May 20th, 2015

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43 Responses to “candid”

  1. Straightforward, honest, blunt, truthful. The man was very candid about his personality. He was an honest man. The woman was a candid person in general.

    By briar on 05.20.2015

  2. truthful, straight forward, frank, his reply was very candid

    By Maddi Dropich on 05.20.2015

  3. 1. truthful and straight forward
    2. Taken informally without subjects knowing
    “It’s better to let the photographer mingle and take candid shots”

    By Teegan on 05.20.2015

  4. IT means to be truthful to be honest about things and frank and just mainly honest. You can be candid when you tell the truth. That is what that word means. Look it up in the dictionary. THats what it means.

    By oliver on 05.20.2015

  5. -a photo taken without the subject’s knowledge
    -to be frank

    By Zyreh on 05.20.2015

  6. candid, being truthful and telling the truth not lying being a good kid and not getting in trouble i will not lie and tell the truth all the time so that i am candid and a good kid.

    By qian on 05.20.2015

  7. Candid. To me candid looks like it’s made of two words (can and did). it sort of looks like it comes from Canada but I’m not too sure. I’ve never heard of this word ever in my life. I don’t even know the meaning of the word. I’m too tired to search it up as well.

    By esther on 05.20.2015

  8. “I stole it. I waited until the Dickinsons were out, and I crept through their back window and stole it.” His statement was too candid. Suspicion arose in me.

    By Lotus on 05.20.2015

  9. I am not a truthful person and arm therefore not candid. I tell alot of lies and many distruths. Candid means not to lie or to be truthful. If i was a candid person i would always tell the truth.

    By Matt on 05.20.2015

  10. The emotions of a candid beast are always more frightening than one would expect. For the honesty that simply seeps from its pores is blunt and direct. Similar to a badly formed critique.

    By Lily URL on 05.20.2015

  11. Josephina loved taking candid pictures, even though her aunt did not approve of it. Mostly because Josephina’s aunt was not fond of having a camera shoved in her face. When Josephina went into the living room, her aunt retired to the bedroom and began folding laundry. Her eyes fell on the photo album that she had kept for so many years now. That book did not contain candids. Everyone in the photos were rigid and unsmiling, frozen in place and waiting for a bulb to burst.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.20.2015

  12. She had a candid mind and I loved that about her. In fact, if I could, I would like to be just like her.

    By bells on 05.20.2015

  13. Candid, that which I am not. Try as I may. never could I be candid like those of the Candor faction. I belong to Amity.

    By Iris URL on 05.20.2015

  14. Candid photos
    Of candid people
    With candid faces
    Doing candid things
    Like smiling.

    Staged photos
    Of staged people
    With staged faces
    Doing staged things
    So fake.

    By Kumquat URL on 05.20.2015

  15. People believe truth is always harsh. However, more often, its not truth but the way we tell that truth is harsh. Jim and me had a very Candid discussion about some issues about which we have very opposite opinions but none of us felt any bitterness at the end of discussion. Both of us were open and frank and we criticized each other opinion without criticizing each other.

    By yas URL on 05.20.2015

  16. I like to go places with my friend and take my camera
    I’ll snap quick photos of them when they aren’t looking
    So that I can capture their beauty and the moment
    Their youthful and enthusiastic laughter, smiles, body language, everything!

    By katie URL on 05.20.2015

  17. He responded in a most candid way, saying exactly what he thought.
    “Truthfully, I don’t know. I don’t know whether we’ll make it out this time. There, I said it. But we can still try. We can’t give up hope.”

    By Maryn on 05.20.2015

  18. Vulnerable exposed open honest truth

    By Rhonda on 05.20.2015

  19. “I want a candid moment with you.”
    “Here? You couldn’t have done this somewhere-”
    “I don’t want it here, I want it somewhere private.”
    “-You couldn’t have asked somewhere else? Everyone’s watching.”
    “That’s why I don’t want to have it here. I want to have it somewhere else.”
    “Yes! Fine! Somewhere else! But did you have to interrupt me to ask this? I was on a roll.”

    By Custoo Fintel URL on 05.20.2015

  20. Later, the curve of her wrist would remind him of her weight. The dust would remind him of a day it wasn’t there. The dripping faucet would come back to him in a flash, the things he didn’t do and the things that he had done. Her wrist, her thigh, her foot – the moments she flashed her eyes in his direction.

    By emay URL on 05.20.2015

  21. I love candid pictures of friends at picnics and of random people on instagram. Of smiling faces and random animals and happy days and journals from worlds before. I wish I had more candids of myself as a child or as relationships progressed so that I would be able to remember.

    By Alex on 05.20.2015

  22. Candid moments run through my mind every once in a while. I wish I had pictures that could capture them – Ally laughing, Abby giving me thoughtful advice, Espi eating a jalepeño on accident at the dinner table.

    By wordsearching URL on 05.20.2015

  23. Candid. A fancy way of saying one was honest. In other words, another word to describe her with. Another way of saying she was- yet again- someone who was good and did not lie to others- even if she was hurt for telling the truth.

