July 13th, 2015

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50 Responses to “drag”

  1. He dragged me towards him. Gently took my hand and held it against his face. He looked at me like no one had done it before. Like he could see my soul, and more importantly – like he liked what he saw

    By Chatrine on 07.14.2015

  2. Pulled down,…..
    in disguise
    Breathe in

    By rhondazzz on 07.14.2015

  3. Dragging deeply, exhaling slowly. Feeling perceptions change and shift. Suddenly, things that once seemed irrefutable seem much more dynamic. I am beginning to feel that there are many different solutions to the things on my mind. How could life have seemed so nearly impossible just moments ago, because now there seems like nothing but solutions.

    By Blanks on 07.14.2015

  4. drag, to drag, dragging, dragon. fire. breath. smoke. thick. gray. fog. water. dark lake. home. safety.

    By meowmeow on 07.14.2015

  5. He kicked and screamed,they dragged him anyways. There was nothing he could do,and as much as they wanted to there was nothing they could do for him. ” Im innocent,I swear!” he screamed at the top of his lungs as

    By Matty on 07.14.2015

  6. he dragged the body to the lake, he needed to hide it, no one should know, it will destroy him.

    By finel on 07.14.2015

  7. pull up something agressively, without minding the consequences nor the state of the thing one’s pulling

    By Sonia on 07.14.2015

  8. The body is heavy, industrious rubber heels carving lines through the sand. Sweat beads on her brow, and her shoulders bow under the weight of her guilt. She can hardly breathe, thankful for the cool ocean water swishing over her feet, sluicing away the blood. Her nails bite into the cool, dead flesh, and she swallows back her guilt.

    By claire on 07.14.2015

  9. The body still lay beneath them, waiting for the two to decide what to do.
    “Well, I say we just drag it out into the woods. Maybe a lonely wolf will find it.”
    “Do you really think that is a good idea? Does this stuff actually go through your mind”

    By Isabella on 07.14.2015

  10. “Drag,” said Kim. “We could have found a better place than this if I was driving.”

    “Like the back of the liquor store?” asked Sheila? “Marnie told me what you’re all about.”

    “And it’s obvious that you’re too square for that sort of fun,” said Kim, his eyes going hard and mean, also as reported by Marnie.

    By Chris URL on 07.14.2015