July 13th, 2015

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50 Responses to “drag”

  1. happiness is what everyone is looking for today but never realizes that its within himself.
    happiness depends upon internal conditions rather than external condition.

    By Zobia Hassan on 07.13.2015

  2. As the rain came tumbling down my window this morning, I understood that no one would be able to drag me out of bed

    By Shine. @heenghege URL on 07.13.2015

  3. I drag my friend to a partie. He was very unhappy because he wanted to go to bed. I told him the he would enjoy himself because of all the woman. He left and he never talked to me again.

    By Mike on 07.13.2015

  4. He felt lost inside the vast space of his loose fitting clothes. How was anyone supposed to see his figure. How could he show off the body that he was so proud of when the men’s jeans and t-shirts that his parents had urged him to wear were like sheets on a clothesline, flapping in the wind? That was when he saw the flyer stapled to the pole downtown and thought, “what’s a drag show?”

    By Alex_L on 07.13.2015

  5. So much dust got kicked up beneath his feet while he scrambled to right himself while hanging from the back bumper of a half rusted pick up truck. He feared his fingers didn’t have the same strength as his will to hold on, bouncing down the desert backroad.

    By Mo Alcott URL on 07.13.2015

  6. I am practicing the art of drag with an eye toward fame and fortune. So far I’ve considered that the drag force of fortune equals half of the mass density of intelligence and the flow velocity of funds within the reference area of fame and that the only drag coefficient is love.

    By Miss Alister URL on 07.13.2015

  7. Hand tangled in her hair. She could remember the first time it happened, when their lips were sticking together, the warmth of their breath creating a comfortably envigorating chemistry between them. He would gently rub his hand on her face, before running his fingers through her hair. He runs his fingers through her hair, but today its different. He rolls his hand into a fist, and drags her across the hardwood floor of the room while she screams.

    By Macha on 07.13.2015

  8. I know how to drag and drop information in my web browser. I also know how to drag my children wherever I want them to go. Dragging is not always easy when a person does not want to be dragged. Then there’s this drag queen who Is great with make-up. So drag Is an easy word to work with, define, and write about. I’m not sure what would come to someone else’s mind when given the word “drag,” but this is what comes to my mind. Now don’t drag your feet when you walk because that would be a drag. Oh. Did I say that drag can be used as a noun or a verb? It can also be an adjective.

    By MrsTeachALot URL on 07.13.2015

  9. To slow down. Someone is negative and bringing everybody at the party down to his/her sluggish level. Racing. A drag race with a fast car, kicking ass, burning rubber down a street. Queen, A man dressed as a glamorous woman

    By Emily Warren on 07.13.2015

  10. “This day was a drag,” muttered the drag queen as she took a drag on her long cigarette. Nearby, I could hear the drag of a truck as it scraped its way down the road.

    We were seated outside the Dragon Hotel, where everything was dripping with overly “Oriental” decor. I didn’t know how to handle, so instead, I dragged my seat closer to the wall and reached for my drink, which was now lukewarm instead of frosty.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.13.2015

  11. The strip where I grew up
    long, dark blacktop
    pitted with age and use
    flat, straight narrow
    Lolely road with a distinct beginning
    a certain end
    no bends
    no dips
    life in the quarter mile

    By Protean URL on 07.13.2015

  12. unwilling a rope dirty long help help help rough and bump

    By Gracklebean on 07.13.2015

  13. Life can be such a drag sometimes. Going through the motions, day after day, without really paying attention to what you’re doing or why. You don’t really care about the end result, or what it took for you to get there. You’re just doing it because you have to, because there’s no way out. . . besides death, of course.

    By Kaycee on 07.13.2015

  14. Leaf-girl, pulled through the water. Her wake makes the water bumpy for the water-lillies and tiny insects which run haphazardly across the surface. Her skin is pale, her veins are blue. Her lashes are clumped together with water and her hair floats into disappearance in the silver green.

