September 28th, 2014

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106 Responses to “conviction”

  1. Someone convicted me of stalking Steve Perry while he was in the shower then i ended up in prison apparently you’re not allowed to stalk Steve Perry so now i’m in prison…The End

    By steve perry on 09.29.2014

  2. some one that comite a crime or some thing you beleve in lik

    By amber on 09.29.2014

  3. guilty crime kill ojikjkkkkkklklklklklkhuygyhuhuhuuhuh7y78uuuhuuuuuuyuuuyuu8u8u8u8u8u8u8u888888888800000

    By bridgette on 09.29.2014

  4. “I convict you of a crime!” said officer daily. ” But I never did any crimes, ma’am.” said Mr. fraggen, the gentleman who lives next door to the people who saw him do the crime.

    By Samantha on 09.29.2014

  5. conviction means that you strongly believe like i strongly believe that food is my best friend and i love it so much. it also means that you are like guilty for doing something bad. i to be honest didn’t know what this word was before she the teacher said the definition so yeahh… any hi my name is abby im really bored this feels like more than one min so i like pizza pizza is good whoo hoo haha

    By Abby on 09.29.2014

  6. hey

    By bridgette on 09.29.2014

  7. to be honst,this is my first to see this word. i have to remember it.

    By emma on 09.29.2014

  8. covicted of a crime possible going to jail,mabey even a few fines.

    By emily lyboult on 09.29.2014

  9. there was conviction in his tone when he told her he loved her. he wanted her to understand—not just his words–but his heart. he wanted her to get that there was nothing that could be done to change whatwas happening in him—for her—-this was love. wholly. completely. and he needed her to understand.

    By Safon on 09.29.2014

  10. Never let them see you grasp for words. The moment they do, you’re dead. It may sound callous and discouraging, but take my word for it: you don’t get ahead in this business by making friends.

    By asavas on 09.29.2014

  11. Conviction, means to be pleaded guilty in a court of law, the woman was convicted by the judge for the murder of her husband……….

    By Jennifer England on 09.29.2014

  12. to be convicted of a crime, crimes in Canada are at a high, do we really need jails in Canada. everyone could be convicted for something at some point in their life.

    By Ka on 09.29.2014

  13. convict

    tie me up and toss the key
    (i won’t let my back bone shrink)
    i was arrested for bad habits and
    sad attempts at trying
    i can change i can change
    i won’t snap
    i won’t take every thing to heart
    won’t lock up my heart even if
    i’m locked into you
    when did i become so serious?
    need to stretch these muscles into words
    i can feel the weight dripping off my shoulders
    loosen up stretch relax breathe the longest breath
    time is elastic and i am constantly bending backwards
    to catch it, to close the portal for a little while
    you know there is no other side
    there is no other heart than mine
    And the sound of my soul
    is a crackling, a spark that once sputtered
    now lit and out of control
    a permanent fire of song and hunger
    i ache for more world

    By stargirl on 09.29.2014

  14. I was convicted today, and I was innocent. Innocent in my own mind, that is. Of course, murder of a woman deserves punishment, but what they don’t know is why. What they don’t care about is why I did it, as I could never get around to finishing my testament. Just as I was about to finish my sentence, someone ran in and yelled that Marlee was dead. It was just a stab, but she must have lost a lot of blood. I didn’t mean to kill, just to hurt.

    By Anon on 09.29.2014

  15. conviction is a strength of the moment, and over time it can harden into a bolus of character that drives one forward through the seconds minutes hours and years with propose, or perhaps some misbegotten frame of identity that can derail a

    By Adrian on 09.29.2014

  16. orange is the new black
    deep purple of bruised faces
    black pupils of imprisoned parents
    punishment or vacation
    the climax of a teenagers best party story

    By jo on 09.29.2014

  17. Conviction. Clear, cold cut. Death Sentence. One last breath, for a crime he did not commit was on his shoulders. Sweat dripped from his brow and stained his old orange breeches. Was the last man who wore this dead, to?

    By Kaitlin Petkovich on 09.29.2014

  18. One word 2

    By Kaitlin Petkovich on 09.29.2014

  19. Victor with it. He’s on.

    By Jack Myller on 09.29.2014

  20. conviction is what happens in life, it’s whats happening right now in my life with me and mysle fna d my brother, im convicting myself and i can never figure out what is right and if what ive already done is right.. its hard to know which way to go in life… i hope my brother is ok, i hope he makes it out alive

    By jennifer on 09.29.2014

  21. If you believe in something very strongly, you have conviction about it and are passionate about it. You may have done something wrong and, when you read a Bible verse about it or read an article relating to it, you feel convicted. You can also be cinv

    By dk on 09.29.2014

  22. I feel conviction when I see that people are doing wrong. My religion gives me a strong conviction of things. I hope I never get a jail conviction. Conviction will lead you to the right decisions.

    By Becky on 09.29.2014

  23. It was a long day for the student as he waited to hear from the judge if his father would be convicted and ultimately serve jail time. The student wondered how he would survive, where he would live, and if everything the judge and witnesses said about his dad was true.

    By test on 09.29.2014

  24. i find my true north is to live life with the conviction of my honest beliefs and to not allow myself to sit quite while another speaks in the direct opposite direction of my heart felt conviction on a topic.

    By nikohl geraci URL on 09.29.2014

  25. Can you convince me?

    .Wow. That’s your best shot? Everybody goes for that at firs-
    -ow. Well. That’s certainly new.

    Not gonna give in, not gonna giv ein. no tgonna givei n

    ..Someone else?

    I give up.

    By Sky on 09.29.2014

  26. I’m not too good in convincing myself about anything, even about my own reflection in the mirror. It might be me but might be someone else, the reflection can be cheating like everything else seems to cheat on me.

    By adriamahilala on 09.29.2014