May 10th, 2015

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39 Responses to “cast”

  1. the lone man cast his fishing pole out into the depths of gray ocean waters before him. minuscule creatures tug gently at the line he has thrown, but none take the bait. hours pass before the lone man finally relinquishes his line from the water, only to accidentally drop it into the murky waters below.

    By Emmy on 05.10.2015

  2. She cast herself up, she cast herself back. The image and projection of herself flickered. Fragile in the air, temporary. She walked among them, walked through them like she was mist. She was half there, half elsewhere. She was worlds away and years ago, making love to her memories. It was safer there.

    By Archanza URL on 05.10.2015

  3. Cast away into the fire, like in Lord of the Rings. To cast aside, like to get rid of. Like sometimes I have to cast aside all of my feelings. Sometimes they just need to go. The cast of a TV show, like Glee or Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. I feel like a cast is a family.

    By Acela URL on 05.10.2015

  4. I love the way your smile went from casting shadows over everything to spreading sunshine in the most beautiful ways. I love how you turned us into stained glass windows in someones kitchen and we transformed you into a beach complete with soft white sand and brilliant blue skies. And just in case we don’t get the chance to say it, thank you for smiling today.

    By Madison on 05.10.2015

  5. One day, a little girl named Ellie was climbing a tall tree. “Come down!” her mother shouted, worried. Ellie didn’t listen. She wanted to see the entire neighborhood from the top.

    By Ariel URL on 05.10.2015

  6. Was going to have her fall down, break her arm, and get a cast on it.

    By Ariel URL on 05.10.2015

  7. The cast bugged him more than it should have. It rubbed annoyingly and got in the way. It seemed like a metaphor for his life. Stuck, unable to get rid of everything bad.

    By sprinkles888 URL on 05.10.2015

  8. I was thrown out into the abyss, cast relentlessly, and most unreasonably expected to hold my own. Where was I? Who was I? There was seemingly no way to figure out these answers in the trench, til my life became one of touch, not sight.

    By ssarg ellebanna on 05.10.2015

  9. He flipped his sheets off, and gazed at the fat serpent that coiled itself around his body. Its tumorous mass was a crutch, a compromise to keep his body from failing: his bones from cracking. It had been woven around his body after the accident, a whitened umbilical cord. And like all umbilical cords it could only nourish for so long. It needed to be cut.

    By Greenleaf on 05.10.2015

  10. breaking off leg with pizza adia dancing african hey jude take a bow vaganova steven molested me but he broke his arm, no wait that was his brother

    By Anneke on 05.10.2015

  11. They’ve only met him yesterday. It was the last day of the shooting so they had to change the entire cast for this young and talented fellow.

    By Stef on 05.10.2015

  12. Alison had been cast in the role of Hamlet for the all-woman production of the play, and somehow, Sharon had a massive problem with it. Alison couldn’t figure out why, until she overheard Sharon having a conversation about it with Joel during their lunch break at work. The exchange went as followed:

    “I just don’t think she can handle it.”

    “Why not?”

    “It’s a big part. I mean, she’s gonna be the show. Like, the whole show.”

    “So why not just be happy for her?”

    Alison heard Sharon snort. “Because that would require me to have a heart. In any case, I should’ve been Hamlet. Not her.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.10.2015

