July 14th, 2015

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55 Responses to “drops”

  1. “Honey?”

    “Yes, dear?”

    “Have you seen my eye drops?”

    “No, dear. I haven’t seen them at all today.”

    “I kind of need them.”

    “Eyes dry again?”

    “No, there’s a spider on my bed, and I’m going to see if I can use the drops to kill it in some way. Like, poison it or something.”

    “That sounds a bit strange, dear.”

    “You’re right, honey. Because I’m not using it for that. YES, MY EYES ARE DRY. WHAT GAVE IT AWAY?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.14.2015

  2. Drops of rain, teardrops
    Sky, cheeks
    Earth, this handkerchief
    Sand, the sting of deeds done and left undone

    By Mel DuPont URL on 07.14.2015

  3. Rain drops falling lightly.
    I drop dead.
    My stomach drops.

    By gloconno on 07.14.2015

  4. Who ever thought sunshine was the key to happiness when dancing in the water drops that fall from heaven is pure joy?

    By basil on 07.14.2015

  5. The truth prickles in her throat like a jagged mat of needles, lodging itself there despite how hard she tries to drag it out. She drops her eyes away from his expectant face, swallows once, twice.

    She was a fool to think that this would be easy.

    “I–” her voice trembles; her mouth is dry and the pricking in her throat turns into full-fledged tearing, but she presses forward.
    “I-I… don’t want to do this anymore, Jack. Not like this.”

    By WearyWater URL on 07.14.2015

  6. Drops of rain fall on my window sometimes. Drops of tears roll down a strangers cheek. I’m not sure if they’re that different.

    By jessica on 07.14.2015

  7. She walked home one night when suddenly she felt drops of water fall onto her shoulder. She looked up seeing clouds of grey. At this sight she hurried to get to shelter. “The last thing I need is getting sick” she exclaimed.

    By Tori on 07.14.2015

  8. raindrops.
    pitter patter
    across my dashboard.
    pitter patter
    pitter patter
    pitter patter
    i am drowning into a deep sleep
    the rain is soothing
    i feel like i’m going to snooze.

    By TheBlogsta on 07.14.2015

  9. Raindrops and teardrops. Plip plap. Natural but forceful. Powerful and fluid

    By gloconno on 07.14.2015

  10. rain drops keep falling on your head, leaking from the sky to wet the ground and bleed colors you didn’t know existed. weary weak old few far between. pull out all the stops and change your life as it happens to you. don’t be afraid to take risks. wow. this went off course. lol

    By WrittenOut on 07.14.2015

  11. Each tear falling from her cheeks and over the balcony, onto the street a hundred feet below. Each of the drops a prelude to her jump—her last surrender into the arms of death. She would be rid of this cruel world and the expectations it brought.
    She climbed up, placing the first six inch heel on the railing.
    Just as she was about to launch herself, she heard footsteps approaching from behind.
    It was him.
    The bodyguard from the hall.

    By Steven Cash on 07.14.2015

  12. Like drops of an ocean. I think that one drop can make a big difference. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told to think. But how much of a difference can one drop really make? I mean, I could spend my WHOLE life doing everything right, and I wouldn’t be able to influence more than the people immediately around me.

    By Abi on 07.14.2015

  13. here we go again,
    these drops of jupiter
    pouring down
    like r a i n
    like your tears
    down, down
    falling down
    there’s the silence
    then comes the storm
    and all you hear is the thunder
    gone is the calm of the raindrops
    here comes the lightning
    the destruction
    here comes the w o r s t
    so long as there are drops
    falling down.

    By Kelly on 07.14.2015

  14. Drops. First thing that comes to mind is the rain. But let me paint something different for you. Could you imagine your thoughts coming slowly from the ethereal omniscient Nothingness of the Universe as little drops of inspiration to paint our insignificant everyday’s with a little bit more orange and blue with vivid splashes of red and warm yellow-greens with purple flecks?

