October 31st, 2015

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44 Responses to “dish”

  1. Blue and white, with an intricate, painstaking design. It gleamed under the kitchen light, prized yet never used. Stella remembered the joy she felt when she first unwrapped it, wearing her wedding night lingerie, a satiny white slip. Now she wanted to smash it.

    By lauren on 10.31.2015

  2. The silver dish sat on her dresser holding her earrings, and even though it should have been used for a dinnerware, she loved it’s use as it were.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.31.2015

  3. They sat across from each other. Gossip rising like the steam from their coffee.

    By Imogene on 10.31.2015

  4. The dish was a suspiciously dark shade, as if I had dusted a layer of charcoal on top as a garnish and had topped it off with a boatload of pepper.
    “Ugh! I should have just stuck to Betty Crocker.”

    By Shr on 10.31.2015

  5. I’m excited about thanksgiving. So many beautifully prepared southern dishes. Culture. Family. Heritage. My grandmother makes the best stuffing and sides. Generational Bonding.

    By donneciab on 10.31.2015

  6. i love mexican dishes. especially those with colorful flowers and designs, very bright. wake you up bright. i love also that they remind me of the hacienda style of home which is my favorite design of all. i love the courtyard in the middle where every room wraps around it andevery room has a perfect view of the couryard. with a water fountain

    By califisch on 10.31.2015

  7. Dishes are good to break, especially when you are upset and it’s 5 am and you can’t find your K-Cups for your morning joe.

    By KarmaMonoxide on 10.31.2015

  8. The dish sat amidst all of the others on the kitchen cupboard, the remnants of this evening’s meal drying to a hard crust inside of it. I felt guilty. The pile was overtaking the counter. But I just didn’t have the energy to tackle it tonight. A glass of wine and a little TV time on the couch was so much more appealing. There’s always tomorrow, right?

    By Tina L. Scott URL on 10.31.2015

  9. We do so love to dish. Gossip that is. I wonder where that phrase originated. Probably because gossip is so appetizing, but after consumed, it is just as horrendously appalling as the results we get when we overeat a favorite “dish” … Hmm. Better not dish it out if you can’t take it. Lessons learned.

    By TinaLScott on 10.31.2015

  10. Oh that wonderful fruit, all loaded with luscious flavors and all in that attractive dish. Can’t wait to bite into those pears and those strawberries. I wonder how they got all those fruit fresh at one time. The apples look like they are at the peak of their taste and are crying for someone to try them.

    By Rose on 10.31.2015

  11. Oh all that luscious fruit. Can’t understand how some people don’t like it. It has all the necessary things for perfect food. Sweet and tart and smooth and crunch. all the things we all love. You don’t need to add salt or pepper, it’s good just naturally. This is my kind of food.

    By Rose on 10.31.2015

  12. A plate, container, that one uses to bake in, put leftovers in, etc. Comes in a million and one different shapes, colors and materialss. wisely.

    By Mary WadInski on 10.31.2015

  13. This dish is my dish. I need to wash the dishes! I think it’s been a week. I’m sure my roommate is getting annoyed. I’ll do it tomorrow. I promise! That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. Why didn’t I wash them the other day? I don’t know.

    By Marcella on 10.31.2015

  14. A perfect place to eat is directly down the street from my apartment. I can always smell the fresh baked bread when I open my windows. The wind seems to tease my nose. I love the smell of fresh baked break. What sort of dish are they cooking up today, I always think.

    By Katlynn Simone on 10.31.2015

  15. Dish rhymes with fish. With the fish on the dish we can only but wish for a delish meal. But is that fish were not proper

    By Jenny on 10.31.2015

  16. sdfsdfsfd

    By Jenny on 10.31.2015

  17. As the trick-or-treaters reached toward the dish of candy, Missus Lancaster realized that something was very awry. There seemed to be a cold wind blowing from the clustered group of little costumed crusaders, the way it billowed across their capes and gowns and chilled the air in front of them. Watching as Charles from two houses down snatched a handful of mini-Snickers, Missus Lancaster was mute as the nine-year-old boy peered at her with a fanged smile and said, “Happy Halloween!” in an animalistic, very not human snarl.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.01.2015

  18. Dish, Dish, oh dish,
    Smash Smash the stress is gone
    Dish dish oh dish,
    why am I running out of dishes?
    they’re on the floor.
    in pieces.
    dish dish
    oh dish.

