October 17th, 2014

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44 Responses to “attuned”

  1. Attuned to the faintest sound of his breath against the pillow, you slowy shift to face him. You breathe in, then out. You still think you’re deaming when he cracks and eye open and pecks a chaste kiss against your lips.

    By all4imagination on 10.17.2014

  2. She felt connected to the wind, yet chained to the earth
    she had memories of where it all begins, yet shadows of her birth
    the images were faded, like a photograph in the sun
    perhaps that left her jaded, but she wasn’t the only one.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.17.2014

  3. I do not know what attuned is.

    By tyler on 10.17.2014

  4. As the leaves turned along the railroad tracks behind her house she became attuned to cold that came from the atmosphere marking autumns arrival and also the harrowing feeling of loneliness that comes in winter. Changes made by nature. Survival techniques passed down from our tree dwelling ancestors. Coming on 15 she seems to be wise for her age. Too wise possibly. A young woman with the life experience of a 30 some year old man. She’s only ever known one home. Hardly a home at all. Housed by her aunt and uncle the last 3 years of her life overhearin hushed arguments over what to do with “the girl” and later on, screaming arguments that ended with her uncle Marty storming out the back door to go work on the 1967 Chevelle that he’s patiently been working on for 5 some years. In the dawn kind this autumn mornin, she feels attuned to te changes of the season, the cold that brushes against her cheek as thought a warning to migrate down south before it gets gather. People no longer listen to the warnjgs of nature. They’ve hardened up their homes, their hearts and souls to be able to bear whatever may come on their stubbornness. Highly evolved b

    By Emilce on 10.17.2014

  5. A attuned musical instrument sounds much better then a out of tune one don’t you think.

    By Hope Strubs on 10.17.2014

  6. Vad betyder ens ordet? Förstår inte. Men det är väl kanske inte ens meningen. Jag menar, hur ska jag kunna alla Engelska ord där ute? Det är överdrivet. Men jaja. Kanske någon gång? En gång ville jag lära mig Japanska. Önskar att jag hade hållit fast vid det. Hade vart ganska praktiskt att kunna egentligen tror jag.

    By Tyra on 10.17.2014

  7. She was attuned to the nuances of his moods and knew that something was up. She didn’t want to ask, so she decided to just wait and see. Perhaps it would reveal itself. Why was he moody?

    By carol epstein on 10.17.2014

  8. I don’t know the word, but I like the sound of it.

    By JF on 10.17.2014

  9. The robot dog’s satellite antenna ears (SONY) rose up out if it’s head a few inches (a mechanical whirring sound) and then tilted to 15 degree Angeles to catch the sound, sort of like a real dog.

    By Yona on 10.17.2014

  10. What would I say about attended? Who uses this word on a regular basis? It’s certainly not me…I wonder what careers would involve the use of this word on a regular basis…I would have no idea of any…None…And now I’m stuck because I’ve been given a word that no one ever uses…

    By Tammi on 10.17.2014

  11. It should say “What would I say about ATTUNED. Darn you Auto-Correct!

    By Tammi on 10.17.2014

  12. People thought it was weird how they sat there just looking at each other and the grass beneath their palms for hours and hours, but they’d gotten used to being called weird years ago. The sun felt good on their high cheekbones and their shoulders, even when it was just on the edge of burning, and when they kissed, the same breeze ruffled their hair in exactly the same way. So what more could they ask?

    By Samuel on 10.17.2014

  13. I am so attuned to his presence. Every move he makes, every breath he takes, sends ripples through the atoms of my being. When I see the blonde figure in the blue hoodie out of the corner of my eye, I know it’s him, I can feel it. I pretend not to, pretend to be surprised when he ‘scares’ me by sneaking up from behind. I allow myself to be swept up, to swoon in this manner, because when I’m so focused on his presence, and he so focused on mine, it’s hard to do anything but.

    By Lynne Koi on 10.17.2014

  14. attuned… denutta.
    denutta… attuned.
    why must i be so confused.
    denutta… attuned.

    By CD on 10.17.2014

  15. She knew, by the break in his half smile, but the slight fracture in his completely perfected mask, that nothing was alright. That all was not right. And by her knowledge, suddenly everything became, perhaps not all right, but half right, and it was enough.

    By Siege URL on 10.17.2014

  16. Simone’s antennae were attuned to the slightest nuance. Even Margit had remarked on it at their second meeting, suspecting that Simone was calculating her responses based on almost imperceptible changes in the therapist’s expression. From that point on, Margit conducted all sessions with Simone lying on the couch, unable to see her face.

    By Mexichick on 10.17.2014

  17. the little dog was attuned to what was going on around it’s world. it would pay attention to so many things around it that it could see what was going on not just right in front of it but also behind it and around it. it was very happy.

    By nad on 10.17.2014

  18. She was always attuned to her daughter, and her daughter to her, it was just something Mother and daughter had between them. Coolness.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.17.2014

  19. Tune into the channels
    chew the wires raw
    contemplate your mistakes
    and live like nothing is wrong

    By Lily on 10.17.2014

  20. Circling in the timeless dark, the rivals revolve in an endless fight, forever attuned to the breath and movement of the other, loathed enemy closer than a lover

    By charco on 10.17.2014

  21. “I wouldn’t say I’m quite attuned to this sort of adventure yet…”
    “Too late, here we go!”
    Her screams could be heard in the depth of Tartarus and beyond the clouds of heaven.
    With a final scream of terror, she waited for the final vertex of the swing’s curve and jumped off.