    By Archanza URL on 07.13.2015

  15. the girl was dragged around the scene, blood pouring from her head. she was ready to faint when a cold metal touched her cheek, she gasped, startled, to see a knife. she gasped and then fell down dead as the blade pierced her heart. the murderer then ran out of the house. laughing till death. yes now ill type some gibberissh
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    By mary on 07.13.2015

  16. Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.

    By Anas URL on 07.13.2015

  17. Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.
    I think that God gives you your own will and choices. I don’t believe that we’re supposed to drag ourselves through life defeated and not see God’s blessings. But you have to make the right choices and follow that still, small voice within you. Because I think that’s how God leads us.

    By Anas URL on 07.13.2015

  18. drag

    By Fahad Ali Malik URL on 07.14.2015

  19. No one wants to be dragged by someone else. No one wants to drag heavy stuff. I guess, at least. “Drag” hasn’t got at lot of positive connotations.

    By yu on 07.14.2015

  20. Another long drag on the cigarette. Another way of stretching out the silence between them, avoiding, if only for a second more, having to speak. Because they both knew that when the first word had been spoken, what would be said afterwards could never be taken back.

    By John Doe on 07.14.2015

  21. He is a drag! He keeps dragging his feat across the organization and gets no work done. He pushes around decisions, drags on deadlines and is a totally useless, incompetent and time-waster person. I am done. finito. panda on vacation!

    By Pei Pei on 07.14.2015

  22. Most people when they are not aware of what they are doing, then they are dragged.

    By Light Blue Fox 333 URL on 07.14.2015

  23. A life not lived is a life dragged.
    But who could have dragged it?
    When one have not owned his life,
    Could it be your desires would take over.

    If it is drag, it is something not wanted.
    There is a force that opposes it.
    Then it there is a fight happening.
    Dragigng is struggling.

    By Light Blue Fox 333 URL on 07.14.2015

  24. I always feel like a drag when I’m around people. I know I’m not as interesting or exciting or engaging as everyone else. So that’s why I let myself disappear in the crowds, become nothing next to the air that everyone breathes. It’s easier, not to attach oneself to others so they can’t hurt you, but it also hurts to be unseen, invisible, unacknowledged.

    By Ashi URL on 07.14.2015

  25. As I dragged myself to my classroom, I can’t help but feel someone staring at me and me being the curious person that I am, stopped and looked back. There leaning on the railings was the guy that I had always liked. He was holding a book but instead of being engrossed in the pages, he was looking right at me. He held my stare until I got too embarrassed and I turned around hurrying into my classroom, not noticing the corner of his lips curving upward into a small smile. :)

    By Alyssa Lopez URL on 07.14.2015

  26. He checked his new nails with the diamond tips and shifted his weight to find his balance. Six-inch heels were a bitch.But beauty was pain, and his audience paid to see his pretty. As the curtain rose, he tossed the locks of his long wig and licked his lips, careful not to smear his matte lipstick. The crowd was already standing and applauding. He greeted them with a playful switch of his hips and outstretched arms.

    By Soft URL on 07.14.2015

  27. Sweat was already concentrating on her brow. If she pulled this off, she would be the youngest drag racer to win the most important drag racing derby that’s out there, with the fastest time ever to boot.
    Not to mention the first woman.
    No pressure.

    By Ms. Thilgen URL on 07.14.2015

  28. It was crazy that in all of the places in this country, drag racing was most popular in the state of Rhode Island…I mean this state is only how big? They just have to race from one side of the state to the other!!!

    By trkstr67 URL on 07.14.2015

  29. She raised her hand to her mouth and took a deep drag, inhaling the smoke from the cigarette (damp, from the seams of her coat pocket) and looked out at the empty street.

    By maryannerose1 URL on 07.14.2015

  30. I can’t stay. But I must. I have to see, one more time, whether its right or not. I have to know, before the time is up. Are you?