    By Clarisse Yeung on 07.15.2015

  15. dragging by the ends
    the strangest to fall
    drops of drinks
    falling like bricks
    into the echoes of time
    laughing breaking lightly
    the years stand never more
    how can you feel pain
    when the loss of something is transient
    time is relative
    repeating always
    and going back never agin
    an endless loop
    of repetition

    By matt on 07.15.2015

  16. she dropped out of school. then she had two kids. just dropped them right out. i’m pretty sure a few months prior she was in love with a girl and proclaiming her love as a lesbian. and then she fell pregnant. tell me, how does that work ? she had her second baby today. she’s only 23.. or maybe 22. i don’t know.

    By Pei Pei on 07.15.2015

  17. drops of sweat are rolling down my face, feet pounding on the pavement as i inch closer and closer to my goal.I hahve been training foir months for this and im not going toi fail, the last 20 miles have been the hardest of my life but i coulds not be more excitedf to cross the finish line and have it all pay off. Today is the day that all the sweat and hard work pays off, when i can prove to myself that i can accomlish anything that i set my mind to.

    By Patrick URL on 07.15.2015

  18. you know, it’s not everyone who drops their baby on their head and creates a superhero. Creates A person who can do what they want with their mind and uses it for good. To stop material reality and fulfills the world with the supreme consciousness to save the human race…

    By trkstr67 on 07.15.2015

  19. tear drops all soaked up on her pillow
    been awake all night
    weeping for the lost one
    waiting for one last hope

    By isha on 07.15.2015

  20. I like to listen
    Rain makes everything better
    Its soothing, really

    By Brandon Steward on 07.15.2015

  21. Delicate. Almost too delicate to disturb. Her violet eyes reflected the web of twigs as she gazed upwards. One finger was all it took to pull a branch downwards. The second of limbo as she held it there gave her a rush upwards through her chest. Then with the twang of release came the shower, drops rolling and falling from the tree like frenzied confetti.

    By scintille on 07.15.2015

  22. The drops bead like tiny jewels on the windshield. They glimmer, new, fresh, drawing the soot of yesterday down in streaks to the abyss of the wiper reservoir. We are going in for the day. It will rain washing the drops, all drops. Those things we’ve dropped. The water that the sky has dropped. All the discards of the day, the rubbage of the night. But the things that drop are also the anxieties of yesterday. The drops release me to the freshness of a new day. My intention is clear, like the shimmering rain on the glass. Clear upon clear.

    By Camela on 07.15.2015

  23. The rain drops fell directly onto the dirt, causing water to collect on the surface. The city had been getting excessive amounts of rain in the past few weeks and even the earth was getting tired of it.

    By Lucas Coon on 07.15.2015

  24. Flirting never comes easy, especially if they’re hot. She tries to ignore the painful tightening in her stomach and the loud cadence of her heartbeat. Panic climbs inside her throat to hold her tongue hostage as he smiles and makes idle chatter. When he asks her out for dinner, she just stares, waiting for the punchline to his cruel joke. It never drops, and several awkward beats later she finally manages a reply.

    By Soft URL on 07.15.2015

  25. She listened to the raindrops pitter-pattered on the window. A few hours ago, her love left the country to pursue his career. She had to stay back because of her family. She wondered if she could ever visit him, or if he would ever come back.

    By abigail rae on 07.15.2015

  26. TROCAR

    By PABLO on 07.15.2015

  27. It did it all night. We were holed up in the hotel after the day of racing. The lady had looked at me when I had leered at her too-young daughter. I figured it was Europe, so what the heck. Nabokov, right? That was during the day when the sun was shining, it’s dark now and quite different.

