December 21st, 2015

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36 Responses to “blaming”

  1. This is a really easy thing to do. I think I do it a lot.
    However, when I hear this word, all I can think about is the conflict between my sister and my mom right now.

    By Annee on 12.21.2015

  2. its always easier to blame things on everyone or everything. I couldn’t do this because that didn’t happen, the relationship didn’t work out because he wasn’t into it. When are we actually going to realise that there is only one person to blame and that is ourselves.

    By Melodi on 12.21.2015

  3. blaming is one of the most common human traits. everyone does it. and it has become such a norm that you don’t even realise that you’re doing ıt

    By MelodiTurkes on 12.21.2015

  4. and it is i that take this cup, drink from its abundance and find someone to accuse someone of the loss, one must learn to drink from the emptiness and be content

    By Jung on 12.21.2015

  5. you blame me for your sins but really you are at fault. how dare you accuse me of your problems when you are the one who caused mine, trying to inflict pain upon me are you, well you shall pay in eternal suffering for the rest of your guilty life

    By Sarah L on 12.21.2015

  6. blaming sounds like laming. that’s not a real word… is it????? I don’t care. anyone seen fast and furious, they blaming…

    By Alexyss Jacobs on 12.21.2015

  7. “You’re kidding me, right?”

    Simon shook his head.

    “Are you seriously blaming me? Are you seriously saying I’m at fault for your own stupidity?”

    “You led me on.”

    “Bullsh**,” I spat. “Bull. F***ing. Sh**. This was entirely your decision. I washed my hands of it. I am f***ing Pontius Pilate to your Pharisee. Do not start with me.”

    Simon’s lips were drawn so tightly now, they were almost white.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.21.2015

  8. It was all wrong. The restaurant, the cheesy card, the gaudy ring, and the dozens of eyes gaping like fish, waiting for her to answer. She gripped the little black velvet box and stared back at his goofy smile. “I hate you for this,” she whispered. He laughed. “For better or worse, right? Here’s me at my worse. Still want me?” She shook her head in frustration and scowled. “Yes, asshole.”

    By Soft URL on 12.21.2015

  9. People love to place blame on each other for things, unnecessary blame. Blame never solves the problem, but in fact adds another problem. Why do we do it then?

    By Reilly on 12.21.2015

  10. who can blame them?

    By St Vitus on 12.21.2015

  11. there was malice in her voice as well as her eyes when she looked upon the one whom she once trusted very dearly. she knew that he was to blame, and there was no other way around it. her hands shook with rage, and though there was a softness in his eyes, she knew that she would not relent this time. “how could you,” she began, her voice small and frightening

    By Hannah on 12.21.2015

  12. It was the constant blaming he’d receive from the other siblings that drove him kind of crazy, not one of those incidents had been his fault.

    By Meg on 12.21.2015

  13. As her family fell to their knees, their eyes empty and now soulless the child blamed herself and continued blaming herself for the next twenty years.

    By zutarra on 12.21.2015

  14. Blaming is when a person says somehing to another person that they say someone or he ardsomething about that person. Blaming si

    By madi on 12.21.2015

  15. BLAMING. It’s what we do when we just don’t want to face the truth. We can’t bear to hear it, that it’s us, its me, I am the only one to blame. So we never do admit this. We blame the others around us. It makes us weaker, It crumples us. But we still do it. We do it everyday. And we always will. The biter truth is marble against our brittle china promises.

    By Bob Gurni on 12.21.2015

  16. “It’s all your fault for being such an arrogant hussy!” he shouted. Brooklyn glared back at him. “Oh? And what does that make you, you presumptuous rich boy? Hm?” She placed her hands on her hips. “Just because you’re rich and handsome doesn’t mean I’ll marry you after knowing you a WEEK!”

    By Grace on 12.21.2015

  17. She was the reason why I fell apart. I never thought that someone like her would do such a thing!
    I blame her, I blame her for everything that she did. I lost everything because of this one girl. But blaming one person for something they don’t even know they are at fault are is morally wrong. But I can’t help but just accuse her for everything. Blame this horrible person for all the horrible things that they did.

    By Daff on 12.21.2015

  18. Just the act of blaming alone does nothing but shame someone into anger or sadness. It’s a tactic to assert dominance, to claim you’re better than the other because of their wrong. Yes, we must all atone for our sins and learn from our mistakes, but simple name-calling accomplishes naught anything.