    By Kumquat on 10.17.2014

  22. for most of her life he had been attuned to his daughter’s every need. only now he didn’t understand where she was coming from, what she wanted from him. he tried to slow her down she was talking so fast but he could only manage to push her toward ending the conversation completely.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.17.2014

  23. I didn’t know if I was more attuned to Lindsay’s feelings than Alice ever was, but Lindsay loved to tell me that I was “one of the few people” who understood her. I could see how her relationship with Alice was deteriorating, and in all honesty, it nearly broke my heart. Alice was a wonderful woman – passionate, kind, intelligent – but she just didn’t seem to get her own girlfriend. And even I couldn’t even figure out why.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.17.2014

  24. I was surrounded by a green blanket. A mesh of entangling vines, ferns, massive trees. Birds chirped and insects hummed. I was attuned with nature. I was free.

    By harlow on 10.17.2014

  25. One step into the forest. She took great care with her silence.
    Another step.
    A branch cracked somewhere and the woman’s head jerked to follow it. Her lip curled and she sank deeper into the underbrush.

    By Lapulta on 10.17.2014

  26. It was at this point in time that she became aware of what was going on. She knew her life was wrong and different, but she didn’t know how to change.
    “Oh well,” she thought to herself. “This first step is becoming aware.”

    By Cat on 10.17.2014

  27. The tones wring in my ears as I begin to breath. I find myself elongating, stretching, becoming nothing in the dark. Attuned to void.

    By Brett Turner URL on 10.17.2014

  28. The tik tok of sideways time reverberates through space as the abstract, attuned.

    By ~M~ on 10.17.2014

  29. Urging her companions to sleep and, with her senses carefully attuned to the background noise of the forest, she moved to take her turn at watch.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.17.2014

  30. I’m not attuned to anything right now. I’m disconnected. I don’t know what to write, and I can’t reach the part of me that does. I can’t see, but that must mean there is quite a great gap between all of my pieces.

    I pat my stomach, my skin, check that I am all there and all here.

    I seem to be so. But, hey, size is relative, and most of an atom is void. The gap between nucleus and electrons might as well be the English Channel, and me with no damn swimming experience.

    By a terrible poet on 10.18.2014

  31. I don’t know if I’m attuned. I don’t know what to be attuned to anymore.

    I tried being attuned to myself, but that hasn’t gotten me anywhere.

    Sometimes, I don’t even know if I like myself.

    And… is it really possible to even like me? Sometimes, I don’t know.

    By Iceman on 10.18.2014

  32. My senses alert, I sit up, suddenly aware of my surroundings, the sensation like a light electric current running along my skin.

    By Robin URL on 10.18.2014

  33. i am not attuned, well out of practice, cant tell a lie even though im an actress. the fact is, we fell apart long before the start, but nothing’s changed because i still think of you, all the things my friends say just aint getting through. i have to let go, my mind is yelling yes but my heart is crying no. im your fucking fool, youre just a fucking tool. re: astrologial mumbo jumbo, pg. 99 of COSMO™ it just didnt work out, guess we’re not “attuned” but i could still make you swoon, roll your eyes back and croon, like a wolf howling at the moon, im an impatient man staring at the clock, counting soon, soon, soon..
    the day is done by a quarter past noon and ive nothing to show for it, the ship is sinking, maybe you could chauffeur it. but im so fucking over it. ugh, fuck it

    By lgrey on 10.18.2014

  34. It’s not like she was blind to their suffering. She wasn’t. She just had bigger things to worry about now and if those things happened to relate solely to herself then how was that her fault?

    She knew what was going on and it was a shame but she really had to put herself above them in this case.

    By Peri on 10.18.2014

  35. I am attuned to your empathy. I am empathetic. Oh this isn’t working out. I can’t write! Ok, so we’re both empathetic. Empathetic people are attuned to one another. This is the worst piece of writing I’ve ever created! I’m not attuned to my creativity!

    By Deb on 10.18.2014

  36. Be tuned in life. In fact I don’t know the meaning of this word. Tune I know. So I guessed that attune means trying to be in tune or flow in life.

    By Tomcy John URL on 10.18.2014

  37. to be balanced and in harmony with the world around you. No rollercoasters, no ups and downs, everything flows smoothly.

    By susana on 10.18.2014

  38. i am attuned
    to what people think and not
    to things i often do

    By tones8 on 10.18.2014

  39. listen in the night for a single word, a single breath that makes every bone sing for joy and oh, please, please let it be him, hope and press your spiteful tongue against the bitter backs of your tombstone teeth.

    By Miss-li-ding on 10.18.2014

  40. I was so under peril, I had to think. They were all around me. My ears flickered at their every moment and my eyes twitched frantically searching for a discernable shape. I was perfectly attuned, for they were searching for me. I was being hunted; I was their prey.

    By Derush Kerishon on 10.18.2014