February 2nd, 2016

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87 Responses to “council”

  1. The group sat silently as the moderators whispered in the corner. No one knew what to do. This was a new problem.
    “Well… do we draw attention to it or ignore it?”
    Eyes swiveled to Chelsea sitting at the corner of the table. She had asked it earnestly and with great hesitation. But it wasn’t the right question to be asking.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.03.2016

  2. I stood in front of the council, shifting my weight from right to left. My clammy hands were clasped together, my thumbs silently circling each other. The council-people only stared, then whispered, then stared some more. Just tell me what my sentence is- I can take it.

    By Cat URL on 02.03.2016

  3. I ask now for your council, I ask now for your council, I ask now for your council. Aurthor rehearsed his words in his head as he approached the throne room. As he neared the two long doors, they swung open ahead of him. Standing at the end of a long hall was Chancellor Grey, looking as old and decrepit as ever.

    By Sam on 02.03.2016

  4. my friend hurt her knee so badly that she had to have conciling to help her know to stay off it as much as she can

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.03.2016

  5. where people go to solve problems, people who chose things for a community, student council, fundraisers. school provides it for us, group of people, Jedi council, Dr. Phil, president, press or congress, problems, chairs, talking

    By Mrs. Durig's class URL on 02.03.2016

  6. The council had yet to vote on whether the man lived or died. He had stolen; not a serious crime in the past, but now that the world was low on food, he wouldn’t go without a harsh punishment. His superiors started whispering to one another quietly. Sometimes they would nod their head and peek at him as he was nervously quivering in front of them. Sweat dripped on his brow and slowly moved down his face. He was terrified, nothing could hide that. Finally, the council stopped their murmuring and turned around to face him again. The woman in the middle, The Supreme, cleared her throat. The man jumped from the sound and his hands began to shake as he crossed them behind is back. The Supreme opened her mouth and all but shouted out the decision, “Avery Baxter, caught stealing extra food rations, has been found……GUILTY!” Avery let out a cry as he fell to his knees. Three men came forward and grabbed his arms and lifted him up. “NO, NO! Please.” he pleaded as they dragged him away. The Supreme just smirked as the men carried him out the door to his death. She continued grinning as she turned towards the other members, “I do love it when they beg.” She swiveled around to face the front again and listened to Avery’s screams. They began to get distant and eventually all that could be heard was a small whine sound. Then, a boom and…silence.

    By Nikana URL on 02.03.2016

  7. There is a such thing as student council in schools. They plan things for them to do and then ask the principals and teachers if they can.

    By Em URL on 02.03.2016

  8. I was never on the student council. Looking back, I wish I had. I like to make a difference and being on a council is a good way to do that. It is a lot of responsibility though. Take, for example, the Jedi council. They are responsible for the development of all Jedi and for protecting the people in their realm. That is a big burden. But it must be an honor.

    By Shughie on 02.03.2016

  9. The council had ordered his assasination. John was sure of it. No one knew who was on the council exactly, but that didn’t matter anyway. They had spies everywhere, and they were always watching him. They had many disguises. Some wore business suits, others wore cashier uniforms at the grocery store. Sometimes he wasn’t so sure. People like Terri, the sweet blue-eye psychiatric nurse who always had a kind word for him, seemed too pure to be in on it. But then he caught Terri talking to one of the guards who often held him down for medication. That’s when John figured out she was one of them.

    By Soft URL on 02.03.2016

  10. Today I was on corusant the where the galactic senetors are how did I get there well with my hyperspace jet-pack and I was on boring place called the council man that thing takes hours I just took my jet-pack and went to Disney with stolen no I mean borrowed money.

    By Elian Rivera on 02.03.2016

  11. Council is a place where council members meet and discuss important news or topics. This can also be to talk about ideas for a city or place or activity depending on this council.

    By Christian on 02.03.2016

  12. The council decided it was time to take action. Not one, not two, but every single counsel member felt it was necessary. The man was guilty, and even though his life would be ruined, he needed to pay the consequences. He knew there were risks involved. One counsel member decided against it, but his opinion was not taken seriously as he is associated with the criminal. I heard the man got ten years.

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 02.03.2016

  13. The council of Elders in a book I saw once was very cool way to do the leadership evenly and to keep peace.

    By Caden on 02.03.2016

  14. a council is a group of people usually trying to decide on what to do with something or someone.

    By Caden on 02.03.2016

  15. A council is a very interesting way to decide becouse it use the magority of the peoples votes to do something.

    By Caden on 02.03.2016

  16. The council of Cloven Elders in the Percy Jackson is a group of three satyrs who decide what to do with seekers like Grover or Gleeson Hedge.

    By Caden on 02.03.2016

  17. the council wouldn’t hear of it, my appeal was turned down but that wasn’t about to be the end of this fight. they had my brother and if they thought for even a second i would sit by and let the torture they would inflict on him continue they had another thing coming. the training needed to pay off, whether or not i had finished it didn’t matter at this point because the war had already begun.

    By Jess on 02.03.2016

  18. The student council was falling apart. No one would listen. My heart sank as I listened to their bickering and namecalling. I wondered if I would ever be able to help them sort things out and learn to listen to one another again.

    The boys in the corner who were just issue snarky comments to the rest caught my eye. I mouthed to them to make a positive contribution or shut up. They shut up. My day was not getting any better.

