September 21st, 2014

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76 Responses to “dignity”

  1. Je ne sais pas ce que c’est, elle m’abandonne un peu plus à tous les jours. Elle ne me sert à rien ici, où j’en suis.

    By Felix on 09.21.2014

  2. He stared. His eyes, not moving from her face.
    “Now?” He breathed quietly.
    She made no sound but nodded her ascent.
    “What about my dignity?” His eyes begged her for understanding, his hands reached toward her, palms up, hands open.
    “You have none.” She seethed.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.21.2014

  3. She rose with dignity. The puppies tumbled around her, pushing each other aside and scrambling for footing. Their mother picked her way through the mass of soft puppy fur, sniffing each one, nudging them. She cared for each puppy with tenderness and concern, somehow managing an entire litter with grace.

    By Laura URL on 09.21.2014

  4. Dignity is important for all of us to have. We should care how others view us and how we feel about ourselves. Dignity is about doing everything with class and for the common good.

    By Kim on 09.21.2014

  5. I think it may be a question of dignity. How will I come out of this battle? I could come out victorious, or I could come out wounded. But, the question is, how deep will the wounds really be? Am I making this worse than it actually is? Probably, but my head and my heart don’t get along.

    By Iceman on 09.21.2014

  6. I am not the same woman I was five years ago. Obviously none of us are the same after such time has passed. I somehow managed to pull myself from the worst possible place I could think of for myself and turn it all around. Unfortunately, I end up back in that dark place again. It is all in my own head; these feelings that I can seem to shake: undeserving, unworthy, unintelligent, un-pretty…..the list goes on. I lose self respect and I just fall into depression. The worst of it is, I will had a single tiny window where I can gain it all back. However, there is always a catch. Most of the time that tiny window requires help. Why would anyone help someone like me? How can anyone hold so much hate for themselves? I don’t deserve happiness. My happiness belongs to my children and for that I make sacrifices. Tears are a small price to pay for two precious miracles. That leaves my only hope is that they, in the end, will have respect for me.

    By Kari on 09.22.2014

  7. Stripped of clothes and of the usual ornaments of my function, no gun -even not a single tiny one hidden anywhere- I felt for the first time as those I had been diligently channelling through those doors all these years.

    By Guillaume URL on 09.22.2014

  8. Dignity is what binds the bond of men. No one can see this bond, no one can touch it, but it can be made, and it can be broken. It’s what keeps us from acting like the prehistoric apes of our origin.

    By Johan Bjørn on 09.22.2014

  9. there was all sorts of reasons he was in bed with this girl besides the obvious reasons. The way she talked to him though was by far the greatest. She belittled him in front of many. And he wanted his dignity back.

    By trkstr67 on 09.22.2014

  10. The failing dignity related to health has always been my least favorite. Despite all you do with your life, your body eventually wilts. You grow hard and lined like a tree, your leaves turn and fall, and you become bent and gnarled, despite everything. Your mind could be as sharp as a thirty-year-old’s, and yet still. Still. Your body is through with giving you a dignified decline.

    By Patch on 09.22.2014

  11. What even is dignity?
    the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.
    a strong personality, being respectful, honest.
    That’s dignity

    By Abrahamster on 09.22.2014

  12. you do not have any dignity.

    By clorischueng on 09.22.2014

  13. His armor shone bright as the sun reflected off of it. His piercing blue eyes could barely be seen through his mask. He walked up to her and knelt down, head bowed. He would do anything for her, including risking his life. He was proud, but humble.

    By kmariec219 URL on 09.22.2014

  14. emmmmmmmm

    By clorischueng on 09.22.2014

  15. there is dignity in trying. a recent revelation. simple effort can add more to your life than the fear of failure or thoughts of destruction, or embarrassment can. it is with this trying dignity that we move forward—and fight—and ultimately win.

    By Safon on 09.22.2014

  16. For Christ we will become undignified. When we are serving God we can get a little crazy with the love of Christ.
    “We will be come even more undignified then this.”