    By Bryan URL on 07.15.2015

  28. Drops are that little amount of water that falls with the rain.

    By marisa URL on 07.15.2015

  29. water droplets hit the tile floor and i am saddened. i immediately begin philosophizing and thinking about life and shit. and how much life sucks and everything is terrible and i hate society and people. i’m a marginalized deadbead living out in the backwoods of rural france with nothing but a shitty website and a mentally retarded cat. lol just kidding. that’s philip wood, this artist that i idolize

    By Brigitte Fitzgerald on 07.15.2015

  30. well, who cares? you know, it doesn’t really matter in the end. i mean, per ohlin, the guy from mayhem, committed suicide, and they used a photo of his dead body as the cover for their next album. so does it really matter in the end? no, it doesn’t matter. so shut up and stop complaining that i bought you a milky way when you wanted snickers you little turd

    By Brigitte Fitzgerald on 07.15.2015

  31. Drops started to form on her ceiling as the rains came and she knew she had to get a pot from the kitchen to catch the water as it would be a mess.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.15.2015

  32. The stone drops into the pool as Ellie blankly walks across the bridge. She pauses and looks down at the bank and see a young teenage couple having fun. A tear roll out her eye as she remembers Ezra.

    By Tahira Karmen on 07.15.2015

  33. Yikes, it was my first time and there are plenty of grammatical mistakes…

    By Tahira Karmen on 07.15.2015

  34. Rain dropped slowly past his body, splashing in the puddles on the group with loud noises. He sighed and walked on, as the raindrops stained his hair and clothing.
    Only later he would see that his tears had joined the rain.

    By Leolin on 07.15.2015

  35. drop
    help me find
    the d
    i lost
    the d
    in the dying
    that you did
    this morning

    By Emily Wood on 07.15.2015

  36. Spencer had seen too many plane wrecks in his life. For the last twelve years, he hadn’t experienced a landing that didn’t feel like his stomach was slipping out like an ominous, uncontrollable bout of diarrhea.

    By asavas on 07.15.2015

  37. I ran down the street, eyes burning because I forgot my sunglasses. In the heat of the Phoenix sun that was more than a sin, it was often a horrible mistake that ended in an accident. But finally I made it to my office and, digging near-blind into my desk drawer I found the eye drops that I had been yearning for during the last twenty minutes of my eye-searing, burning run; they were like finding an oasis in the desert!

    By Platinu on 07.15.2015

  38. Lucy, or Special Agent Collins, as her badge identified her, gave Doyle a few seconds for things to sink in. “So,”, Doyle was unfazed; “you’re going to drag my ass downtown and get all Guantanamo on me? I have done nothing illegal!” Maybe not,” Lucy poked a finger in his chest as she retorted, “but it sure looks like you did! You want to blame it all on some voice you hear on your cellphone? We’ve been tracing you all along, and that number drops off the grid every fifteen seconds, then resurfaces as a different phone. Hell, we want to catch this guy just so we can get that technology! If this ever goes to court, no one will believe you are not working alone, so you need to help us get his guy! We want him more than we want you anyway!” That last comment hurt his pride for an instant, but Doyle immediately realised he had to play along.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.15.2015

  39. As the mad scientist roared with evilish laughter, he put a few drops of the purplish blood into the canister full of green bubbling acid. As soon as the blood touched the liquid the liquid turned a dark red and the villain roared with laughter once again. But just as the villain was about to insert a small canister of liquid into his death ray and completely cover the entire earth with deadly fog…BAM! Our lovely good looking good guy blasted in to the evil ugly villain’s lair. Beautiful Boy crashed into Dr. Ugh with a hard thud that sent the canister flying across the room. “No! My glorious invention!” The evil doctor cried. “That glob of goo is far fro glorious. But this is going to be glorious.” said our hero as he pounded his fist into the villain’s ugly scaly face over and over again until the man had finally gone unconscious. Our hero felt brave, courageous, good, awesome, even spectacular. But just the hero thought he had saved the day, the death ray straight at him and our hero exploded into oblivion pieces of burnt goo and the world ended as we know it. The End.

    By David on 07.15.2015

  40. The drops of rain fell, cooling my skin which was hot from my run. I welcomed the rain, sticking out my tongue, and tasting the water.

    By Clare McCullough on 07.15.2015