June 22nd, 2015

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63 Responses to “composed”

  1. Iiiiiiiiiiii haveeeeeeeeee already write about this word!! Get me another! Please?

    By Tute URL on 06.23.2015

  2. All day he had attempted to stay composed, not reacting as he would like to the things he heard. But when the suspects kept trying to fool him, what could he do but get angry?

    By Dee on 06.23.2015

  3. There I stood. In front of her. Composed. Or at least I was supposed to look that way. It’s not every day that you’re little girl tells you they have a boyfriend. Less so that they are about to have a child. No, that SHE is about to have a child.

    By Theresa on 06.23.2015

  4. Here she had in front of her the greatest piece of music ever composed. What a shame it was to know that she couldn’t play it. She was a failure.

    By Dee on 06.23.2015

  5. based on the facts and circumstances of each case

    By R on 06.23.2015

  6. As the composer composed the band the group of musical maniacs marched the martian market.

    By David on 06.23.2015

  7. How do you stay composed? What is it to really have it together these days? Many times, I’ve figured that no one really has it together. Life really is just moving from one situation in which you are clueless, but might have some vague idea of what it is that you want out of the next one, to the next one. Again, clueless. Fake it till you make it, I guess.

    By Nicolas David on 06.23.2015

  8. it was at that moment that I had to compose myself. the ears were rolling down my face. I tried hiding my sorry as I knew what the doctor was going to say. your mother is dead. a faintness came over me as I seen blackness come over me. I woke up with water on my face and doctors hovering over me.

    By hannah on 06.23.2015

  9. Poise and composure don’t come naturally to everyone. Speaking for myself, I have an inability to connect, which some will mistake as being composed and together. Usually this suits me well, but last week at my mother’s funeral nobody could quite understand how I remained “so strong through it all.”

    By asavas on 06.23.2015

  10. i composed a letter. She has been composing music for years. She composed a great song. She as composed music for a play. She has been composing music since she wa

    By Autumn on 06.23.2015

  11. She composed one of the most popular pieces of music ever. To this day they still listen to it. Her piece is used in music classes across the world. It is a perfect example of that specific genre of music taught in high schools and universities.

    By Ralph Fisher on 06.23.2015

  12. The sheet music fell to the floor spilling over like a waterfall. She fumbled, grasped, but they were water in her hands. All grace lost, there was no way to recover.

    By MamaFrankie on 06.23.2015

  13. The wasp in the back of her throat kept at it. Choking on her grief, the bitter sting overwhlemed. But none could tell. Not a one of them.

    By MamaFrankie on 06.23.2015

  14. She dreamed of a state of the purest independence: a forever drifting along the in-between, gliding over and under the faint lines of the past and present and future. She dreamt of autonomy of the highest kind. Yet how could she retain herself if she was constantly bombarded by distractions, slave to the momentary lapses in the composition?.. She struggled to grasp hold of the emotions overtaking her and remain composed before the expectant crowd.

    By J on 06.23.2015

  15. When I feel immense emotions, it’s difficult to keep myself composed. I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to keep a straight face without showing my pain, hurt, upset or fear… it doesn’t seem to work very well. I’m not sure if composure is something you can learn or if it’s something you are born with. Maybe it’s ab it of both? Either way, I think “composed” is a state I have not yet learned.

    By rockegan on 06.23.2015

  16. A musician composed a work of music. An author writes- can one also use the term composed? Both indicate creating something new and artistic. The woman seemed so composed during a stressful interview.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.23.2015

  17. His nervousness made her more composed in her thoughts. He became invisible unlike the heroine that she was.

    By Krystyna on 06.23.2015

  18. Tell it like it is, dear friend, tell me of your pain.
    Let go of this battle sword, let go of the rain.
    Tell me of your sorrows, tell me once again,
    Let me hold your hand and be the voice of one more friend.

    I see the way you hold yourself, and you should not be ashamed –
    Everyone who’s walked this path finds freedom once the lion’s tamed.

    By emay URL on 06.23.2015

  19. composed–like the evergreen at the precipice of the waterfall. like a lamp sheltered from the wind that doesn’t flicker. held fast. held easy.

    soul-grown. created. enticed. propagated.

    with poesy

    By bobgaspar on 06.23.2015

  20. He sat up and fixed his composure; the news had temporarily sent him into a state of shock. There was no way he would have expected to hear of his brother’s death, yet here he was. The lawyer maintained eye contact awaiting a response.
    “Well, I suppose that’s that.” He smiled and stood up.

    By LC on 06.23.2015

  21. “Put together”
    posed together
    placed together
    made up of

    By Chris Storrer on 06.23.2015

  22. Nothing like those notebooks with the speckled black and white covers, although they come in other variations now. But I do miss the sheer bizarre quality of the tables on the back cover. Sure, there’s the times tables and such but I want Apothecary’s Weight! And I might need to know how many pecks equal a bushel or whichever!

    By Christina on 06.23.2015

  23. sometimes it echoes in k’s head. “composure is my greatest skill.” wonders if it’s true. wonders what bad habits j had when the skill was still a weakness; lips chewed swollen and pink, bitten fingers that turned white in the shower. restless sighs in the dark and feet combing through cold sheets and hands in places. midnights that k feels uneasy imagining. wonders how much of j they really know, now.

    By paper on 06.23.2015