    By Ashi URL on 12.21.2015

  19. It’s very easy to blame but harder to accept or take responsibility. Most people think that blame is only something that one can do with another person. Many a times, blame is also directed towards self. It can be turned into a healthy response – by taking responsibility to change – to act: for the better.

    By AM on 12.22.2015

  20. i cant blame my parents or anyone anymore its not fair to them iam in chrge of my destiny but i shoulnt blame myself for being human and maki9ng mistakes. blame is toxic i need to be free from thast and focus on the future instead of the past

    By brie dawson on 12.22.2015

  21. Flitter of lashes
    against sun stream
    & dust glitter

    Blacked-out numb so long –
    aching from the empty
    of all the missing

    of you.

    Back-snap in unrolling &

    l e t t i n g g o

    of the blaming
    I did back in my

    By dinamspice URL on 12.22.2015

  22. there’s no use to it. It leads only back to the past, and the more we delve into such a game, the muddier the water gets, until everything, not only in the past, but also in the present is obscured, and the time we could have spent planning the future has been lost.

    By FuMashu on 12.22.2015

  23. No sense blaming him for where I am right now. I have known how he is and I still love him. I can’t help how my heart feels. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.22.2015

  24. if blaming oneself was of any contentment to others , than bound are we by misery

    By Aya Bachir on 12.22.2015

  25. self indulgent man, never had a great love, blames everyone but himself for the mistakes he’s made in life. brooding personality with a dependence on liquor and materialistic distractions.

    By Imogen Sabel on 12.22.2015

  26. The blaming game. Something that everyone loves. But not me. At least not towards you, not really.

    By X on 12.22.2015

  27. We now live in a judging and blaming society. No longer to we stand up and take accountability for our actions nor the environment we create. We have lost the ability to be self-sufficient and respond to the setbacks that life puts to us. We need to reclaim this lost art.

    By hektor on 12.22.2015

  28. She was done arguing about it. It wasn’t worth it anymore. She stared down at her toes on the pavement while he looked straight ahead, perhaps through her. “What if I took the blame? What if I said it was all my fault?” She shook her head. “That’s already true. So how could it help anymore?”

    By Bridget Grace on 12.22.2015

  29. blaming is when you blame something on someone else… I am blaming you for my mistake!!!!

    By Alexyss Jacobs on 12.22.2015

  30. Sickness, misfortune, disaster… when something went terribly awry, something far beyond the control of any mortal, every finger in town still pointed towards one shadowy figure. Every voice spoke in hushed tones of fault and power and fear, but it was all tempered by a strange relief, a sort of subdued reassurance in the very act of blaming. It was less frightening for them to assign responsibility to something solid, someone on whom justice could be brought, rather than to accept that some things simply happen. A storm can be crueler than any man and yet you cannot hold it morally responsible. To make a man a storm… he may become a god in the public eye, but even gods can fall. And so every crisis was another black mark against the bogeyman they had created, a soul imagined to hold all sourceless sins, a nebulous being damned to eternal offense. The people were placated by their attributions, but they had no sense of their own responsibility… for myths and legends eventually gain strange lives of their own, and what then, if their child of guilt were to gain awareness of the injustice against it? What then, if their scapegoat proclaimed itself a lamb? Could the people learn to see a different hand dealing, a different hand dealt?

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 12.22.2015

  31. My face grew red and palms sweaty. Years of indignation and heartache welled up around me. The woman I loved just couldn’t understand what she was accusing me of. What she was insinuating. Yea she caught us on the counter. And perhaps yes, possibly on camera. But through her guttural howls and belly screams she wouldn’t listen to my repeated chorus of, It wasn’t me.

    By Mike Thompson on 12.22.2015

  32. It was so hot that the F had fallen upside down an the two arms fused together.

    By ThinkBrain on 12.22.2015

  33. things to carry
    weights meant to shame
    no thing is
    every thing

    By katiekieran URL on 12.22.2015

  34. she was absolutely furious that he was blaming her for all of the misfortune that they had suffered in the past few years, even though it was mostly his fault

    By Laura Lewallen URL on 12.22.2015

  35. everyone but me right? call it a game, call it an excuse, but it’s a way to hide real easy like. I didn’t do it. I don’t know who did but it wasn’t me. We learn young and we don’t forget easy, but still have the worst memories……………..

    By Colton Adrian on 12.22.2015

  36. I’m not some sort of criminal! I mean, I did break out of jail and fight the military…but I didn’t steal the-

    By Bradley W. Lloyd on 12.22.2015