August 4th, 2014

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60 Responses to “cutlery”

  1. I should have spent more time in the kitchen. Anytime I see a friend or acquaintance deftly handle cutlery and cookware I feel as if I would just as soon slice my finger off at the tip than try slicing an onion on my own.

    By asavas on 08.04.2014

  2. I forgot my fork again. No way I can eat this lunch with my hands…….will have to borrow from the staff pool of cutlery. Hoping I remember to wash and put back. I have a collection at home already.

    By jovi5jovs URL on 08.04.2014

  3. Good cutlery can define your ability to create something delicious and pleasing to look at. The right tools can give you the right results and the best product. How can a painter paint with an incorrect or bad brush?

    By vsim on 08.04.2014

  4. She picked up the cutlery and stared at her plate. The food was swimming in grease, and looked disgusting. Pieces of meat oozing fat and limp vegetables. She put the cutlery down and pushed her plate away.

    By disinclined on 08.04.2014

  5. Michael dropped the cutlery.

    Everyone laughed at him. Nobody liked him anyways, so this was a good opportunity to make him feel like shit.

    The cutlery sat on the floor.

    By Charlie on 08.04.2014

  6. Pushing aside the fancy plates and cutlery, all gleaming gold under the light of the gaudy chandelier, I found a modest placard sporting my misshapen name, reminding me that I would be sitting in between Mister Wordschmidt and Missus Gallant from upstairs. I was beginning to rethink coming to this dinner party in the first place when I saw Missus Gallant’s gorgeous daughter sidle toward the table, her right hand holding up her long purple skirt.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.04.2014

  7. learning how to use this effectively takes much more effort than the eyes show you. all of the fine technique used for different types of cuts with different meats, produce and greens would impress anyone really. actually, just go ahead and thank the chef(s) in your family.

    By Ryan on 08.04.2014


    By Sara on 08.04.2014

  9. She never learned to sharpen her knives. As they dull, she simply purchases more. Drawers upon drawers of cleavers, bread knives, carvers, kullenschiff edges, parers, boning and santoku and utility knives. She feels safe at night.

    By vmontes on 08.04.2014

  10. The man sat waiting in the fine diner, checking his watch every five seconds or so. The fancy table included 7 different choices and his hands were burning

    By AnnaLeBelle on 08.04.2014

  11. I eat rice with a spoon.
    Apparently that makes me greedy.
    It’s true.
    I don’t like sharing food.
    I don’t like sharing most things.
    I want to share myself.
    I want to share my thoughts and my feelings but

    Why should anyone listen?

    By Tobi. on 08.04.2014

  12. the keen end of my words slice the house standing in the way of my endeavors,
    I dice, especially when I hear the scorn of your doubt,
    this is where I tout, through the imperfections of my flaws,
    because music is the easing winds of my earth,
    the same way your ears must heed to my requests,
    no one can ban me from pursuing my march to endorse her innocent face,
    he fragile mind that repeats my staring when I am not around,
    when I am not about, she is my seed, she is what I breed into the world,
    whereof she slaps the bib against her car seat,
    I pound my words down their throats until they bow to me as their new employee,
    a cutlery of words is what I use to choose my battles,
    stepping forward with blades, knives, even daggers,
    bring objections to my adherence, believe they will be chopped like a salmon by a long-standing fisherman!

    By Milad URL on 08.04.2014

  13. She held her paintbrush to her face. Her lipstick to those lush beautiful patches of heaven. Along with all of her utensils and beauty cutlery… she was hiding herself.

    By Forrest Ahkiviana on 08.04.2014

  14. I see the new plastic vegetable cutting board, sitting there, waiting for me to open it from its plastic protection–I peel off the dollar tree packaging, then lay out the plastic cutting board, where I neatly slit square pieces of my cucumbers, onions, tomatoes. Balance is not a simple feat when your kitchen is being revived from three years of your messy and sloppy brother’s hungry stains. With oomph, I continue to prepare the tuna pasta!

    By Milad URL on 08.04.2014

  15. They didn’t have a regular white door like everyone else. Instead, the Shims had big, heavy, dark wooden double-doors with ornate geometric windows carved into them. There was a shining expanse of polished wood floors in the antechamber and lacy curtains making the light coming through the windows shimmer opulently.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 08.04.2014

  16. She gave back the plastic cutlery and asked the shopkeeper for chopsticks instead. She would have to wait a few days for the money to come from her sister, but she could not go home, or anywhere familiar, in the meantime. That meant eating “Obento”s and fast food for the foreseeable future. But her diet was the least of her worries. There were people looking for her, wanting to kill her. Then she remembered; they wanted to kill someone else too, and only she knew about it. Should she do something? What could she do?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.04.2014

  17. The clutter of cutlery, each piece melted and molded into a certain shape but after time becomes damaged. The tines of a fork twist every which way. The spoon’s neck is bent back too far. The knife has lost its poignance. Each utensil, regardless of its current condition, still serves a purpose. It is still part of the cutlery.

    By Junco on 08.04.2014

  18. *TW CUTTING*

    hands like scissors and fingers like knives he runs his hands across your body gently claiming he wants to make love so why’s it leave scars and why do you remember it like injury no one loves like this no one loves with so much intent to hurt

    By sunnysuraj on 08.04.2014

  19. He took the blade of his knife and placed it against her throat. His other hand clutched the hair at the top of her skull. He screamed warnings and threats. She could only silently comply in hopes her attacker would not take her life.