  13. Cast. Casting. A word in portuguese, castelo, which means castle; that’s what came to my mind. What I imagine sometimes: being in a movie that reflects the story in my mind. It’s easier to imagine than to write it down. (I’m typing and deleting my words. yes, that’s my problem. That’s why i’m still a wannabe writer. That’s why i’m not an author yet.)
    I was saying, the movie in my head. A movie about struggle in tough times. Where people try to work together to solve a problem and save as many lives as possible. And the furstration of not being able to move mountains to achieve it. The nerves and efforts to work against the clock and God. To fight difficulties. To survive and let miracles come true.
    I love when I hear and feel my team mates hard time temper. Their angry shouts about injustice and hate of this burocracy world. Me, myself, I break things. I turn tables upside down and never say a word. Usually, these scenes end up with me jumping from high up into a pond or secret lake. The best gettaway to release any inside anger. A great escape to renew my patience and my mind. And then, life goes back to what it was again. To save people from natural disasters. Sometimes I get to go to interviews on TV and tell the world about my work and my thoughts on humanity. My answers are harsh to hear. I tell my side of the story with no fear for anything. Even thoughts of being denied entry in some countries do not stop me to say what reality really is. A man usually comes into the picture as well. A doctor most of the times. A handsome guy who works hard and makes me smile. He makes me relax and talk. He says I speak too little and work too much. He once went with me to one of those ceremonies where volunteers are awarded every year. We were the best guests on stage with our humor and warmful words. We would leave the place together and go eat in a nearby fastfood shop. The doctor guy would tell me his secrets. I would listen to them and get to like him more than I already had. He was a charming man. He knew how to kiss and his hugs were the best thing in the world. The sensation of having someone to hug after so long time is always very intense. It is only one of my day dreams but these hugs feel very real to me. I could feel it all.
    Having someone to love and to hug feels wonderful. That thing I know. Sometimes it hurts just to think about it. Our thoughts never match what happens in real time. Our behaviour will never be the same as the ones we have when we dream. Only the words we say are the only thing that can happen the same way we imagine it. And we feel happy to have the opportunity to say them. Those words have a special meaning for us. It’s like a magical force to keep us going through hard times in life.
    It never ends well. Never. Time and distance are always the worst enemies two people can have. And it’s usually during the last moments of these dreams that I fall asleep.

    By Joan Clucas on 05.10.2015

  14. As the movie was being filmed the whole cast stuffed it up and therefore Mr Nobli (the director) got really cross and hit everyones hand with a funny looking stick

    By charlotte mcghee on 05.11.2015

  15. There’s this feeling, this yearning to belong to someone, something bigger than yourself, because you know you’re not complete. You’re hollow inside and you want to be acknowledged, told that no, you’re not useless, you matter to someone. You join groups hoping to gain that fulfillment, but in the end, you’re just too afraid to take the plunge.

    By Ashi URL on 05.11.2015

  16. Cast it all away and take my hand. It never has to be perfect, it never will be perfect, but now is as good a time as any. Take my hand and let the rest of our lives, the one’s we’ve always wanted to live, begin now.

    By Kayaus URL on 05.11.2015

  17. Thrown far by precise coincidence, inserted without dispute or maybe too many – to the end, it was decided, we let go of everything, at the precise point, overwhelming shadow yet to be seen… Without mercy, put where it was, too cleverly – bonded -put together. In a turning motion …all the length of it and any other measure; No movement possibility. That type of thing… Just this slight predetermination. Vague difference. *All wrong*. All of them circling around.

    The madness took me.

    (a/n: I am deeply sorry for disregarding the time rule… yet I don’t think I captured the essence of ‘cast’ quite well [laughs])

    By Samsara on 05.11.2015

  18. “Wait, what? You can’t just cast a pointer to Dog to a pointer to Circle! That violates all the principles of encapsulation and design and, and…”

    “It sure makes me powerful, though!”

    Tina watched as the engine began turning in a perpetual cycle of rebalancing masses of golden retrievers and zero-thickness shapes.

    By betaveros URL on 05.11.2015

  19. “The cast for the play was very skilled. Most of the actors had been in one big play or another. Plus most of them knew each other.”

    By Brandon URL on 05.11.2015

  20. Today I look back to what life once was. I ponder the constant burning and destruction in the city. So many taken. So many victims. Now it is another realm. Now, I #cast my dreams into the future and see yesterday as a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope. @oznolem @oneworddotcom

    By Oz Nolem URL on 05.11.2015

  21. Trevor tried not look affected as his co-star glided onto set, with her Gucci shades and her entourage trailing behind her. He cast a side-long glance at all of the sycophants rushing to get her water, take her coat, and massage her shoulders. A deep chuckle to his right startled him. It was Larry, the bald and chubby sound guy. “Kid, if you know

    By Soft URL on 05.11.2015

  22. So, the word ‘cast’ has been up for at least twelve hours, and I know it used to refresh daily, but I’m anxious to get back to some other terms. This sentence doesn’t make sense.