    One of my colleagues walked in. The one who thought he knew everything there was about keeping kids in line. I hated him. I wished he would shrivel up into a dried apricot.

    By susanlucilledavis URL on 02.03.2016

  19. The elder’s mouth was set in a firm, grim line. His large, bushy eyebrows hung menacingly over his eyes, darkening them. The council itself appeared an ominous presence- their long silky black robes draped over their crooked frames as they glared down at their charge from their seats behind the oak desk perched on the riser.

    By hope URL on 02.03.2016

  20. Adam wiped the sweat from his brow, as he waited for the final verdict from the council. Where was he going to be banished to? they all decided he shall be banished to…. to be continued in the next episode offfffffff. HOUSE WIVES OF AMERICA!… I was furious! how could they stop it there?!?! It was getting good! Can’t believe it. now I will just have to wait it out. the nerve of those people… stopping the show…on my birthday! even if i wanted to watch it tomorrow I couldn’t because i have work! 8’o’clock wake up, shower, eat breakfast. 9’o’clock drive to work get stuck in traffic then cry for 18 minutes. 10’o’clock get to work write a bunch of junk. 12’o’clock lunch time, eat my PBandJ that mommy made for me, made just right. 1’o’clock finish up work, drive home, cry because of traffic. 2’o’clock have 3 hour nap during the show I wanted to watch… but I cant cancel my nap!!

    By Devon Harrison on 02.03.2016

  21. council

    By Arthur on 02.03.2016

  22. Is a good word, It talk about things that everybody need for to make the right!

    By Arthur URL on 02.03.2016

  23. Hello

    By Arthur URL on 02.03.2016

  24. Is a word that is used when want to make the thing right! For to help the peoples.

    By Arthur URL on 02.03.2016

  25. . . . Are you trying to tell me something, oneword?

    By cowmom URL on 02.03.2016

  26. Yoongi hated his job.

    By malarai on 02.03.2016

  27. Who does one seek for council when those who are expected to council only their pride and self serving resilience? Makes one reevaluate their council.

    By Kiya URL on 02.03.2016

  28. They gathered around her, forming a circle and repeated the incantations in hushed tones. The slight woman shut her eyes tightly and attempted to stifle her sobbing by biting down on the handkerchief in her rouged mouth. The blood had drained from her face and her breathing slowed and became shallow. The members of the council looked down at her, then to each other, and nodded in agreement.

    By Lina Bean URL on 02.03.2016

  29. She counseled from afar
    peering over the much too tall podium
    her heels cracked with the excitement which comes from power
    As she sucked in her first breath of air…

    By AshleyKay URL on 02.03.2016

  30. The City Council met to discuss the damage the explosion had caused. They decided that they would repair the firehouse instead of replacing it.

    By Katy URL on 02.03.2016

  31. she was always very important in high school. student council president, and all that shit. not so very important, now, huh? not with a baby on your hip and no father in sight. not so high and mighty now, huh?

    By bridget URL on 02.03.2016

  32. A jury of sorts.

    By Skeleton URL on 02.03.2016

  33. Councils, government. Power over powers.

    By Maddygeorge URL on 02.03.2016

  34. Ummmmm…my friends and I. I honestly don’t have a council? I have one best friend. I’m in BETA, SADD, Foreign Language, and Pep club if that counts for anything

    By QueenBee URL on 02.03.2016

  35. I can’t say i have ever been to a council meeting, or been part of a council meeting, or anything involving council. Because most of the time councils have power and i dont like having all the power

    By Micheal Callahan URL on 02.03.2016

  36. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>><>>>>> STUDENT COUNCIL>>>COULD BE THE CLICK AT SCHOOL THAT MAKES YOU HATE LIFE>>

    By No Name on 02.03.2016

  37. Elect Leslie Knope for city council 2012.

    By CS URL on 02.03.2016

  38. “We have to do what is best for the village.”
    “That demon can’t have any power here!”
    “If we don’t do what is right then we will not live to see the morning.”
    “That is not a demon that you can easily get rid of.”
    “This is the kind of demon that takes years to remove… Because it is inside of you.” “It is inside the heart of every member of this council.” ” At the heart of every person here is sin.” “The sins of greed, gluttony, and corruption.”
    “You need to bring council within yourselves before you shall bring any judgement upon anyone of this village.”

    By Tem URL on 02.03.2016

  39. cliques. groups. friends.
    everyone wants to be different.
    home. love. family.
    everyone wants to be different.
    pain. crying. screaming.
    everyone wants to be different.
    masks. fake smiles. aliases.
    everyone wants to be different.

    everyone but me.

    By broken on 02.03.2016

  40. It isn’t always something I want. It is, however, something I will always need.

    I yelled at you yesterday. You were pushing me, asking me questions that I didn’t feel needed answers. Although you told me you weren’t bothered, that I could handle my own future, I know my failures upset you. You wouldn’t have cornered me in the living room at eleven o’clock at night if they didn’t. You don’t trust me; I like to think you would have dropped the subject at “I’ll take care of it” a year or two ago.

    I’ve come a long way from skinned knees and teary eyes at the thought of standing up in front of a class full of students. Remember that.

    By garbage URL on 02.03.2016