April 16th, 2014

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53 Responses to “commission”

  1. The blessing and the burden. A gift of purpose and a gift of responsibility. The orders are given and thus, are expected to be followed. Is ignorance truly bliss? Or is there something more? To be given a commission is to be given meaning and passion.

    By Josh Martin URL on 04.16.2014

  2. There was that dirty money he had got from her. He knew not to touch it but he did need it. How would he feed his family with such disgusting, ill-gotten bills?

    By K. M. Mortensen on 04.16.2014

  3. She thought she would commission a painting for the empty spot in the family room above the couch. She wandered into an art gallery on 1st Avenue and wrote a blank check. Soon she began to worry. The money disappeared from her account, and she took took a job in shlock art sales, on commission.

    By J on 04.16.2014

  4. of all the brain trusts and cultural leaders
    existential angst and thoughtless predecessors
    commit to commissions on commitments
    pointless roundabouts and paid for postulates
    picking through paperwork
    redundancy required through repetition.

    By matt m on 04.16.2014

  5. If only you could commission yourself to the right to live your life happily and freely. Maybe then people would stop taking advantage of you and tearing you to the ground, only you don’t understand that do you? The words escaping my mind and flowing into this computer frighten you, don’t they? You need to live life for yourself. That means getting out of bed each morning and knowing that what you are about to experience was of your own creation and that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Growing up shouldn’t be this hard, you’re not that old, you’re not too young, you are in the perfect place to just commission the papers and start living your life as wonderfully and beautifully as you want instead of as basically and tired as you know how.

    By Madison on 04.16.2014

  6. “What do you think we should do?” she asked, glancing over to Peter. “I mean, the whole thing is very vague. They just told us that they wanted a commission, and that they wanted it to be something to do with water. Water.”
    “Just water?” he replied, grimacing. “I mean, nothing more? There’s a lot of ways you could take that.”
    “My point exactly,” Sierra sighed.

    By Rain on 04.16.2014

  7. I commissioned her to paint me a painting just to talk to her, and just as I had intended, I brought her to my bed. We laid their, in post-coital bliss, and she told me her dreams. She asked me mine, and I smiled, and said I dreamed of another bottle.

    By J Michael URL on 04.16.2014

  8. I don’t want people to tell me when I have to write music and how I have to write music. It just defeats the purpose. I don’t remember ever asking for commissions, but for some reason people just come along and ask me to write songs for them anyways. I do have a life of my own – projects of my own – and I need to figure it out somehow. No more commissions for me, that much is for sure.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 04.16.2014

  9. She tucked the flashlight under her chin and slipped her slender fingers into the crack between the window panes. The window slid open noiselessly. Perfect. She slid into the house and followed the directions she had memorized. Second door on the right, staircase up a level, third door on the left. She pushed the door open, which swung on silent hinges. Her flashlight scanned the room. There were various works of art hanging on the walls, leaning against cabinets, standing on pedestals. She wasn’t here for the sculptures, although she was sure they were worth thousands. She quietly rifled through the frames that were leaning against each other, obscuring the paintings they encased. She found the three pieces she was after. Two of them were of flowers or fruit, the third was of a naked woman looking off into the distance. She worked on commission and, being promised a lot for these pieces, she new they were worth something huge.

    By Emma URL on 04.16.2014

  10. I earned my commission the hard way. Hitchhiking down the road, selling out of my suitcase, one good shirt on my back. I didn’t have a plan, but I knew the gospel of what I was selling. “Immortality! Yours for just such and such a month.” With the new computers anything was possible. I didn’t want it. But I knew how to sell it.