    By Nicole M. on 05.20.2015

  24. Candid. Something genuine and in-the-moment. Those are the best kinds of pictures, especially if someone caught you laughing. Those are my favorite. Those and smiles that are real, not the “say cheese” smiles. The real ones, with real feeling behind them. Pure joy.

    By Acela URL on 05.20.2015

  25. there is this girl i met. she was the least candid person i had ever come across. everything about her was fake – from her platinum blonde hair to her perfeclty manicured toes in heels she couldn’t walk in. she laughed at the slightest of sentences – in a high trill voice that rang across the room. she was not perfect. and she was definetly not candid.

    By star alliance on 05.20.2015

  26. i love candid shots. it captures a part of you, probably a normal scene you wouldn’t even remember years after

    By mercadomia on 05.21.2015

  27. Candid. Candy. False. Surprised. She was sugar sweet in all the photos. Smile as if stapled at her cheeks. Eyes glittering with something deeper, darker. She didn’t ask for the photos, but she knew they would be photographing her.

    By Archanza URL on 05.21.2015

  28. Carl, grab the radiator and throw it in the trunk with the battery and the ham sandwiches. Tonight I’m going to make you come over and over and over until you bust down the middle. Doesn’t that sound fun Carl? Doesn’t that sound swell?

    By Daniel Damian URL on 05.21.2015

  29. She clenched her coffee cup tightly, focusing on the searing heat burning the pads of her fingertips. It was easier than fretting over what he would say next. Their weekly meetups were a refuge for her, but the notion of perfect companionship was fading like a dream. “I can’t do this anymore,” he said abruptly. She stared down at her coffee.

    By Soft URL on 05.21.2015

  30. I thinke that too many people tell you too much. they tell you everything about themselves that you don’t really want to hear. I belive that some things should be kept to yourself.

    By Lisa on 05.21.2015

  31. Caught off guard and absolutely beautiful. Nothing in the world can compare to the memories that come flooding back from a “candid” picture and video. It’s life in a view.

    By Gabriela on 05.21.2015

  32. The Jade Rabbit likely saw it coming, but knowing what I knew, perhaps it was when she tittered that I noticed a subtle move, but I was confident I would win this hand of cards. I blocked the jeweled dagger she had intended for my jugular while in one fell swoop my fingers found the Koi pin, which I jammed into her eye. The mask broke and the Sphinx screeched before leaping into the air, leaving behind a shell of a costume as if it had all been an egg, and now the yolk of the truth has slipped out, for the Jade Rabbit is a candid riddle. A pair of dice and a stack of cards, whatever the “veil,” action always betrays intent. Maybe this is why I was to meet her.

    By Intuition URL on 05.21.2015

  33. She smiles, standing at the edge of a cliff, posing with both cheekbones sucked in. I ask her not to do it, to look away, to pretend I’m not hanging on every one of her movements. We are both supposed to be trying to ignore my obsession with her, my absolute need for her, but she has other plans. She winks at me just when I think she’s finally settled down and forgotten me. She blows raspberries with her cute little tongue, as if testing my capacity to endure.

    By Shannon URL on 05.21.2015

  34. Candid photos are my favorite. Not posed, not premeditated… Real. Representative of what a person is really like in everyday life. Not smiling necessarily. Not even looking at the camera. Maybe not even aware of the fact that a picture is being taken. I need to take more photos, especially more candid ones so I can remember what I was doing when.

    By Katrina URL on 05.21.2015

  35. Candid camera, show your face to the world and they see who you are — supposedly, anyway. What hides behind that grin flashing pearly teeth and beaming from the flash bulb? Is there an aching truth you yearn to convey, but you just don’t know how?

    By Ashi URL on 05.21.2015

  36. the candid pioneer told his fargo,
    his, own horse, how dissevered he drove,

    for his lick, his spit, polluted with brew and sting
    vastly occupied his reigned mind,

    splash, the pioneer dashed through central park
    lashing his horse as though his speed trolled.

    By Milad URL on 05.21.2015

  37. The representative visited a multitude of prime locations, and he proposed lucrative opportunities for each location’s business revenue. A candid mentality goes appreciated by masses.

    By Milad URL on 05.21.2015

  38. I remember when i found out i was pregnant with my first chid. I was happy and scared at the same time. I began to plan the change of life that will occur with me and my baby.

    By laquandra shelton URL on 05.21.2015

  39. she had a candid conversation with herself. it was long ago. she had to hear, from her, that her efforts were minimal. that more was expected. that they were counting on her. she had this conversation in a quiet room on a noisy day.

    By Safon URL on 05.21.2015

  40. He aimed his camera at the buildings.

    There was the routine pushing of a button, followed by the tell-tale click, and poof – skyscraper skylines forever immortalized on sticky photo paper.

    He turned, only to spot Her.

    Blue eyes, shoulder-length auburn hair, knee-high boots – beautiful.

    Push. Click. She didn’t even notice.

    By Ella J. URL on 05.21.2015