    By Amelia on 09.22.2014

  17. keeping respect
    is the best thing one can do
    for themselves

    By tones8 on 09.22.2014

  18. She tried to keep her dignity even though he degraded her, belittled her and told her she was worthless. To have someone tell you they loved you one minute, and then tell you they no longer loved you was something that she knew she couldn’t let one person ruin her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.22.2014

  19. Her dignity had been wiped clean he second she did it. She knew she was doing something wrong, and was going to live to regret it. All of society rejected her. She was alone. Or was she? …

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 09.22.2014

  20. i have dignity, and a lot of it. if you don’t have dignity then who are you. you need to have dignity to be able to have courage right. that’s my thought on dignity

    By allie williams URL on 09.22.2014

  21. Even in polite company, they called her a whore. The senator denied all allegations, and went back to his cushy job, but she could not return to hers. Poised and dressed in her very best, she held her self-loathing and shame at arm’s length and invited the cameras and anchors closer to tell her side of the story.

    By Soft URL on 09.22.2014

  22. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”
    I stare at the words on the page, wishing aliens were more comprehenisble in their language. Or that we didn’t have to learn it. Either would work for me. This book idea seems cool, and so does what they’re trying to get across (I think, at any rate) – just the whole idea of not communicating telepathically doesn’t actually make any sense.
    Oh well.
    End of class, anyway.

    By Sky on 09.22.2014

  23. The only thing that we supposedly have right now is dignity. But what is dignity. To stand with pride? Our sense of well-being? I’d gladly throw it away. If I were to be happy. If I were to maybe be in love. If I were to be free.

    By I_have_no_words on 09.22.2014

  24. I saw it in his eyes. Past the wiry beard speckled with white and amber. Past the wrinkles and dirt that spoke of the years of exposure.

    By Katie S URL on 09.22.2014

  25. my dignity was gone after that. he took it and left me laying in the dust like I was a dirty sock that had gotten a hole in the heel. that’s what he made me feel like. I would have rather been something else, used for a brief moment of time so that I could love him at least for how he used me. but I guess my dignity would not be afforded that luxury.

    By paige on 09.22.2014

  26. to hold her head down, stripped of all dignity, no she would let that come to pass. she hadn’t persisted against all odds to let a scheming couple bring her down.

    By Anu on 09.22.2014

  27. sometimes people say that they lost there dignity and just means that they lost there pride in my mind that is what it means

    By Shane Novak URL on 09.22.2014

  28. I saw a man walking with dignity down the yellow brick road walking straight and tall on his way to his home

    By star on 09.22.2014

  29. Again with mistaken ignorance,
    little did my spit wear away like acid on your flesh.
    I’d still be standing if it weren’t for these meddling,
    rascals we call kids.

    By Marissa on 09.22.2014

  30. pomar

    By Clesio on 09.22.2014

  31. They hold their chin up high like a lion, prideful and upright. This kid feels as if they are on top of the world. They are an unstoppable force of tiny fists and a fury that could start wars and fires. It was up to me to knock them off their pedestal.

    By skivvie on 09.22.2014

  32. yeah, that’s a good one.

    being fed through a tube at 97 and having to ask for somebody to open up the blinds.
    holding up young, withered hands to a river of individuals, cold as steel and equally empathic.

    do you know what it means to be in need? to truly depend on other’s mercy, waking up every morning (if you’re lucky), and holding your head high in spite of the shame they put on you?

    By berenique on 09.22.2014

  33. “Where’s your dignity, girl,” the older woman spat.
    Eileen looked up with dead eyes. “I have none.”
    With that, she slowly turned around and walked out of the room.

    By Emily on 09.22.2014

  34. I went to the general store and I handed him a two-penny piece. He asked what I wanted. I asked him what I could get for two cents. He said he’d give me my piece back if I told him a joke. I said it was nice outside.

    By mere URL on 09.22.2014

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