    By Alex URL on 07.14.2015

  31. “Come on Grayson, don’t drag your feet here.” Captain Faulkner angrily chastised Leo. “You need to pick up the pace on this case if you want to last here. I know it’s only been a few months, but I really expected more from you.”
    “I know…” Leo shook his head. “I’m trying. I really am. This case has just been tearing me apart.”

    By Lucas Coon URL on 07.14.2015

  32. i think im such a drag… im a drag queen. what is a drag queen anyways? i’m very dependent even though i say i’m independent. i’m always the party pooper, too stubborn to do anything. i enjoy being a drag. everyone has to haul me around

    By Kelsey URL on 07.14.2015

  33. if i am correctly using this terminology, i am a drag. people have to constantly haul me around. i’d much rather have them carry me on a throne. i am the laziest person i know, and that’s good!

    By TheBlogsta URL on 07.14.2015

  34. summer days, sleepy Sunday walks, sticky beach hair, leaving a party early,falling asleep diring afternoon drives in the heat, loving someone who doesn’t know, playing with hair, watching old movies with grandparents

    By el on 07.14.2015

  35. “It’s been rough.” he declared. “Some days are just a drag. The only consolation I get from all this is when I get home and see her lying on the bed and reading whatever book she bought that day from the discount pile of the bookstore.”

    By nom de luc URL on 07.14.2015

  36. I drag you down the hall,
    You look fine, just as usual.
    I’m quiet nervous
    But that’s just as it goes.

    I love you my dear,
    As the light goes off.

    By Morgane on 07.14.2015

  37. As I walked in the house my dad told me not to drag my feet. I yelled at him saying, ” Don’t tell me what to do!.” He stepped back out of my way in surprise. As I flopped on my bed I flipped on my computer. I was so steamed all I could do right now was play some games to cool me off. Only a few ours before this I was having the best time of my life with some of my friends, but then Brock decided to ” trash ” our party with his gang and now everyone thinks it’s my fault. Ugh, the world is so annoying, I just wish I could leave this dump bucket. Just then my dream came true. Two giant falling stars were heading towards my house from both directions. I ducked down but it was no use. The stars were at least a half mile wide. It all happened so fast. One minute I was in my house and the next I was pancaked in between two stars but I was far from heaven right now. The fire and plasma seared against my flesh and my skin was all but melting away. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to die but I just couldn’t. Just then I felt the best I ever had in my life. I somehow got out but there was no earth. Just space and rubble. I wasn’t choking and scratching for air like the other humans that floated in space like me. I looked at my arms and I was nothing but flesh that was glowing with plasma and fire. I tried to find even a little patch of skin but there was none. And then it got better. I just thought about what it would be like if I went to mars and in only few seconds I crashed on the barren dust ball in a blast of dust and sparks. I climbed out of the small crater I had created. Then I felt bad about the billions of people that had just died in a few minutes. I decided to try to use my powers for good as long as I lived.(If I even lasted more than a few minutes.) And thus started my adventure to find a way or a possibility to bring back my planet. I closed my eyes and felt the energy surge around my body as a thought slided through my head…let’s try the next galaxy.

    By David on 07.14.2015

  38. I didn’t really feel like it but I went to my sister’s play. I sat there, waiting and watching with the other people who obviously didn’t want to be here. I wondered who they had backstage that had dragged them to what would no doubt be a complete drag. Seriously, even the guys in the play were dressed as girls; there were to be no ‘men’ characters at all.

    By Platinu URL on 07.14.2015

  39. Once my breathe was dragged out of me and I woke up after a terrible nigthmare, there was to much water on me dream. I was swimming in the sea and suddenly I couldn’t feel my arms and legs. I was trying to reach the beach but I woke up before.

    By josy on 07.14.2015

  40. I want to drag you. Drag you to my bed where we could cuddle up in each others arms until we’ve lost track of time. Feel each others breaths. Each other’s warmth.

    By Chatrine on 07.14.2015