    By Mike URL on 04.16.2014

  11. The California Rocket Enthusiasts’ Commission had been created by a man who had had enough of simply shooting mentos-bubbling soda bottles into the stratosphere, so he decided he’d do experiments similar to that with others who may have had more connections or money or both. Of course, he had decided to be its Grand High Chancellor – although Director or Chairman would have sufficed as a title. Needless to say, the actual rocket scientists and scholars were not amused.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.16.2014

  12. What is, truly, a great commission? Take everyone back to your home planet.

    By isabella on 04.16.2014

  13. Being made to recall a dream like wandering foam slips through light crack window no hope, no ear, tilt your head just slightly to the left watch the foam thought dribble out

    By Moth on 04.16.2014

  14. They wish that they knew
    why she no longer accepts
    commissions. They won’t.

    By Andrea URL on 04.16.2014

  15. Martin worked on commission alone, and that was a mixed blessing. On a good month, he was living the high life … but string several bad month together, and he knew his friends would start avoiding him. It was unfair, to be sure. He was happy to buy drinks for everyone and share his stash, but putting a hand out during a rough patch invariably caused instant amnesia among the recipients of his previous generosity.

    By Mexichick URL on 04.16.2014

  16. you have exactly thirty days to finish this project for her. even if it’s just about a month, it feels like even less time than that, like minutes even. your heart thrums in your chest as you remember the smile of gratitude she gave you, the way her voice keened in adoration and happiness, the way her fingers brushed yours as she handed you the fabric. it’s just a dress, you tell yourself, it’s just a dress for the most beautiful girl in the world. a dress for the girl you’ve loved ever since you started high school.

    By heartful URL on 04.16.2014

  17. I had been drawing for hours but this last one really struck me, why would anyone commission me to draw this picture? I had never met the client before but it was obvious they knew me.

    By Tracy on 04.16.2014

  18. ohhhh thoughts of working at the mall. i hated that part. except that instead of coming home with a full pay check i’d come home with new clothes. apparently my mother did too when she was a young single gal working at a clothing store. i just dont want to be too much like my mother….
    she’s a great lady in many ways and i love her but she can be a pill. not too mention… no, you know what. this is not about her. it always is but i’m sick of it. no more. when is it about me and letting go already? why am i so damn scared?

    By Gina on 04.16.2014

  19. he wanted comissions

    like a lot, a lot

    no one ever offered though,

    they didnt want his art in exchange for their money,

    he didnt know why

    By nizhni URL on 04.16.2014

  20. “Customers are the worst, but you can’t really buy the bread without them.”

    “Wow. I never thought about those things before. It’s like you’re a barista, with people asking you for sugar-free blended drinks or some crap.”

    “So desu.”

    By Yona URL on 04.16.2014

  21. i think i’m drunk she said
    words whisper like fragrance in the wind
    what hell is this
    a love that never ends
    forgetting the fate of the ever loved
    a commission of decisions of
    no one in particular a kiss a frown a goodbye
    it never quite made sense.

    By matt on 04.16.2014

  22. I was commissioned the task of dish duty. Wash, rinse, dry, wash, rinse, dry. Tedious indeed. I begin to wonder if they think me capable of anything greater.. My fingers are pruny and I suppose so is my pride. I watch the other more desirable workers start on more important tasks. Yet I suppose my pruny fingers have their place.

    By G on 04.16.2014

  23. the words with wonder she spoke
    the choking laugher drank the folks
    wisdom is reserved for the bored
    rich enough to complain about intellectual things
    they set up commissions to decide
    what and have nots
    where then are they
    gone forever like brain trust without a mind.

    By matt on 04.16.2014

  24. I had no idea what I wanted to do. This company commissioned me to build an installation that exuded their message. Their message made me feel dirty, though.

    By Shlee URL on 04.16.2014

  25. The commission of the report by the commission resulted in a sizeable commission for the commissioner in the commission of his duties.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.16.2014

  26. The art commission was strange. The email had been sitting in his folder for weeks now, untouched. It scratched at the back of his mind everytime he worked on other, newer artworks. But he could never bring himself to even think of how he would paint that one strange art commission.

    By hmmm on 04.16.2014

  27. they’re running out he said.
    call california he said.
    california’s out he said.
    california’s down he added.
    then let’s all pray to god they said.
    one minute: standing.
    one minute: kneeling.
    hands clasped.
    one minute: laying down.

    By Kairn URL on 04.16.2014

  28. I commission you to go and do what is right. Do not sway from this. Be bold and be strong. Do the right thing in the midst of wrong.

