August 12th, 2015

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46 Responses to “canned”

  1. She rummaged through the drawer, tossing aside spoons and spatulas until she found the can opener. Pulling it out, she slammed the drawer out of abject frustration. Why can’t things ever end up where they were supposed to go? The can of soup on the counter looked less and less appealing as she banged around the kitchen, angry and claustrophobic.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.13.2015

  2. It was my last day. The boss had called me into his office first thing in the morning. “you just aren’t the conventional staff we wanted” he had said. “I am so sorry” he had added. Well have fun conventionally cleaning toilet paper off the office walls.

    By Jax URL on 08.13.2015

  3. let go from a job, it was about time…to many days had passed waiting for the right moment…well it was decided for him that day…and it was a blessing. goodbye at last

    By JG on 08.13.2015

  4. Canned peaches. Canned sardines. Canned green beans. The only things left on the dark, dusty shelf. The storm is getting closer.

    By odaniel URL on 08.13.2015

  5. just as smiles do not
    fall off the face like
    pebbles off a cliff, there
    one moment and
    the next,

    and how you can’t
    package the manifestation of a
    inside a metal cylinder,

    I firmly reject the
    physics of
    canned laughter

    By Eliza URL on 08.13.2015

  6. one word takes away the time astray
    to say the tame to trade the same
    to canned unwrapped to wish unwrapped
    to think to thought two too to wit
    i miss the kisses the trist, but
    nothing better than the twist
    love on the times
    trick trips to the coffee
    the tame

    By matt m on 08.14.2015