    By ssarg ellebanna on 05.11.2015

  23. we have to have a cast for the movie we are shooting today, so that its a actual movie not just a act.

    By aeryal neurohr on 05.11.2015

  24. the cast played characters based off people they once knew–or thought they knew. it was all perception. a morsel of the truth—or the whole thing, according to us. we knew their language and motion—we knew their thoughts–we knew all of what we thought needed to be known. yet, we knew nothing at all.

    By Safon URL on 05.11.2015

  25. They had all assembled to see what the commotion outside the ward was. All of them stood, mouths agape, chattering incredulously amongst each other. A small doctor exited through the double doors, and silence falls. “I am sorry” he whispers, “but the cyanide that he bit was real. This production will have to wait. Please inform the rest of the cast. Legally Blonde 4 is on hiatus.”

    By Austin URL on 05.11.2015

  26. scribble your name,
    your thoughts,
    your one fleeting shred of
    pretending to care
    about this thing I have to live with.
    scribble your name,
    and go on with your normal,
    convenient life.
    Not the daily wrapping,
    stiff-stuck world I’m suffering with.
    Aren’t you such a good person?

    By NuSol URL on 05.11.2015

  27. He was cast away, the void beneath his feet was ever growing as he gazed into the abyss. He knew not where he was, only that he had a fear growing in his chest and a hope to see the light of day again.

    By Alyssa Kelley on 05.11.2015

  28. With eight weeks of summer left, there’s no doubt that he’ll have nothing to show for the season other than the stark tanline imprinted by his arm in a cast.

    By asavas URL on 05.11.2015

  29. I want a teal cast.I broke my leg and i asked for a teal cast but they gave me a hot pink one instead.I hate hot pink.I jumped off the tree and broke my leg.

    By Kaycee on 05.11.2015

  30. Left of stage, the light does not hit. The momentum has not begun yet. A small light, a small movement, the actor brings himself to the center. Then he stops. He does not move again. Until. His eyes, rise, he looks offstage, in her direction. He waits until she appears.

    By emay URL on 05.11.2015

  31. Cast in warm red light, the musical’s lead singer ended her heartfelt love song, indicating the end of the play.

    By Blunz URL on 05.11.2015

  32. Cast. Group. Entourage. It didn’t matter what people called them; they were all still her friends. Each one special to her in different ways from the others. They were all as important as each other, and ALL were to be needed by her in the next few days to come.

    By Nicole M. on 05.11.2015

  33. This is an action that you do when your fishing. It’s when your flicking your pole to cast the line.

    By benjamin dover on 05.11.2015

  34. Once my brother got a cast on his arm because while at roller skating I pushed him and he broke his wrist in a movie you have a cast of actors who play roles of people in a movie hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahh

    By Lily on 05.11.2015

  35. you can cast a fishing pole, also when you break a bone you have to get a cast put on

    By bob diggle on 05.11.2015

  36. can be referring to a group of actors. You can do this with a fishing pole. It is a four letter word.

    By Faleisha Lickey on 05.11.2015

  37. a cast is a group of people making a movie. A cast is the actors and actresses making a movie. A cast also holds together broken bones to mend them back together.

    By Ben Dover URL on 05.11.2015

  38. The net was cast but nothing was caught so they gave up. Had they persevered a little longer they would have had more luck.

    By Steve O URL on 05.11.2015

  39. “No, really, sign it,” she says, and she smiles.

    He falters for a moment. On one hand, it’s totally his fault that she’s in the stupid cast in the first place; if he hadn’t challenged her to a race, hadn’t told her she was weak, she’d be totally fine right now. She wouldn’t be wearing the stupid, plastic, blue thing on her wrist, keeping her bones in place. On the other hand, she was asking him to, and when could he ever say no to her?

    By Nicole on 05.11.2015