    By Joey A.M. on 08.04.2014

  20. She was staring into the kitchen drawer, rearranging the cutlery.

    “Aren’t we going to talk about this?” I asked.

    “I’m busy,” she said, although I knew that all the knives had been in the right compartment from the start.

    “Fair enough.”

    By a terrible poet on 08.04.2014

  21. Cutlery is what I use for eating. I use a knife to cut my food. I use a fork to put foto butter my toastod into my mouth. I use a bread knife to cut the bread.I use a spoon to eat mt cereal in the morning.i use a butter knife to spread the butter on my toast.

    By room 5 on 08.04.2014

  22. What? Speaking nonsense at this time of night, with the bugs scratching at the darkened air and drunkards slithering over the streets, you ask me about cutlery!? You must be mad! Breath in the air, go to sleep.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.04.2014

  23. dsfjl

    By RJ on 08.04.2014

  24. It sat on the counter. In the wrong spot. Why would she move it there? I can’t even get any of the bigger knives out. They hit on the cupboard above. I have to pull the whole block out in order to access it! She bought those for me you know. Ungrateful. I should remember. She thought of me when she looked at those on the shelves of…of where? I don’t know where they are from.

    By Tricia on 08.04.2014

  25. It’s the best brand of cutlery but you’ll never find it in a department store.
    He’s sharper than Ares’s spear, strikes your heart deeper than
    Artemis’s arrow and
    leaves you in the middle of the night.

    By Andrea on 08.04.2014

  26. Knives and forks and spoons and ladles and eating and food! They dance like in Beauty and the Beast, they get sold in op shops, they are eaten from so many times and are in so many mouths – are they ever really sterile? Germs in restaurants all over the silver! You can’t see them but they are breeding on my tongue!

    By Angela M on 08.04.2014

  27. Really? The knife
    was just a word like a work of penmanship
    but cutting all the more sharply.
    I want to see you cry.

    By K on 08.04.2014

  28. it’s just so formal. i can’t think of another word for it, but it’s too damn formal.

    By ANM on 08.04.2014

  29. I turned from my husband, nervously setting my glass of wine in the sink. He was getting too close for comfort, his hand lingering near the cutlery. I swallowed thickly, fearing for what would happen next.

    “Hon, please, don’t.”

    He laughed darkly.

    By Jordan on 08.04.2014

  30. He fumbled with the cutlery, then looked up with wide, panicked eyes, to see if anyone had noticed his blunder.

    We all pretended not to notice, going so far as to talk about how loud the air-conditioner rattled from its place in the apartment window. It was pointless, meaningless and yet, we protected his fragile self out of habit.

    For we were family and sometimes, that meant doing this even when you didn’t understand why it had to be you.

    By Sara H. URL on 08.04.2014

  31. I can’t believe that it’s come to this. I lower my eyes as the men take away all of my possessions–my wedding presents, that cutlery my mom bought, my favorite lamp… I look down at my daughter. She’s crying. “It’ll be okay.” I say. She doesn’t believe me.

    By Jordan on 08.04.2014

  32. Slice, slice, slice.

    The cutlery whizzes through veggie after veggie, almost therapeutic.

    Dice, dice, dice.

    More than a job, more than my work.

    Mince, stir, sizzle.

    It was a lifestyle, my world. Cooking. The best profession, the perfect one for me.

    By Jordan on 08.04.2014

  33. The quick brown cutlery jumped over the dish by the moon and flipped out. We saw it do it’s prancy stuff and decided.
    What would you like to do with the cutlery this time around and the plates the table.

    By Wendy Howe on 08.04.2014

  34. The silvery cutlery gleamed in the light from the setting sun, making the sparkling place settings look glitzy and prepared for the next afternoon’s event. But right now, every table was empty but for the anticipatory forks and napkins folded into graceful swans.

    By Simone on 08.04.2014

  35. I was busying myself with the cutlery. I was waiting. I was thinking when or how would I meet you. And then you came. You came with a smile so bright that it lightened my day. I thought i wouldn’t find you but there you were. It was you all along.

    By christcel on 08.04.2014

  36. The steely knife… it doesn’t ask for approval, because it has no choice. It does what it was made to do and unlike people it doesn’t deny itself. Slow-mo… it cuts deep, and we see red drip slowly from the knife. I take my fork, dip it in sugar and eat the delicious tomato, because I like sugar with my tomatoes. What?

    By stimjim on 08.04.2014

  37. My fingers trace slowly over your silverware,
    remembering edges so sharp
    they’d cut your eyes out.

    Do you want to hear it all?
    or do you want to bear the cutlery?

    By Marissa on 08.04.2014

  38. When I think of cutlery, I think of the symphony of cuisine. The sharp, elegant movements of glittering silver cutting across delectable food. It was the master of the plate, the presented leader with the jurisdiction to separate and conquer. Cutlery is the power, the source, and the being.

    By A.R on 08.04.2014

  39. what the fuck is cutlery? she asked
    maybe cutlery was everything she was hoping to achieve and still couldn’t because life moves way too fast for looking up words or proper forms of self discovery in a dictionary
    we’re as lost and meaningless as cutlery

    By Luiza on 08.04.2014

  40. The cutlery, made of the finest silver, gleamed in it’s case, making Bethany swallow. Her fingers itched where she’d buried them in her pockets, eager to grab hold of the shining pieces and stuff them into her duffel; it would be SO easy…
    “I wouldn’t, if I were you,” a voice said from behind her, making her start.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.04.2014