April 17th, 2014

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47 Responses to “sterile”

  1. ‘Just for the toilet. The part that fits over the toilet, the bowl. Like a catching screen.’
    ‘Toilet top.’
    ‘I’m not sure that’s it.’
    ‘It’s this right here. To catch the stool. Goes right over the toilet bowl. You could use plastic, Saran wrap instead and make a little dip in it but I’m sure the Doc wanted you to have something easier to use. Just two bucks. You need sterile cups or did you already get everything from the Doc?’

    By DMM URL on 04.18.2014

  2. קוראים לי רתם ואני בתיכון. אני רוצה להיות עיתונאית, או סופרת מפורסמת כמו ג’ון גרין או ג’יי קיי רולינג. אני מרגישה שזה בשבילי, אני יודעת שזה בשבילי. ואני עוד צעירה, וזה הכל, יש לי עוד הרבה מה ללמוד בחיים, אני מקווה שזה יתממש מתישהו, בתקווה שכן. אני כותבת עכשיו סתם שטויות ואותיות חסרות משמעות במקום להתרכז בסיפור שלי.

    By rotem URL on 04.18.2014

  3. He rushes to the sink, washing his hands furiously (and with way too much soap). “I AM STERILE – NO BODY TOUCH ME!” Everything has happened so fast, so there wasn’t much time for thinking – all he knew is that his friend was lying on the table with a knife in his skull.

    By asavas URL on 04.18.2014

  4. extremely sterile

    By Mia on 04.18.2014

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    By Mia on 04.18.2014

  6. The room was totally sterile. White and cold with a strong medicinal smell. I could do nothing but focus on my own thoughts. Torture. That is exactly what it was. My own private room in hell. Sterile.

    By Jenn URL on 04.18.2014

  7. When I think of sterile I think of something that does not have any type of bacteria (germs) on it . I think of something clean and something that is pure. Sterile is used medically and a term used in the medical field. I think of dental, medical, eye doctor offices that have sterile tools for the performance on a patient. Doctor’s will sterilize an area on a patient before doing surgery.

    By Patia Young on 04.18.2014