And as some fictitious aphorism based on relativity goes; everyone lives by on some sort of time dilation. It’s just that her 5 seconds felt like 5 milleniums to him.

    By nom de luc URL on 12.23.2015

  29. duration probation annihilation inhalation vacation location creation

    By dudestop on 12.23.2015