    By Crystal URL on 04.16.2014

  29. drea I once worked at a very well known Times Share Resort. I was a Sales Hostess. I was the only one who worked on commission. My pay was based on what the sales people sold that day. People were paying for one to two weeks once a year at the resort.Also for the price they paid for a year membership. Which entitled them anywhere from a day to a week anywhere the Companies owned other resorts in many places in the world. And you would trade the same amount of time in your paid for location for another members time share. The company made the arrangements with the other time share owners for you. I thought that the business was a good idea and it seemed to work well for people that had purchased their agreements.

    I dated the owners son. His name was King MCKarthy and all the girls wanted him. He drove a gold convertible sl Mercedes.I remember he dedicated the song Every Breath You Take, by the band Sting. I thought I was in Love. But that’s another story all together. Just like the other many many pages or paragraphs of my life. What a full life Iv’e lived.So full that Iv’e many times left memories lie sleeping in the shadows of time, and then suddenly at times they wake to remind me of the past when I lived that chapter and most of the time it will bring great memories and a new smile to add to it.

    By Anndrea URL on 04.16.2014

  30. Out of commission again! What’s wrong with me that I still think everything will work out, when over and over again they don’t? Oh well, I guess I’d rather be this way than lose hope.

    By Caysee URL on 04.16.2014

  31. if this life isn’t
    i don’t know what is

    we would always argue
    whether or not there is meaning
    in everything
    and i would always insist
    you were reading into things
    i would say
    “the wind doesn’t shake the needles
    from branches to make them bare
    it just happens”
    and you would reply
    “the wind’s intentions are just that,
    to strip the tree of all it’s impurities”

    i drained my pen
    every last drop
    to try to show these people
    how i feel
    i can’t remember
    but sometimes
    i act like i’m watching tv
    when i’m really thinking about
    time traveling
    and palindromes
    and rolling around in summer grass
    i drained my bottle
    every last drop
    to try to stop time
    and forget how i feel
    but it only induced my thirst
    for greater things
    like long poems and
    food fights
    and dancing through hard times

    at least we can say
    we tried

    By stargirl URL on 04.16.2014

  32. #2~*real oneword on commission*~

    i’d try to pay you for
    but i think that’s missing the point
    we are the same
    only you are less
    and i am less
    i’d pay you for
    but i’m struggling with it myself
    and don’t think i’m in the position
    to hand out bad checks

    By stargirl URL on 04.16.2014

  33. im on a mission for some serious commission
    a way to make it by
    a take on foolish memory
    takes one to make it by

    By kay on 04.16.2014

  34. He called them commissions. He did them whenever money got tight.

    He went to the bad side of town, as if there was really a good side to it, then offered himself up as entertainment to whoever was willing to pay.

    Sometimes he was paid to fight, other times to work, still though…most often it was for sex.

    This was one of the sex commissions.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.16.2014

  35. “He’s paid based upon commission,” I answered. “Why do you ask?” Then I followed her line of sight to the clumsy mural caked upon her wall.


    By WearyWater URL on 04.17.2014

  36. One word is enough for all of us.

    Commission makes me think of sales. You make the sale. You get the commission.

    People commission art work all the time.

    If you commit a crime, while you are doing it, are you in the commission of a crime?

    It’s like a mission, but with a copilot.

    Don’t commingle the money for that commission!

    By michaelbuzz URL on 04.17.2014

  37. Whether by commission or not the deed was done. All our efforts was in vain as we tried desperately to save or persuade the young man, who stood on the ledge of the apartment window and fell to his death.

    By victor URL on 04.17.2014

  38. he strolled in,
    confident, bold,
    all around were people
    sipping cocktails
    and merlot.
    but he persisted,
    weaving through the mass
    of indifference.
    he step right to the artist
    who, herself was a little loss in
    the drone of the excitement.
    And he said with little hesitation,
    i’ll take it.

    By NuSol URL on 04.17.2014

  39. The commission of sins . that are stated . in the books . by the nuns . commission of sins by omission . of religious duties . but not much commission of compassion.

    By George Johnson on 04.17.2014

  40. I am in the company of writers.

    By George Johnson on 04.17.2014