    By Gloria on 11.01.2015

  19. dish
    dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dishdishdish dishdishdishdishdisdhdishdishdishdishdish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish dish

    By niannian on 11.01.2015

  20. my english

    By niannian on 11.01.2015

  21. A dish smells like food and looks like delight. Pastries, rice, curry, sweets, soup all make their home very neatly in it and vacate it too all too easily. A dish comes in various sizes, small, big, it can be of plastic, metal, but it always conjures up an image of food and then scrubbing in my head.

    By Devina on 11.01.2015

  22. I used to be a dish
    For years I sat on a shelf in ikea
    waiting for my wish
    to come true
    and then I was bought
    by a lovely couple
    who served fish
    on me
    but that was until i broke
    whish, swish, crash
    So I used to be a dish
    but now i’m in a bin in pieces
    and my hope decreases…

    By Steve O URL on 11.01.2015

  23. I don’t want to run away with a spoon. I don’t want to run away. It’s time that the dish stayed put, held itself to a higher standard, jutted its chin out (as it were – I wish I had a chin), and face reality. My parents would be proud.

    By Louzah17 on 11.01.2015

  24. “No! Not the pepper, there’s no pepper tonight!”
    “But Alex!”
    “No buts! Everything has to be perfect. I want to make a good impression and you’re going to help me do it!”

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 11.01.2015

  25. He could dish it up all he wanted and she could take it, because she loves him. That’s what it’s all about baby, love.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.01.2015

  26. Food, cooking, pleasure, my form of meditation. I think of the world and all the traveling i have done, all the food I have experienced. I think of porcelain and what a shame it is that we no longer value those types of things. Dish it, love it, live it.

    By Zofia Liddell on 11.01.2015

  27. This must be something divine, just as i was thinking of what to eat and pressed the go button, i see dish. Maybe its someway of the unfathomable universe telling me to make breakfast a higher priority.

    By Shanmuga on 11.01.2015

  28. I hate dishes because they are easily breakable. but what if didhes weren’t made up of glass? well, they could be used in more stuff and like more children could use the too but nowadays as all iof dishes are made yup of glasss only mums can use it omggg I know this is lame but okay we can also ut food in our dishes like lOL! I love food in dishes bc umm I can !

    By muskaan on 11.01.2015

  29. It just kept running. I knew I had to catch it, but the moonlight was too dim. I could see it cresting the hill, the cow close by. If I turned my head just right I could redirect the moonlight and shine a light for my path. I was dead set on catching it. The Dish killed my brother, Fork.

    And I’d spoon out a heap of revenge by the nights end.

    By Marcane on 11.01.2015

  30. She entered the kitchen, hands trembling and head exploding. She ran her fingers across the china, picked out the prettiest dish and smashed it against the wall.

    By Sonia on 11.01.2015

  31. oh,
    a dish,
    of fish,
    but a plate,
    would be better.

    By BeccaJean on 11.01.2015

  32. She picked up the plate and ran her hands over it. Seemed clean enough. She placed the new loaf of bread on it and centered it on the table. Picturesque. Perfect. She straightened the table cloth. Should have run an iron over it.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.01.2015

  33. Dishes can bring people together. It’s around a good meal that people connect and really talk and look in the eyes of one another. I believe a good dish will always be a chance to interact and laugh and make friends.

    By BBP on 11.01.2015

  34. Dishes, grubby and nasty, yet can be so clean in moments time…if only we were that way.

    By Ahmes on 11.01.2015

  35. The dish was now strewn in pieces across the floor, the ribeye steak and mash potatoes glued to the floor with the mushroom gravy she had spent hours preparing.

    By Katie on 11.01.2015

  36. The dish was delicious. I mean, the actual dish. I ate it, porcelain that it was, and savoured every bit. I loved the crunchiness of it. The little explosions of ceramic in my mouth. I’ll have the plate next.

    By DM on 11.01.2015

  37. Today I ate beets. Because that’s all we had. Dishes and dishes of beets. Beets soup. Beets salad. Beets sandwiches.

    I hate beets.

    They taste like dirt. It’s like I’m eating plates full of dirty dishes.

    But when Pa is a beet farmer, it’s either eat a beet or starve. So my sisters and I would eat our beets. Yuck.

    By Kiri on 11.01.2015

  38. i dished out one of my favourtive food on a golden dish but all of a sudden the dish fell onto the other dishes

    By donovan on 11.01.2015

  39. The dish was sparkly clean it glimmed in the light. My reflection was able to be seen. I carefully walked towards the cupboard but my hands where shaking and it dropped and smashed. I wonder what was gonna happen cause this was mums favourite dish.

    By Amy on 11.01.2015

  40. I cleaned my dishes.After a while they sparkled like diamonds glimmering in the moonlight.The shine of the plate is like a whole galaxy of stars.

    By William URL on 11.01.2015