August 5th, 2014

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55 Responses to “nobody”

  1. Sometimes when there’s nobody around I sneak into my little room of complaints and snack on sadness and regrets. To my delight I often find a healthy serving of resentment and jealousy awaiting me, and chow down. This is how I keep my weight up for fighting.

    By Erica on 08.06.2014

  2. nobody knows my sorrow
    nobody knows my pain
    nobody knows the trouble I feel
    nobody know my tale

    By Alicia on 08.06.2014

  3. Joanne had spent days trying to get information about her sister, but nobody could help her. She had sent the money as requested, but never even got confirmation that it had arrived or been withdrawn. Worried as hell, she booked a flight to Tokyo.
    The embassy there put her in touch with the Japanese Police, but they seemed disinterested. They didn’t like taking on cases they knew they couldn’t solve, as it would screw with their famous 99% conviction rate. In one of the free English language magazines she found in a bar one night, there was an ad for a detective agency. She decided to give the guy a call.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.06.2014

  4. nobody could talk her into it. it would have to be her choice—at her time–and not a moment sooner. the choice had been there for a while–but it seems the timing was what had been left out—behind. timing never came. choice remained lonely.

    By Safon URL on 08.06.2014

  5. I think nobody can say they really know who they are gonna be the next minute, the next day or the next year. Nobody can even be completely sure of who they are now.

    By JulieInBelfast URL on 08.06.2014

  6. It was true that nobody ever loved the litter of pups that came out of the ugliest dog they had ever seen, but what makes it so cary is that they still seemed to be in their own little world of love between each other. They played like they had no cares in the world.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.06.2014

  7. I checked again, and there ws nobody there. Seriously though it was freakin’ freaky because I swear to god someone was coming up the stairs. Like my stairs were old, right? So you can here everything – every creek, every footstep… let alone someone BOUNDING up the stairs and stopping right in front of my room. I seriously had a heart attack when I looked over towards my door fully expecting to see my dad and there was just nothing, nobody, blankness.

    By Nicole on 08.06.2014

  8. When you are feeling alone nobody can fill that loneliness only you can make yourself feel better. When you feel better then you are open to others.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.06.2014

  9. There wasn’t anybody who hated you. You were quite sure of this—there’d been polls, definitely, and there’d never been any hate mail. You got standing ovations every performance, millions of fans swaying in the pit. You’d never had to market much—each ticket would be sold out in seconds, then each tour would be sold out in seconds, and soon enough you realized you didn’t even have to try, really, didn’t have to always go and do giveaways and interviews if you didn’t want to, didn’t even have to reply to Twitter. How dare all these nobodies wish to speak to you?

    By Jessica URL on 08.06.2014

  10. Nobody, I think, refers to the physical lack of human being in the radius of which you are speaking. As in, “there is nobody here.” however, when it comes to humans in general, there is no place for the word “nobody.”

    By Ryan on 08.06.2014

  11. I walked into the room and right past the speaker, as I sauntered in front as all the people it was as if I was a ghost and no one could see me there in the front of the room. I got my food rations and headed back across the front of the room. This time I made faces at the crowd and mooned the speaker. Still I got nothing from any of them accept for a little boy sitting midway in the audience. He snickered when I mooned the speaker, but as quick as he did his mother grabbed him and made him look away from me. It was tough being ignored and treated like a nobody, like I did not exist at all, but this is how they dealt with criminals and that is what I was marked as, because I dared to fall in love with a married woman. Mind you I never even laid a hand on her. All I did was wait on her hand and foot and wander through her house smell her pillow which still smelled like her shampoo and for this I got 6 months of time. Time to be all alone in a world where one could never usually be alone. So was my sentence really that bad, I thought as I exited the room which was filled and overflowing to go back to my small area of exile.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 08.06.2014

  12. As I stood there, I realised that there was nobody that truly understood me… NOBODY knew. NOBODY liked me. I was, effectively, also NOBODY.

    By Allan94 on 08.06.2014

  13. nobody knows what it’s really like to be me. nobody asks me how I’m doing but yet I have so many people in my world. it’s crazy how it can be so crowded with people who are supposed to love me but don’t. nobody cares about what I do or if I was here. nobody cares.

    By Bart on 08.06.2014

  14. Somebody?
    An empty body
    Alone on the pavement
    Enslaved by nobody
    She is just another body
    She could have been somebody
    Anybody but a dead body

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 08.06.2014

  15. once upon a time there was a person. people called him nobody because he had no nam. hefelt he shouldn’t live anymore because every one ignored him. Plz help him. tell him u love him!!! ok?

    By kitty on 08.06.2014